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Outerwear for newborns

Long walks in any weather are the key to the health of the baby. In addition, a young mother is also useful to distract from her home routine. To walks were really long and calm, you need to get dressed correctly. Outerwear for newborns should match the weather and, of course, be beautiful.


It is necessary to purchase outerwear for a newborn even before his birth: a jumpsuit or an envelope will be needed immediately, at the time of discharge. There is the concept of an "envelope for discharge" - this is a very beautiful thing, which, like a wedding dress, is useful only once to take a photo. It is much more practical to purchase a bright envelope or jumpsuit, in which you can conduct an extract, and then walk until the baby stops sleeping on walks.

What to choose:

  • The envelope. Warm sleeping bag with a hood. It is easy to put on and take off, you can unfasten it without waking the sleeping child. Good for strollers. It is not very convenient to carry the baby in your arms and it is impossible to put it in the car seat (only some envelope models have a hole for the seat belt between the legs). At the same time, the envelope is definitely a warm option, because air circulates freely inside it.
  • Overalls. Harder to put on, but more functional - suitable for travel by car. Necessarily requires the presence of shoes, although most often, overalls are sold complete with detachable warm booties.
  • Overalls envelope. In the people, such a thing is also called a "transformer." This is a jumpsuit that has zippers on the step seams. You can unfasten them and connect the panels with them so that you get a sleeping bag. The lower edge is turned inward and fastens with buttons. The convenience is that an envelope is used for the stroller, and for travel by car or strollers, where there is a belt between the legs, the envelope is displaced into overalls.

For newborns, they usually buy things in the 50th or 56th size. However, outerwear should take into account the growth of the child. You can buy a transformer for growth 74 for an autumn baby: then he will sleep peacefully in it in the fall, and in the spring he will already sit in a stroller in it, just like in a jumpsuit. If such a jumpsuit is with a winter liner, then it will fit in the cold. Similarly - for spring babies. Moms whose baby is born in the winter should understand that most likely the baby’s first jumpsuit will not work next winter.

Dress the baby in the weather

Walking with a newborn is advised from the very first days. The only exception is the "winter" kids - usually for them walks begin on the balcony. The minimum temperature at which you can walk with a newborn (child up to 28 days) is minus 15 ° C.

For spring, you will need a demi-season jumpsuit / envelope and a lightweight “little man” jumpsuit for warm weather. Demi-season clothing is insulated with synthetic winterizer, isofost, or other types of modern fillers. For the beginning of spring (from about 0 ° C to + 8 ° C), jumpsuits with insulation of 50-80 g / m2 are useful. Under it will be enough to pry a thin knitted or plush jumpsuit. Further warming can be adjusted with a blanket.

In warm spring weather, when there is no wind and the sun is shining, the child can be dressed in a lighter jumpsuit - as a rule, it is made of plush, velor or other dense but soft materials. It is a little warmed by a synthetic winterizer and has a cotton lining.

The sleeves of outerwear for newborns are usually closed with a special cap cuff, however, on cool days you can put on the baby and mittens. A knitted hat is sure to be worn on the child, which covers the ears well and preferably without pompons, ties and other things that can interfere with the lying baby.

For winter, the newborn needs to choose the warmest option. It is best to dwell on synthetic insulation, but its amount in clothing should be at least 250 g / sq.m. This is a really warm jumpsuit, although it is lightweight and usually seems thin to grandmothers.

Those who do not believe in the power of polyester can purchase outerwear for fluff. This is also a very warm and fairly light option. However, it is more difficult to care for the down, and it will probably "climb".

For conservatives - overalls on fur or with fur lining. The good old sheepskin will warm the child, and all relatives will happily exhale. However, such overalls are heavy, it is difficult to move in them (it is important for the baby to remain mobile inside the outer clothing) and, as a rule, they are inferior in appearance to all other options.

As for the upper tissue - it makes no sense to take a membrane for newborns. Since the baby is mostly sleeping, he will freeze in a thin membrane suit. Exceptions are only winter membrane clothing for down (there is, for example, Reima) or with insulation of 300 g / sq.m. In this case, the jumpsuit will be warm on its own, and the membrane will provide additional protection against wind and moisture.

For autumn, you will need the same set as for spring - an insulated “man” and a demi-season jumpsuit. On average in Russia, in winter overalls, children begin to wear in the second half of October.

Stamps and styles

Some of the best, according to moms, manufacturers of children's outerwear:

  • Reima. Transformer jumpsuit with insulation 200 g / sq.m.
  • Kerry. Envelope with insulation 330 g / m2 and a slot for a seat belt.
  • Red castle. Demi-season envelope with fleece lining.
  • Deux par deux. The warmed envelope for a car seat.

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