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Children's clothing Super Gift

The modern market for children's clothing is much larger and more diverse than it was 20 years ago. Nowadays, some parents sometimes find it difficult to make a quick choice in favor of this or that thing, and all because of the abundance of colors, fabrics, styles. Now children are dressed fashionably and stylishly long before they themselves begin to understand what fashion and style are.

Fashion 2019

The trademark "Super Gift - Lovely Kid" from China is widely known to the domestic buyer. In the Russian market, she managed to establish herself as a manufacturer of clothes of good quality and bright colors. Super Gift, as the brand itself claims, is a complete analogue of the Lassie brand.

When buying Super Gift baby clothes, you can see the standard label "Made in China" on the tag, but you should not think that the item is a fake. Super Gift manufacturing facilities are located in Finland and China, as are most foreign firms.

Indeed, owners of Super Gift products note that the colors and styles of outerwear are fully consistent with Lassie, although there are some discrepancies in the details that an inexperienced buyer can not distinguish. In terms of quality, Lovely Kid children's clothing is still inferior to the analogues of a more expensive manufacturer, as evidenced by the reviews of parents on the worldwide network, but, in their opinion, everything is sewn very neatly and reliably. There are questions to the material, in fact the top layer is a high-quality fabric with impregnation, although the manufacturer does not say anything about the membrane.

The new Super Gift collection, like all the previous ones, is overalls, jackets for boys and girls, demi-season and winter suits, sets for spring and off-season. The price of clothes of this brand is cheaper. Lassie She is bolshemerit. It has reflective elements, elastic bands on the legs. Does not get wet, even if the child falls into a puddle or gets caught in the rain. It is easily cleaned, it is enough to wipe the pollution with a damp cloth and everything, the dirt is washed off.


In the manufacture of outerwear for children, Super Gift uses only environmentally friendly and safe materials.

The upper fabric has water-repellent properties; holofiber acts as a filler; lining: polyester. Super Gift tries to use materials that contain natural fibers. Also, special attention is paid to the hypoallergenicity of the tissues used. All materials have good breathable characteristics, do not retain moisture inside. Most often, the brand uses the following types of materials:

  • fleece;
  • velsoft;
  • polyester;
  • membrane.

Membrane fabrics have proven their worth, due to their unique structure, clothes are light, warm and wear-resistant.

Growth stock

Among parents, buying clothes for growth is very popular. Especially if it falls at the end of the season when sales are on and you can buy a thing at a big discount or on a stock. And here there is a problem with the choice of size. Children grow up very quickly, and clothing purchased in advance, by the time it can be put on, can be small. What to look for, what measurements to focus on?

Nobody wants to spend money in vain. So how do you avoid this? It turns out not so difficult.

Super Gift took care of the comfort of their young customers and their parents' wallets, complementing their products with lapels, adjustable straps on semi-overalls, elastic bands on pants and at the waist.

The target audience of the brand will like models where the "spare" length is regulated by a snake.

All these points are taken into account both in demi-season outerwear and in winter.


What do parents expect from the top demi-season and winter clothes for their beloved child? Of course, comfort and reliability. It is so great when a young explorer of the world feels good in any weather, even when it is cold outside.

But the desire of parents to warm the child does not mean that the clothes should be too thick (with a lot of filler), in such a product the child will sweat and get tired quickly.

Until recently, mothers and fathers could not understand how to let a child out into the yard without wearing a thousand clothes. But thanks to modern clothing manufacturers, which include the Super Gift brand, the life of parents and their children has been greatly facilitated.

Membrane clothing for children can safely be called a superhero robe. Several factors that make Super Gift products ideal for babies:

  • membrane weave protects from the negative influence of the weather, releases the evaporation of the body, due to which the child will not suffer overheating.
  • hollofiber filler - perfectly protects from the cold, keeps warm, light and not bulky, children in clothes with such a heater do not look like snowmen.
  • Waterproof properties - children will not get wet, even being under the most heavy rainfall.
  • suitability for active games - Super Gift products are suitable for energetic kids.
  • wear resistance - strong linings in the area of ​​the knees and in other places of probable damage provide protection even when the products of other brands wear out over time and lose external data.
  • dirt-repellent properties - such clothes practically do not get dirty, are easy to wash: just wipe with a damp cloth or napkin.
  • beautiful appearance - catchy colors, original patterns and prints in Super Gift products will please parents, their children and surrounding people with their beauty.


Along with adult clothing, collections of goods for children are constantly updated. Modern parents want their kids' clothes to be not only comfortable, reliable, safe, but at the same time beautiful and fashionable.

The first fall in temperature becomes a signal for changing summer clothes to a warmer decoration. The collection of outerwear for children from Super Gift pleases with its extraordinary solutions, catchy colors, stylish and bright images. Little women of fashion and fashion, as well as their parents will be delighted with such jackets and overalls.

It has long been proven that color is an important part of children's clothing, so it should be predominantly light. Now at the peak of popularity are shades of green, the color of aquamarine, red, pink, khaki, peach, blue, blue are still in fashion.

Do not ignore the clothes of coral color, the color of cherry, fuchsia and ocher. Lovely Kid designers are widely using cobalt blue and violet in the new lines. Black and white clothes look very unusual.


Every mother does her best to give her baby the best. This criterion also applies to clothing. After all, who does not want to put the most expensive little man in high-quality and very beautiful clothes. However, for children, beauty is not the most important thing.

Regardless of fashion trends and trends, there are certain requirements for clothing for children that should not be neglected. The most important thing is the practicality, reliability and safety of every detail that relates to the skin of the child.

When buying clothes, parents should carefully study all the tags, labels with information about the composition of the material. Tissues must be natural and breathable for the body to breathe. Synthetic clothing will create discomfort, soar the baby’s skin, moreover, delicate baby skin is very sensitive to natural tissues. Any clothes should not constrain movements, interfere with active games.

It is important to take into account the opinion of the child, because he will walk in the clothes bought by the parents. If adults want their heirs more often to show their individuality, it is worth more often to listen to their desires and requirements.

The balance between practicality and fashion should be the perfect duo. When choosing clothes, you need to consider the color combination, all elements must be "consonant". Color, decorative elements - all these nuances have a great influence on the development of the child, therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of clothes very seriously.


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