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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Gepur Clothing

Gepur started its operations in 2010. This brand has become known as the first Ukrainian manufacturer specializing in Fast fashion style. This format is characterized by the rapid updating of the brand's collections along with adaptation to the rapid changes in the fashion world. Today, the company constantly participates in international fashion exhibitions and produces joint collections with famous people.

In 2016, Jepur received the Brand of the Year and Favorite of the Year awards according to the results of a vote by buyers of Ukraine. The manufacturer himself reports that the opening of its own store in the Lavina Mall will be a start in the development of retail trade. In this clothing salon there will be a huge number of fashionable Gepur women's clothing for every taste.

Features and Benefits

Gepur company occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market in the field of sales of women's clothing. Along with this, the manufacturer is actively moving forward and does not want to stop there. This brand has many advantages, due to which it has every chance to gain world fame and become the number one brand. The advantages of the company include:

  • a huge range of women's clothing, which is replenished every day;
  • prompt delivery of the ordered goods;
  • quick order assembly;
  • reasonable prices at wholesale sales;
  • convenient catalogs that allow online shoppers to make a choice.

Due to these factors, a young but already large-scale brand of women's clothing, Jepur has gained a favorable position in its industry. Many positive reviews from customers confirm the company's reputation, leaving no chance for competitors.

The company is developing in the field of creating practical and affordable clothing that will ideally complement the image of stylish and modern ladies who like to be in the spotlight. Despite reasonable prices, Gepur offers its customers only high-quality products that meet all the requirements. If you once wear clothing from this manufacturer, you will not be able to part with it.

Why exactly Gepur?

Today, there are many companies that offer their products to avid shopaholics, but the majority of the female population still chooses Gepur. Why?

Gepur is one of the few companies in its industry that has its own production facilities. All products are made directly in Ukraine using high quality materials. Due to its personal production, the company carries out quality control at every stage of production, from the development of the design of the model to the sending of the finished model to the customer.

The fashion brand Dzhepur carefully monitors the development of patterns for the future model, so that all products fit perfectly on the figure. In ready-made clothes, the amount of marriage is minimized, and the products are worn for a very long time.

The best fabrics and accessories

When ordering products online, many women doubt the quality of the selected models and their relevance to the photo. Such thoughts are fully justified, since most buyers have bitter experience in shopping through the network.

When choosing a product at Gepur, you can be sure that you are buying high-quality women's clothing for yourself. The manufacturer carefully monitors the choice of quality material, because the quality of the fabric directly affects the life of things and their appearance.

Fabric pattern has a major role in creating design. Colorful and rich prints, style in colors, polka dots, stripes and cells carries a richness of colors and clarity without blurry borders. The uniformity of materials in the collections attract attention with their elegance to lovers of conciseness.

The manufacturer purchases fabrics and accessories only from reliable and trusted suppliers located in European and Asian countries. Due to all the components, knitwear does not stretch after repeated washing, silk is not prone to shedding, and wool does not roll. Thanks to these indicators, Gepur women's clothing ranks first in the sale of fashionable women's clothing.

Choose your style

Gepur fashion brand includes young and talented specialists who are always ready to offer creative ideas to their customers. Thanks to this, fashion collections have a wide selection. You can choose a business suit or a youth model for every taste.

Strict classics for fans of elegance

When talking about the classics, many female representatives start frowning capriciously and do not want to put on pencil skirts, fitted cardigans, sheath dresses or strict blouses. The specific attitude to fashionable bows is characterized by an incorrect interpretation of the purpose of classic clothes, because many women consider it to be an outdated constant, which is no longer relevant to fashion.

This is an erroneous opinion, because classic clothes from Gepur are always accompanied by attractive relevance. The manufacturer offers products in which you can stand out during a visit to a restaurant or on a date with a loved one. Due to the fashion classics from this brand, you can emphasize your personal sophisticated taste and elusive charm.

In a wide assortment of the fashion company, fitted dresses, blouses with basques, skirts in midi format are presented. Also, true fashionistas will be able to pick up a cropped jacket in the style of the well-known Coco Chanel. You can find all these things in the catalog of a modern brand.

Feminine dresses

For all the time of its activity, the fashion industry could not come up with an outfit, more feminine dresses. The Gepur company offers its consumers stylish candid dresses, short and long, outrageous and elegant, along with evening and cocktail dresses. All these products will be an important component in the collection of every woman.

All dresses of this brand are focused on the tastes of women of different ages. A wide range of products ensures that each customer can choose a suitable image.

Fashion for sports

Thanks to the stylish sports outfits from Gepur, you can look sophisticated in any situation: with morning runs, visits to the gym or when attending yoga. The brand offers its customers sports bows of any type: wide sweatpants, tight leggings and short topics.

In the manufacture of a sports clothing line, much attention is paid to the quality of materials. Due to constant loads, elongated knees and faded areas of the armpits can often be found in sports outfits. The manufacturer offers durable and elastic things that tend to lose their shape and appearance even after several washes.

Clothing for the beach season

Gepur designers know that every woman’s wardrobe should have at least a pair of fashionable swimwear. Among the presented models of the brand, you can find for yourself a huge selection of beach models: bando, bikini, monokini, plaji and halters, tankinis and swimsuits. Each product is able to favorably emphasize the female figure and accurately veil all the shortcomings. Flirty pareos and tunics will help you hide from the burning sunshine and annoying looks.


With the help of Gepur outerwear you can pick up a fashionable bow in the cold season. The manufacturer offers quilted jackets, consisting of a dense material and warm filler. A wide range of bold jackets, along with weighted leather boots will help in the embodiment of a fashionable style. Youth bombers with ripped jeans are popular among teenagers, but the fitted classic with an English collar will help to find elegance in rainy autumn days.

Gepur designers are always up to date with fashion trends and offer their customers only those products in which women will look fashionable and stylish. Thanks to a full cycle of production control, you are guaranteed to get quality items at an affordable price.

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