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Spring color and image maker tips

Characteristics and how to determine the characteristics for this type of appearance

The determination of the color type plays an important role in the formation of a stylish image of a male and female image. Such knowledge allows you to correctly compose a wardrobe, skillfully select and combine sets of clothes. In addition, you can favorably emphasize your appearance, knowing those colors that suit you best.

The color type is based on the color of the eyes, skin and hair. It is from these characteristics that you can determine which color scheme suits a person.

Women, which can be attributed to the spring color type, are united by a number of similar features. For example, they are all very sophisticated, soft, airy, fragile. And here we are not even talking about the parameters of the body, but about how others feel and perceive the appearance.

The skin of such girls has a delicate, beige color, which is always fresh, while a slight blush may be present on the cheeks. Sometimes owners of this color type have freckles with a golden hue. Please note that these female representatives are easily confused with autumn beauties. The main difference is that a spring woman can easily sunbathe, slightly change the skin tone.

Among the spring color type, you can meet girls with linen, honey and even caramel shades of hair. Some can find curls that shimmer with a red tint. Eyebrows and eyelashes can be one or two tones darker.

The eyes of the spring girl are presented both in gray-blue and in light tea shades. A distinctive feature of this color type is that it is impossible to meet women with green eyes.

In men, the color type is determined by analogy. The only difference is that their hair and eyebrows may be slightly darker than women.

Subtypes and Varieties

There are four types of spring in nature:

  1. Natural type - the skin is both light brown and porcelain. Colors such as bronze and peach are not excluded. Female eyes shimmer with turquoise, golden hues. There may also be girls with green eyes. Hair is dark golden, brown, sometimes there is a reddish shine.
  2. Light type - in the spring girl, the skin has a light shade, an ivory shade may occur. Brown and blue eyes are a hallmark of this type. A girl can be blonde.
  3. Bright or contrast type - means the presence of contrast in the appearance of the girl. The balance of warm colors should not be disturbed. Lips of bright color or expressively designed eyes - all this is about the representatives of this type.
  4. Warm type - girls may have eyes in shades such as light walnut, olive, blue, blue, other options are also possible. Beautiful ladies can have golden curls, sometimes copper-red shades on their hair. The skin has warm shades, there are freckles.


A mild spring is next to the fall color type. The only difference is the lighter color, the person’s appearance is filled with warmer colors. The face of such a girl may have a peach hue. Hair shimmers with gold. At the same time, appearance is rich in contrasts.


Pure spring girl has a light shade of hair and skin. Eyes can play with various colors - from green to blue. A feature of this type is its vivid expression, distinctness.


Contrast spring intersects with pure spring. However, the colors are more pronounced, saturated. For example, you can meet a girl with brown hair and blue eyes.


Cold spring is close in color to winter. Such a girl can safely wear cold shades in her wardrobe: saturated blue, gray, red, pink. A lady can play with colors, pick up combinations that contrast with each other. A cold spring girl is better off avoiding dusty tones.


For this type of girl, the color of lips, eyes and hair looks in the most natural shades. The color type is close to determining the color palette of summer. The skin is light, sometimes it has shades of pink. Hair - wheat, honey, can curl.


Dark spring resembles a fall girl. Colors like brown, green, blue, then in more dusty shades, are suitable for her. The image of the girl is almost no contrast.


The purple type is one of the rarest. Lips are usually pale pink. Spring Girl - the owner of gray or blue eyes. The skin is very fair. In the wardrobe it is recommended to use things in delicate shades, for example, light pink, light blue, any delicate combinations.


Golden spring is close by definition to warm autumn and warm summer. The skin shimmers with peach tones. Hair curly in golden tones.


Light spring intersects with light spring. In the appearance of such a girl delicate colors prevail. The skin shimmers well in the light, reflects the sun's rays. Hair also flirts, as it were, curls only in bright colors.

Image Maker Tips

The spring girl always stands out sharply from the crowd. Her appearance is very bright, radiant. Such personalities are very funny, open, kind, friendly, flirty.

Ladies with the spring color type are very shy, since the skin color is very light, then redness on the face becomes immediately noticeable. The spring girl is quite rare, carriers of such shades in appearance no more than ten percent.

Sets of clothes and cosmetics are recommended to be selected in tone with the color type. The most popular colors may include mixed light shades of pink, blue, gray. Depending on the type, the colors will change towards warmer or colder.

When compiling a wardrobe, it is imperative that you take into account the color of the eyes and hair, the skin tone of the girl. It will not be superfluous to determine in what places and on what occasions she spends most of her time. If we are dealing with a light type of spring girl who goes to the office every day or walks in the park with a child, then, for example, it will be necessary to add more dark tones.

What hair color is suitable and haircuts

The beautiful spring is presented in a wide range of colors. Let's say the hair color is in light blond, light brown tones. An exception are dark chestnut curls. Light wheat and bright amber are also representatives of the spring color type.

Dark hair is very rare. This is usually a chestnut, light brown color.

The red-haired spring girl wears warm, sometimes honey shades on her hair. There are many similarities to the autumn subtype. At the same time, cold shades on red hair should be avoided. If you want to dye your hair, then it is better to choose warmer colors, just add shades that will give an overflow to curls.

If the spring beauty has blonde hair, then most likely it will be blonde by nature. Such a girl looks like an angel who has just come down from heaven. Hair play with the rays of the sun. The lady has a very refined appearance, neat curls. The spring girl is seen as a representative of an aristocratic family.

It will be successful to paint only the ends of the hair, which smoothly turn into the main color. Large highlighting should be avoided, it will not look harmoniously in the image. Also, do not use sharp contrast in creating the image.

In general, the beautiful spring is not recommended to experiment with her appearance. With regard to haircuts, you should avoid choosing a sports style, it is better to stick to more feminine options, wear loose hair more often, and demonstrate your beautiful curls. The hairstyle should be as natural as possible, but not too much into the romance.

What colors in clothes to use

The basic wardrobe includes clothes that are the basis of images. For example, it includes trousers, skirts, dresses, blouses, coats. All things should be combined as much as possible.

For the wardrobe of the beautiful spring, any color palette can be used - both warm and cold, everything will depend on the subtype and personal preferences of the girl.

When preparing a capsule based on yellow, you can add clothes in such a color scheme as mustard, terracotta, walnut, wheat, light brown.

If we take red as the basis, then we can safely dilute it with an apricot shade, coral, pomegranate, and burgundy.

Beige and gray can also be the main colors of the wardrobe. You can add turquoise, mint and pistachio shades to them.

Capsule wardrobe can be diluted with elements such as scarves, scarves, various scarves. Try to choose not too contrasting colors, softer ones, so that they fit well into the outfit and don't get too out of it.

Basic wardrobe or what to wear

To make a wardrobe for a spring girl from basic things, you need to choose elements that will make her look even more sensual, harmonious, and gentle. Try to correctly compose a capsule wardrobe so that each of its components in it works immediately in several sets.

The ideal option is casual or classic clothing. If you want to create a romantic look, then it is better not to use ruffles or lace in clothes. Try contrasting the individual details of your wardrobe.

Choose things that are sewn in the simplest cut, avoid defiant cutouts, strict lines, and too serious styles.

Linen, cotton, velvet - these fabrics should be adhered to when compiling a basic wardrobe. A small picture is not excluded, but a large print should be avoided if possible, as large details will not be in harmony with the fragile appearance of the girl, and take away attention.

Depending on what subtype of spring is in the girl’s appearance, the color scheme when compiling the wardrobe will change in one direction or another. For example, if the tone is lighter, then a set of clothes should choose colors such as light yellow, light pink, light green. If the subtype changes and becomes closer to gold, then the third element of the wardrobe can be represented in a rich green color.

Among precious jewelry, it is better to give preference to products made of gold. They will harmonize well, and shimmer with a light skin tone and light, wavy curls of a spring girl. You can also use jewelry made of turquoise, amber, cream pearls.

Correct makeup

In the makeup of the beauty of spring, it is worth immediately striking out all the cold shades. You can trust only in such colors as green, blue, cyan, gray, black, white, orange, yellow, red and pink.

Also, do not violate the following rules:

  • Clear and strict lines in the makeup of the spring girl should be excluded. Lips are not too bright and not too contrasted. When highlighting the eyes, a pencil should be used very carefully and carefully. The resulting line should be barely noticeable.
  • Avoid high contrast when applying makeup. One shade should go into another as smoothly, calmly, harmoniously as possible.
  • Makeup in the end should turn out to be unusually light, transparent, barely noticeable.

To do eye makeup, eyeshadow must be chosen in such colors and shades as espresso, creamy, transparent, moonstone, lilac, emerald, sweet plum, olive gold, sage, beige sand.

The shades of the applied makeup directly depends on the subtype of the spring girl. The main guideline is the color of the eyes and skin. If spring is very bright and contrasting, then you need to choose more saturated colors, if spring is calm, light, then more delicate colors.

For example, to make up for a bright spring, tones such as gray and dark brown can be used as shadows. Eyeliner is selected in a darker color. The blush is preferably chosen in the form of a coral or terracotta color, red and burgundy lipstick are acceptable.


In the spring color type, you can find images of such singers and actresses as Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson. Also spring wardrobes are Christina Aguilera, Anna Kournikova, Valeria.

All these women are united by a soft and gentle by nature appearance, fragility, weightlessness.

When choosing clothes and compiling a capsule wardrobe, you can focus on stage images in which celebrities are represented. Clothing for them, as a rule, is made up by experts, experts not only in fashion, but also in the use of color types. The main thing is to correctly determine what type of beauty-spring you are.

Stylish looks

To create stylish images, focus primarily on the rules that describe how to make a wardrobe and do makeup.

When choosing clothes, use the most light colors, for example, pink, blue, green, gray. They can be diluted with more contrasting, but not very noticeable details. Jewelry is better to buy and combine from gold, amber.

Browse and explore the latest fashion trends. Choose styles that you like, but avoid excessive romance and candid cutouts. Based on a fashionable way, pick out things that suit you best in color.

And most importantly, do not forget the mood with which you wear clothes and makeup. The spring girl is always bright, positive, captivates with her smile and the look of others.

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