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Winter clothes for women

Fall-winter fashion: main trends

Every year, new fashion collections amaze us with their courage and outrageousness. A subtle sense of beauty and inexhaustible imagination of designers create images that sometimes amaze the imagination. But only the main motives of this magnificence, adapted to everyday reality, reach us from the catwalks in everyday life.

For a modern woman living in the rhythm of a big city, the right wardrobe is needed that can fully reflect her personality, emphasize beauty, lifestyle and cultural preferences. At the same time, a modern woman always follows the latest trends and will never lose sight of fashion trends.

The main trends in the collections of autumn and winter women's clothing is an emphasis on hand knitting, bright decor elements, fur trim, unusual sleeves. The fashion for oversized clothes has returned again. Designers prefer floral prints, cage, abstraction and geometric shapes. Casual, boho, grunge, folk, country, provence - all these names are still relevant. An admirer of each style can pick up something for herself in the new season.

Actual bows for girls are distinguished by simplicity and dynamism. Designers recommend choosing the main things - down jackets or coats - in a calm color scheme, while emphasizing the bright details, harmoniously complementing the image with a knitted volume scarf, snood, leg warmers or mittens.

For women after 40, stylists recommend not to forget some restraint in the images. A stylish fur coat or coat of noble thick fur like nothing more than emphasize the status of its mistress. Fortunately, fashion designers will never refuse to create fur collections. But at the same time, it is always worth choosing products long from the middle of the thigh to the knee and avoiding voluminous collars, elaborate decor of the hood and sleeves. Shoes should be elegant, and knitted mittens should be replaced with suede or leather gloves.

Casual style

We all know the basic criteria by which we choose outerwear for everyday wear. Street clothing should not be a brand suitable for work, it should be convenient in transport. But at the same time, she can also remain stylish. Indeed, under a gloomy autumn sky and a long winter, I especially want to please myself with cozy and beautiful things.

For autumn time, the most relevant wardrobe item in an urban setting is, of course, a coat. Thanks to the imagination of designers, every fashionista can choose a coat that reflects her personality, because the choice is always huge - from practical classics to shocking models of bright colors with rich decor and a non-standard cut.

The highlight of the wardrobe of romantic and gentle persons will be a cape coat, elongated or shortened, decorated with tapestry embroidery, reminiscent of an outfit from the Middle Ages. Such a coat has no sleeves, only slits for the hands, so it is designed for warm autumn.

Coats in a variety of checkered prints do not go out of fashion in a grunge style. A cage can be of different sizes and colors, straight and oblique, which will only emphasize your cheerful disposition and give the image a little boldness and brutality.

A coat of classic cut, bright, summer colors, decorated with flounces, will help maintain a good mood and not fall into autumn depression. Despite some impracticality, bright colors - emerald, gold, scarlet, turquoise - are loved by many designers and admirers of their work.

A democratic down jacket is an indispensable thing for a winter wardrobe. They are extremely practical, they are not afraid to get dirty, it is impossible to freeze in them. But even a bulky down jacket with the right choice can reflect your femininity and beauty. The fitted models favorably emphasize the advantages of the figure, a comfortable hood trimmed with natural fur protects your face from wind and snow, and even if you slip, it is not so scary to fall in a down jacket.

For fans of casual style, the park will be an excellent decision when choosing winter outerwear - a long warm jacket with a hood, which came to us from the Eskimos. The insulated park can be worn even in the harshest Russian winter, while remaining true to your favorite style. An advantageous detail in the decor of this jacket is the large patch pockets that make it even more practical.

The winter kit - jacket and pants or bib overall - is a lifesaver for women who value comfort in the first place. Going to the store, taking a walk with the dog, going to the rink, and riding public transport in such a kit is the sweetest thing.

For outdoor activities and tourism

For sports women, the cold season is no reason to stop favorite activities. Modern technology allows you to create winter sportswear as comfortable as possible.

A suit made of a light windbreaker and one pair of sweatpants is great for running on the street, provided that underneath is a set of high-quality thermal underwear, and the temperature is not lower than -10C. At temperatures below -10C under a windbreaker, it is best to wear a fleece sweater.

Complete the set with a knitted cap on a fleece lining, woolen mittens, thermal socks and comfortable shoes, and you will not be afraid of any wind and frost. The main thing is to observe the basic rule - when dressing for a run, do not put on too many things. This will not only impede your movement, but will also contribute to excessive overheating.

Camouflage clothing has recently gained more and more popularity not only among men, but also among women. The color of the military reached the catwalks and even many stars already do not ignore it. And this is not at all surprising, because camouflage clothing is extremely comfortable and at the same time gives women some warlike charm. Although, first of all, camouflage tactical clothing is chosen for lovers of "war" games - paintball and airsoft.

Winter overalls and semi-overalls - an indispensable basis for travel clothing. Modern membrane overalls, light and warm, the most convenient option for walking in the country and long hikes. They perfectly retain heat and protect against overheating, do not constrain movements and are very functional.

Even if you are planning a “civilized” vacation in the country, in winter you also need a jumpsuit for a sanatorium, because it is so good to ski and play snowballs.


When choosing a product for the winter, it is worth paying attention to the hygienic properties of the fabric from which it is sewn:

  • hygroscopicity - the ability to absorb and retain moisture from the atmosphere;
  • wetness - ability to absorb water;
  • water content - ability to resist wetting;
  • breathability - the ability to provide ventilated clothing;
  • heat protection - the ability to retain heat generated by the human body.

It directly depends on these properties how comfortable you will be in this clothes, whether you will sweat in it or whether the fabric will let the wind through, what temperatures it is designed for.

The modern sewing industry produces a wide variety of fabrics for outerwear. The leading positions are occupied by various types of nylon - Nylon Oxford, Taffeta, Taslan etc. These are high-strength wear-resistant fabrics with excellent water-repellent properties. The only drawback of nylon products is their somewhat rude appearance.

No less popular than nylon are polyester fabrics made from polyester fibers. They are strong enough, do not crumple, do not let moisture in, are unpretentious in leaving.

Most often used mixed fabrics with different percentages of nylon, polyester and cotton. They perfectly combine the qualities of "clean" fabrics - the strength of nylon and the softness of cotton, the aesthetic appearance of polyester.

Membrane fabric deserves special attention. This is a unique development, currently actively used for sewing warm sportswear. Thanks to the polytetrafluoroethylene film deposited on the surface, the fabric acquires the ability to release internal fumes, while at the same time completely not letting external moisture in. This property makes it very convenient for sports, but it significantly raises the price of products.

It should be noted that in combination with artificial insulation, the membrane completely loses its properties, on the contrary turning into a "greenhouse film". Therefore, lovers of winter sports should refrain from buying such things.

How warm and light the jacket or down jacket will depend on the filler. Modern heaters are represented by synthetic and natural materials. Synthetic refers to:

  • synthetic winterizer - one of the oldest heaters, its advantage is relative lightness, the minus is low heat protection, loses its shape and sits strongly after washing;
  • tinsulate - one of the best modern heaters, very light, does not deform when washing, has excellent heat-saving properties;
  • hollofiber and isosoft - their fibers have the shape of balls, so the products do not lose shape after washing and with prolonged wear, can withstand frost up to -250С.

Natural insulation:

  • wool (sheepskin) - hypoallergenic, durable, wear-resistant, heat-saving material, a lot can be attributed to the minuses, it requires dry cleaning;
  • goose down - the oldest insulation, lightweight, durable, retains its shape, of the minuses - it dries for a long time, allergenic.

An alternative to natural goose down was artificial down. This material has lightness, hygroscopicity and excellent heat-insulating properties of natural fluff, however it is hypoallergenic, easy to dry, does not roll and does not come out of clothes.


For a modern woman, buying clothes in an online store is as natural as driving a car or talking on a cell phone. It is convenient and practical, and the only negative is the lack of fitting. In order not to miss the size, a woman needs to know her following parameters:

  • growth
  • waist circumference (OT)
  • chest girth
  • thigh volume (OB)
  • arm length from shoulder to wrist

Most Russian manufacturers use when sewing outerwear for women, adhere to the dimensional grid in accordance with GOST. There are three categories in total:

  • sizes 40, 42, 44, 46 - are typical for thin and slender women (OT 60-74cm, OG 76-92cm, OB 84-100cm);
  • sizes 48, 50, 52, 54, 56 - suitable for women of medium build (OT 78-94cm, OG 96-112cm, OB 104-120cm);
  • sizes 58, 60, 62, 68 - for large and overweight women (OT more than 94cm, exhaust gas more than 112cm, OB more than 120cm).

Foreign manufacturers of outerwear adhere to other dimensional nets, but they are easy to compare with domestic GOST.

International Standard Size, Russia Size, Europe Size, USA

  • XS 40 34 0
  • S 42 36 2
  • S / M 44 36-38 4
  • M 46 38 6
  • M / L 48 38-40 8
  • L 50 40 10


Our fashionistas are always aware of such foreign brands of outerwear as Finn flare (Finland), Conver (Italy), Tom farr (Italy), Desam (Holland), Tom tailor (Germany), Fergo (Norway) and others. The quality and appearance of the things of these manufacturers are always at the highest level, but do not forget that imported jackets and down jackets are rarely designed for the real Russian winter.

It is worth noting that domestic manufacturers have long been confidently competing with foreign brands. Among Russian, one can distinguish such well-known brands.

Baonlocated on the domestic market since 1992

Bask - a leading manufacturer of clothing for extreme sports

Elfina - For 15 years, has been a leader in the market for the production of outerwear

Marnelly - manufacturer focused on large clothing

Lab fashioncharacterized by affordable pricing

Lawine and Savage - one of the most prestigious and relevant brands in our time, and many others.

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