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Children's clothing H&M

Most popular brand

There is probably not a single woman of fashion in the world who does not know the Swedish brand H&M. This company creates modern clothes for men, women, adolescents and children, shoes, home accessories of excellent quality at affordable prices.

During the season, the company produces several collections. Constant, very good discounts and sales attract many visitors. On such days, customers literally sweep the goods off the shelves.

All models can be easily completed among themselves, creating trendy bows for every day. Often, fabric patterns are repeated on dresses, blouses, skirts and shorts. There is always a very large selection of t-shirts. The styles are almost the same, all the difference is only in color and prints. In each collection, in addition to the trendy line, things of the classical type are presented.

Children's assortment

For many women, the favorite department in H&M stores is children's. When buying clothes of this brand for your child, you can be one hundred percent confident in the quality and naturalness of the fabric, in accordance with the latest fashion trends, usability.

In these stores you can find models for children from birth. And in 2014, the company began to develop a school uniform for Russia.

Fashion News

What is interesting that the famous brand for children offers in 2017?

Skirts in tulle do not go out of fashion. They can be festive or for every day, with or without sparkles. A lot of T-shirts, things from fine knitwear.

In the coming year, jackets with ruffles, T-shirts with various inscriptions, cartoon characters, various animalistic stickers are very fashionable. Of the figures, the strip and peas are in the lead. The ballet shoes hold strong positions; H&M decorated them with satin ribbons. Knitted tops with lace around the edges are good.

Almost every collection in this brand uses lace and knitted dresses of different lengths. Only the color and texture change. As accessories offer backpacks made of gold fabric.

For babies

The famous brand cares for the delicate skin of newborns, so most models are sewn from organic cotton.

This is biological cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, in compliance with all environmental standards. Such fabrics do not cause allergies when worn.

In 2017, the latest trends in delicate shades are presented. Textured knit cardigans and sweaters made of merino wool or cashmere. On the hood are funny ears, comfortable raglan sleeves.

In summer sets puffs, wing sleeves are used. Embroidery on the bottom of the blouses and on the neck serves as an additional decor.

White knit bodysuit that look elegant with vibrant, fun prints. They are touched by sets of openwork cotton with lace edging along the neck and buttons on the shoulders for convenience.

On older kids, they will look good with elastic with elastic. Thick, terry for walking in the cool season, thin leggings for warm weather. They are combined with sweatshirts, longsleeves with large prints or thin elongated T-shirts. For the summer, thin capri pants of pastel shades are suitable, which are well combined with bright, colorful tunics.

Teenage models

Clothing for growing up children is not just convenience, fashion and style, but first of all a way of self-expression.

All adolescents try to loudly declare their personality, to emphasize their dissimilarity to others. And at the same time look presentable.

The spring-summer 2017 collection contains a wide range of fashionable and comfortable teenage models for boys and girls up to 14 years old. The undisputed leader is jeanswear. Skinny jeans in various shades can be combined with sweatshirts and T-shirts.

The upcoming season pleases with all kinds of pastel shades and elements of a sports style. For girls there is a wide selection of all kinds of models with frills and lace, with tulle skirts, frill and sequins. A simple silhouette of a sleeveless dress, cut-off along the waistline, a tulle skirt with a cut bottom in combination with rude boots with thick soles create a unique bow.

Plain T-shirts, t-shirts, joggers in combination with a footer hoodie jacket for cool weather remain the basic models for boys. All kinds of cages lead as a pattern for shirts. There are denim shirts that are easy to combine with any pants.

In trousers, designers make a turn to bright, catchy colors - burgundy, orange, indigo. Especially fashionable are trousers made of suede or micro-velveteen. They are well combined with a cardigan and a sweater of calm tones.


H&M offers children's outerwear in light, beige colors. Warm camel shade is in fashion. For girls in cool weather, all kinds of zipped jackets with prints and appliques are suitable. Floral patterns are very fashionable, but not for the whole model, but only as details. As for the styles, the trend is loose silhouettes, a poncho coat, spacious dresses and sweaters, as it were, a size larger, wide trousers and skirts.

Fashion for boys is also as close as possible to the trends presented in the collections for girls. The difference is that floral patterns are replaced by a nautical theme and geometric shapes. In the spring, you can choose a jacket with a zipper, suits from jeans, classic suits. For warmer weather, suits with short trousers in beige shades, cargo shorts, T-shirts and striped shirts will be relevant.

Size range

The H&M dimensional grid is generally in line with European standards. But of course it has its own characteristics. Usually, the clothes of this brand go in accordance with the specified sizes. But there are times that bolshemerit. Most likely, this is due to the fact that they sew it in different countries, such as China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India.

It is mainly aimed at incomplete children, but due to a small amount of elastin, it can stretch and fit the figure well. When choosing a size for newborns, you need to know your height and measure your chest circumference. Models for babies go slightly larger than the indicated sizes. Since children, especially the first year of life, grow very quickly, this is not critical, but rather a plus.

In order to determine the size of an older child, it is necessary not only to know the height, but also additionally take the following measurements: chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference. For trousers, you must additionally measure the length of the inner seam. It is measured from the top of the inner seam to the floor.

In conclusion, we can add that the H&M brand justifies its store title for everyone. High-quality fabrics, modern design, taking into account the tastes of all segments of the population, reasonable prices make it very attractive. Everyone will be able to find in him something suitable for himself and his family.


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