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Ski clothing Stayer


People involved in extreme sports acquire durable and reliable things. Modern ski suits are warm, beautiful, comfortable and technological. Stayer ski clothing provides the necessary human safety and comfort during sports.

Clothes for extreme sports are developed in special institutions. Specialists of these research institutes conduct testing of clothes for compliance with the necessary requirements. Ski clothing includes such components as pants, a jacket, special thermal underwear, glasses, gloves. In the process of wearing such clothes, the human body should not get wet, and the skin should breathe.

The main features of ski suits that determine their quality are waterproof and vapor permeability. The higher the listed indicators, the better the quality of the product.

Water resistance and vapor permeability are achieved due to the presence of special membranes in the products: hydrophilic, steam or combined. In clothes with hydrophilic membranes it can be a little wet, since moisture is removed from the surface only with a large accumulation of condensate. The clothes are suitable for wearing for a long time.

Steam-type membranes allow you to wear clothes only in warm and rainy weather. In the process of exploitation, clothes quickly lose their properties and become unusable. Materials with combined membranes are capable of stretching, removing moisture. Clothing is not suitable for sports in high humidity. Models with a combined type of membranes have the best indicators of water resistance and vapor permeability.

Extreme sports costume includes the following elements:

  1. thermal underwear;
  2. a heater that does not allow overcooling (this can be a sweater or vest);
  3. the suit itself, which protects against gusts of wind, precipitation.

Reasons for brand popularity

Many well-known companies specialize in the manufacture of ski suits. The proposed models satisfy the most diverse demands of athletes, both professionals and amateurs. Clothing company Stayer has a chic design, a good fit on the figure due to accurate patterns, made of high quality materials.

Stayer carries out the development of clothing design, production and its sale to the consumer. This is one of the reasons for its success in the market. The company has its own workshop where experimental testing of models is carried out prior to launching production, there is a warehouse for storing large volumes of manufactured products, and a streamlined cargo transportation system. The Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter product collections are updated by at least 75%, which is more than 300 models annually. Customer reviews of Stayer apparel confirm a reasonable combination of price and quality products manufacturer.

Care Rules

When choosing clothes for active sports should be purchased:

  • items with double cuffs to prevent snow;
  • sets with high trousers on straps for the purpose of protection against snow;
  • models with an adjustable hood or visor for protection from wind and sun;
  • things with large, non-slip, easy-opening zippers.

It is also recommended to pay attention to secondary factors: the presence of loops for gloves, the protection of seams with braid, the presence of water-repellent impregnation.

Starting to wash ski clothing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. can be washed by hand;
  2. wash in a washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 400C, liquid means in the "delicate wash" mode, do not use the "machine spin" mode;
  3. it is recommended to apply water-repellent impregnation to a dry product;
  4. the use of washing powders containing bleaches and other aggressive substances is prohibited;
  5. cannot be ironed, as the synthetic fabric will melt and the membrane will lose its properties.

Stayer costume models are universal. They create a unique hillside style for men and women.

Watch the video: Новая коллекций STAYER Осень-Зима 201617 (March 2020).


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