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Compression clothes for sports

People who play sports for a long time periodically experience unpleasant sensations in their legs - heaviness, fatigue, pain. This is due to the fact that physical activity (running, weight lifting) significantly affects the state of blood vessels. In addition, often the female legs are predisposed to varicose veins, regardless of whether she attends the gym or not. However, even if you are faced with such a nuisance, this does not mean that you have to leave sports loads. To improve the state of blood vessels, there is a special compression clothing for sports, which facilitates the work of the circulatory system.

Why is it needed?

What is compression clothing for? In order to ensure normal blood circulation in your limbs. The fact is that nature conceived that the human body worked like a Swiss watch, but under the influence of adverse factors, the system crashes. For example, ideally, blood flow in the legs occurs without delay. Blood circulates from the bottom up, and the valves of the vessels help in this. They “open and close,” pushing blood to the heart, preventing it from accumulating in the veins. If for some reason the vascular valves stop working normally, then people have swelling, veins swell and blood clots can form. Typically, the cause of edema in the legs is prolonged standing (sales assistants), serious running loads (soccer players, athletes), weight lifting (bodybuilders, fitos and crossfiters). Edema is dangerous because it gives a significant load on the cardiovascular system, the pulse increases rapidly, and the pressure rises.

Sports compression clothing was created in order to exert the desired degree of pressure (compression English data compression - compression) on those parts of the body that are experiencing heavy loads; help vascular valves push blood without delay.


"Compression" is divided into two types: competitive and restorative.

Competitive compression clothing is used by athletes to exercise, making vessels and muscles easier, reducing the risk of injuries and improving the quality of training. This is class 1 clothing that can be bought at a sports store or pharmacy. It is in the public domain and does not have any therapeutic effect, only preventive.

Clothing 2-4 class is released only on prescription and is a "medicine". It is used to recover from operations and serious injuries. And also "prescribed" by doctors to those who play sports at a professional level.

It is worth noting that any clothing with a compression effect is suitable only for those who are in motion. If you play sports once or twice a week, do not give yourself heavy physical exertion, do not walk at least 7 km a day, then you do not need compression clothes. On the contrary, it will have the opposite effect: it will disrupt the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Moreover, she has contraindications for wearing: thrombosis and blockage of veins, arrhythmia of any severity. In this case, "compression" is strictly contraindicated!

How to choose

Compression clothing exists in all varieties: stocking socks, shorts, T-shirts. Each athlete can choose their own accessory.

  • When buying, first of all, it is worth remembering that clothes are taken strictly in size. There should not be any “growth” or “I’m going to lose some weight and fit in”. If the clothes are more than necessary, then the desired effect will not be, if less, then it will strongly squeeze the vessels, which will cause disruption of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the price for it is quite high, the service life is a maximum of a couple of years, so it’s a shame to spend money on nothing. Thinning women also do not make sense to buy underwear with compression: firstly, psychological stress arises (tightness of "imperfect" forms), secondly, after a month or two the woman will lose weight and have to change her sports form;
  • Before you buy the right clothes, it is worth knowing exactly what purpose you need it for. If you run a lot, but do not set a goal to break the bench press record, then you do not need a compression shirt or t-shirt, but you need knee-highs and pants. If you do rowing, tennis, volleyball, then you will need not only shorts and leggings, but also arm ruffles with a compression effect;
  • When choosing, do not completely give in to advertising. Many manufacturers write on the labels "compression", but in fact the clothes are not. The maximum that it is capable of is to remove moisture during training, working as thermal underwear. Medical compression clothing for women and men is marked with RAL-GZ 387.
  • Choosing clothes, we must focus on the manufacturer. Currently, many manufacturers of sportswear have opened their lines with a compression form, but it is better to give preference to companies that deal only with compression clothing: Skins, CEP, Venum and others.

True effect

Everyone who wants to get +100 running speed, stamina, strength and health with compression clothes will have to give up - these are all myths that are not confirmed by research.

But it is not all that bad! It has been scientifically proven that running in compression socks or leggings reduces the athlete’s heart rate (pulse) by a few beats per minute. Using special underwear while running for a distance of 10 km reduces the possibility of pain in the legs the next day to 14%. Wearing clothes for 24 hours after a heavy strength training (professional athletes, not visitors to fitness centers) increases the speed of muscle recovery.

I would like to repeat once again: first-class compression clothing is a “supplement” that is used to help the body during intense sports activities. It is not suitable for daily use, without movement it will only harm the heart.

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