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Women's clothing House

The dynamically developing company House annually surprises its fans with original collections of clothing, which is very popular. All products of this manufacturer consist of experiments, avant-garde fashion and bold decisions. Here you can find the most striking, stylish and provocative models. All of them are characterized by modern design and excellent quality, as evidenced not only by their appearance, but also by many other details.

History of clothing

The House brand began its development in 1991. It took several years to create the very first collection, and already in 1997 it was officially presented to the public. Products had an attractive appearance and catchy design. The new brand has become very popular not only in the vastness of Poland, but throughout Europe. Demand for the goods of this manufacturer is growing every year, and its adolescents and older people become its fans.

Currently, House clothing is presented in a wide variety and occupies a leading position in the global market. Highly qualified specialists work on the product development process, who actually apply modern technologies and materials. Each seasonal collection harmoniously combines current trends in the fashion industry and street fashion. Such a bold combination was appreciated by modern youth who are used to seeing in clothes not just wardrobe items, but something more.

The process of creating the next clothing line lies in the design project and model line calculations. Each stage of product development is carried out in accordance with all world requirements. These things with great pleasure are people of different age categories, which indicates their popularity. They are a symbol of natural beauty and make everyday life more comfortable.

Features and Benefits

House-style clothing has many features. These products are designed to be able to stand out from the crowd. With its help, you can easily express your personality, as the variety of styles contributes to this as much as possible. The presented assortment makes it possible to find your own style and create unique images daily, based on personal preferences. There is no need to comply with any specific standards or traditions. Now you can safely show new ideas in the form of original combinations.

The presence of branded design elements enhances brand awareness. House offers the perfect combination of affordable price, high quality and unique clothing design. The pronounced street fashion here does not lose its relevance. Owners of such products appreciate their novelty, versatility, a fresh look at fashion and some kind of audacity. Therefore, adding to the wardrobe with things of this brand, you can look individually under any circumstances.


The entire range consists of clothing for women and men. Women have the opportunity to buy stylish dresses, skirts, tunics, t-shirts, trousers, outerwear and many other things. In addition, the manufacturer offers comfortable shoes and practical accessories that make the image complete. Every year, the company updates all seasonal lines designed for the winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The product line is intended for cheerful, active girls with modern outlooks on the world. House is not just clothes, but a full-fledged lifestyle, because it is capable of creating a real sensation for lovers of fashionable products. There are models for every taste. Comfortable casual women's clothing or more elegant positions, all of them will become indispensable for outdoor activities or work and perfectly complement any look. The range is regularly expanded and updated with new positions created by skilled craftsmen.

Style and Design

Clothing House is made in the style of street-wear, which means “street fashion”. In the production process, youth interests and directions are primarily taken into account. These things are a good opportunity for self-expression and the implementation of unexpected experiments in the field of creating individual images. In such universal clothing, a person can look original in almost any place and at any time.

Many representatives of well-known subcultures prefer the House brand. Young rebels value this brand for its unique style and sense of free flight of fantasy. Among the presented copies there are classic products, as well as more festive models.

The main features of the style are:

  • original design;
  • pronounced features of youth fashion;
  • comfortable fit;
  • attractive appearance;
  • compliance with global trends.

Interesting images and exquisite floral prints are often used as decor. The color palette pleases with its variety and bright colors. Due attention is paid to the traditional cage and strip. Quite bold decisions are found in the form of a harmonious combination of several styles in one product. This is an amazing combination of modern youth style and classic casual.


Clothing manufacturers prefer natural materials that pass air well and do not create discomfort when worn. The use of synthetic fibers is minimized. The sewing process takes place on the latest equipment under the guidance of qualified employees. All seams are characterized by strength and extraordinary evenness, which gives the appearance of the clothes neatness and aesthetic beauty. Even the smallest details of products are made in a professional manner.

The presence of appropriate quality certificates is the main evidence of the high quality of the goods. This suggests that the products underwent careful control before reaching consumers.

Due attention is paid to each part of the product, which allows us to satisfy all the requirements for a modern wardrobe. This working approach allows you to create truly high-quality things that do not lose their pristine qualities after prolonged wearing. Products are perfectly subject to repeated washing and dry cleaning. Each line of women's clothing is fully consistent with international standards and GOST. Wearing this clothing is a pleasure, because it does not constrain movements, and also gives a feeling of comfort and security.


Practical and versatile clothing House has earned an impeccable reputation among young people. A wide range, original design and reasonable price have made the brand truly sought after in youth circles. Such clothes are preferred by young girls with different occupations. But, regardless of age and personal beliefs, there are sure to be suitable things for everyday wear, as well as more festive outfits.

A memorable appearance gives everyone the opportunity to express their personality with the help of unique and very stylish images. The manufacturer opens a full flight for fantasies in the field of creating incomparable onions. Indeed, the number of presented collections includes products for leisure, work, official meetings and other equally important events. The House brand annually surprises its fans with relevant and stylish models, which allows young people to always be in trend.


In general, reviews about the clothes of this manufacturer are positive. Customers appreciate the high quality of products, impeccable presentation and affordable prices. Good service and professional service contribute to the expansion of the customer base, which is an important indicator in cooperation. The priority is the availability of clothing for all occasions in one place. This makes it possible to buy strict school clothes, an elegant dress and everyday things of the House brand and personally evaluate all their advantages in relation to other well-known brands.


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