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Types of clothing

In today's world there is a huge amount of clothing for all occasions. There are also enough classifications. For example, things can be conditionally divided into everyday and specialized, with some kind of specificity. The first group includes home clothes. She usually has a loose cut, the main emphasis is on convenience and simplicity, but jewelry is either absent or minimal. There are no restrictions on the material or colors.

Everyday is also clothing for performing tasks that are common for a person. That is, office, pleasure (often in the style of casual) and so on. At the same time, corporate kits with embroidered or glued logos in corporate colors will most likely be specialized.

But in general, the second group is represented by sports, uniform, festive (evening dresses, for example), spectacular, which is required for the actors to embody the images of characters, clothes. And the listed species have their subspecies. For example, uniform, like many others, is divided into winter, summer and demi-season.

Other classifications

There are other classifications. For example, one of the oldest is the division into male and female, although with the advent of the unisex style, such a gradation has become largely arbitrary. Or clothing for adults, teens and children.

If you delve into the classification for its intended purpose, then you can recall the different protective sets, working clothes, things for special climatic zones. And that is not all.

Thanks to fashion, some oppose branded clothes to ordinary clothes. And the latter is divided into the one that is produced in large quantities, and the one that is created either by limited collections, or in general in single copies. Do not forget about women's clothing for pregnant women, which stands apart. Or ethnic.

Style division

In the ocean of all kinds of classifications you can easily drown. Especially if you remember that this list is replenished with things related to different styles. Boho, grunge, gothic, punk, hippie, rocker, military, casual, underground ... And keep in mind that many designers now love to experiment at the joints! So, covering all types of clothes is a really difficult task. Therefore, it is better to understand at least basic concepts.


It is presented in the form of jackets, coats, sheepskin coats, fur coats, raincoats. There are also parks, bombers, jackets, but they can already be considered as varieties of jackets. All outerwear is classified as a shoulder type, in addition, it is always worn on top of other things: dresses, suits, overalls, jeans and sweaters, sweaters and so on. For both girls and boys, the basic models are the same here. Differences - in cut, jewelry, recognizable silhouette.

But if we talk about classifications and definitions, it should be noted that raincoats are an easy subspecies of a coat without insulation. And here are the fur coats ... Yes, this is again a coat, only made of fur, natural or artificial. There are different length options: shortened, knee-high and maxi. Coats are single and double breasted, with a smell, with hidden fasteners, with several rows of buttons, lapels, a hood and so on. By the way, come across samples with additional elements.

As for jackets, here the variety of options is breathtaking. Windbreakers, jackets, bombers, with a detachable lining and without it at all, with fur, both natural and artificial ... Recently, transformers have become popular. Say, if you unfasten some of the sleeve options, you get a stylish vest.

What are the patterns of knitwear

But let's move on to different categories. You should focus on knitted clothes, firstly, it is now in fashion again, and secondly, because it is here that different misunderstandings are most often found. For example, many people know that there is a jacket and cardigan, but not everyone is able to say exactly what these names mean, how one concept differs from another. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that historically both varieties were called sweaters.

But nowadays, a cardigan is knitted clothes with a fastener from front to top and to the very bottom with buttons. This option can be long and shortened, with pockets and without, with a belt and without. And all this will be a cardigan. But the jacket is now called similar clothing, but zippered.

Another product from everyday (and not only) life that often comes across to us, but which we incorrectly call. This is ... a sweater. What is wrong here? A sweater can be called a thing made of wool only with a stand-up collar. If the latter is not, then we are talking about some other clothes.

Pullover and sweater are very similar to each other. They both belong to knitwear without fasteners, but the former has a V-shaped collar, while the latter is round. Everything is simple.

Of course, the list of knitwear does not end there. There are also purely female ones, for example, a dress or a bolero. Or a scarf. By the way, he is back in fashion.

The most common mistakes

In general, you can talk about different clothes a lot. Shirts and trousers, dresses, skirts, suits and much more have their own varieties. And in order not to get lost in the abundance of information, let's dwell on what is often heard, but with which various misunderstandings are associated with this. This means that people mistakenly use the names of such clothes, not always understanding what applies to them. Or what are we talking about.

For example, a sweatshirt. This is a kind of sweater made from knitwear. Most often available with a round neckline (classic version), but it also happens with a V-shaped. It features long sleeves and a loose fit. It belongs to the unisex category. It can be with pockets (two or one large, in the center), as well as with a hood.

Hoodie is a lot like a sweatshirt. It differs from it in the center fastener and more aggressive execution, which is associated with the history of the appearance of this type of clothing. It should not be confused with anorak jacket, which is very popular among tourists, to be more precise, among climbers.

There are still things that can only be feminine. Of course, this is not about bras. It:

  1. Bolero. Shortened jacket, usually ends immediately under the chest. It happens with or without buttons.
  2. Jacket (not to be confused with a vest). A short version of the jacket, the length of the sleeves can be different.
  3. Blouse. It differs from the shirt in thinner fabrics, there are translucent options that are worn in the kit.

Slang names

Speaking about different types of clothes, one cannot ignore names that are often found in everyday life, but are rarely used by professionals. Nevertheless, dealing with their meaning is still worth it.

A striking example is top. This is a very vague concept, so professionals do not like to use it. But most often they call it the upper women's clothing, usually elegant, with short sleeves or without them at all.

hoody - In fact, almost the same as a sweatshirt, but by this name they often mean hoodies. The word itself is most often used in the CIS.

Raglan - clothing, where the sleeve is integral with the shoulder. In fact, we are not talking about a separate type of thing. This is a certain cut of the sleeve, which can be found both in t-shirts and other clothes.

In summing up, it is worth noting that there is enough confusion with concepts. The world of fashion is constantly evolving, bold experiments by designers lead to the emergence of new types of clothing. And in order to understand what stylists advise us to wear, we need to figure out what they are actually talking about.

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