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Sportswear Forward

The Forward brand is a companion of important victories for Russian sports teams.

For more than 15 years, the brand has been a successful supplier of quality clothing for the national teams of the country. Each season, the company provides stylish equipment for athletes.

Designers are aware of all the nuances of more than 50 sports; they produce collections of spectacular shapes, including for Paralympic athletes.


Functional, practical and stylish Forward clothes are sewn for champions, leaders.

The company also produces a line of fashionable shoes and accessories. Materials olympics, sweatshirts, trousers, swimwear and other elements of the wardrobe are distinguished by excellent performance properties. Each item meets high standards, so it is in great demand.

The universality of the Forward brand lies in the fact that it is suitable not only for conquering the Olympic peaks, but also fitness, sports, yoga, aerobics.

Despite the fact that the brand is not a specialized manufacturer, the consumer is happy to use its models for individual purposes (training, performances, etc.).

Key indicators of clothing is its dynamism, practicality. It perfectly emphasizes the individuality of the athlete, “motivates” to victory, is distinguished by charisma and spectacular design.

Creating a lineup of hoodies, sports jackets, bomber jackets, suits, sets, the brand relies on the latest trends in modern fashion. The design must use national symbols, heraldic signs and symbols, recognizable coloring "tricolor".

Three Olympics in a row athletes of the Russian team win pure gold in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. Their achievements were influenced, inter alia, by the clothes in which they represent their country.

The winner should look spectacular even in exhausting workouts. Professional sport tempers, "educates" the strength of mind, develops physical strength.

This is also an excellent “training ground” to demonstrate fresh fashion trends, as evidenced by the development of the Forward brand.

For professionals

Under the leadership of Olympic champion Y. Barsukova, Forward has developed a series of professional clothing, a fashionable wardrobe for gymnastics, and dance.

Fans of choreography, fitness will also be able to change into charming sets of real champions. The designers of the Olympico Forward collection for rhythmic gymnastics took into account all the properties of your chosen sport.

They paid special attention to product durability, fit, comfort, elasticity of materials, water-repellent features, as well as stylistic trends.

High-quality models will make it possible to get closer to the spirit of the victories of the Russian team. Incredibly stylish clothes can be used for morning runs, fitness. You will not go unnoticed in bright bomber jackets, printed jackets, comfortable knitted trousers with ties.

The brand designs collections for women and men. In a wide assortment you will find light suits, their insulated options, numerous accessories and the most comfortable shoes with an orthopedic insole, proper lifting and incredible design.

The Olympic group in such outfits will give odds to many European brands that develop clothes in the sport-chic style.

Professional athletes will look super presentable not only at the competitions themselves, but also on the champion's pedestal under the number "1".

Through clothing and sportswear, the manufacturer allows you to express your personality, unwavering desire for victory, fortitude. In the collection of the brand you can find high-quality polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, as well as elegant tracksuits.

Often, those who are not involved in sports are happy to purchase Forward brand items and are guaranteed to impress among their surroundings.

It is simply impossible to remain without compliments if you tried on a sweatshirt with a tricolor, a fashionable winner’s costume.

For lovers

Lovers of an active lifestyle will find in collections of spectacular suits made of polyester, loose fit olympics, and dark trousers that can be used not only for training, walking, but also for going out.

All sports sweatshirts are decorated with a contrasting bright print. They have a mesh lining, quite elastic cuffs. This design will provide comfortable wear for several seasons.

Each jacket has functional side pockets that are secured by zippers. They will fit little things like keys, money and even a passport. The design of trousers also thought of the presence of fastening pockets. To adjust the width of the waist zone allows a belt with an elastic band.

Stylish women's clothing is presented in fashionable sets in bright colors. It is suitable for professional sports, as well as trips to fitness rooms, for training or for morning jogging.

All suits are made of knitwear, providing long wear even with frequent washing. Colors do not fade in the sun, do not wash off under the influence of aggressive components of washing powders.

Girls note that the metal snake to the very neck is very functional in the presented olympics. It can be fastened under the throat during cool weather or until the middle of the chest in the spring-summer season. A stand-up collar which season is a popular trend not only in women's, but also in men's fashion.

An exclusive print in the form of the coat of arms of Russia will give the design a patriotic look. It can be depicted on the back in the form of a huge picture or in front on the chest in the form of a miniature logo. Sweatpants always come with contrasting stripes. They have a concise and comfortable cut that does not constrain movements during critical training and sports. The belt itself can be adjusted using a lace.

Particular attention should be paid to fleece suits. They are so pleasing to the body that they do not want to be removed even after training.

The fleece sweatshirt with signature stripes and graphic print will delight the original cut.

It is equipped with a hood, a functional external and internal pocket. There is also a ventilation hole, special clips that prevent moisture from entering inside. Elastic cuffs are also present on trousers. Practical, tight or loose, they will provide freedom of movement during active sports.

Women should look after a smart sports suit, suitable not only for an active lifestyle, but also for everyday outings. A model in a snow-white tonality will look especially elegant.

Turquoise-gray, black-pink, orange-blue colors for training suits look very fashionable. A striking example of feminine elegance can be found in a comfortable zip-up sweatshirt made of cotton.

A girl who follows her figure, leads a healthy lifestyle, is interested in fashion, she will definitely pay attention to the Forward costume from soft velor. Fashion designers equipped the product with a hood, and the fabric itself has a stunning sheen, emphasizing the graceful silhouette of the body. Thus, an ordinary sweatshirt or sports jacket can turn into an original outfit for shopping, traveling, outings, walks in the park.

For those who care about their health and are looking for an original wardrobe for the offseason, stylists recommend paying attention to a windproof suit. He will be attracted primarily by the striking inscription RUSSIA and a golden print with an eagle. A distinctive feature of this product is the additional zipper under the sleeves for proper air exchange. The manufacturer carefully glued each seam to reliably protect the body from wind, drafts.

For the harsh Russian winter, Forward prepared a collection of warm suits with a semi-fitted silhouette and straight trousers. The advantage of this model is a detachable hood, often performing the function of a headgear. Many lovers of an active lifestyle often use such a suit instead of a ski one, test their first snowboard, skates, etc. Doing your favorite sport, you won’t be afraid that snow or moisture will get inside.

Many will like the bright colors of their costumes. Developing the design of each product for professionals, the designers collaborated with psychologists who prompted them the ideal combination of keys for champions. You can be sure that you put on a jacket, sweatshirt, trousers that promise good luck.

Deep blue, emerald colors are more popular than ever.

The trend is brown, gray, yellow and orange. Combine interesting palettes with sport-chic shoes and accessories.


Most owners of Forward tracksuits noted the highest quality models. Real customer reviews will help you make the right decision before buying sportswear.

Many note the accuracy of sewing, the strength of accessories and the amazing wear resistance of products. It is noted that the suit does not deform after washing, retains its display appearance, shape. Regardless of how tall and physically fit you are, the costumes fit perfectly in shape and are comfortable to wear in any weather.

Of particular note is the design of things created for the champions of the Olympic Games of the Russian team. Such clothes look impressive, at the same time stylish and solid. She not only demonstrates the latest trends in fashion, but also embodies patriotism, literally motivates for new victories.


You can pick up a cute two-piece suit without a hood in the form of a one-piece sweater, sweater and loose-fitting pants. The manufacturer sews such models from dense knitwear with or without fleece. Combined items that use several types of materials, for example, raincoat fabric and knitwear, are in great demand today. Sets with elastic inserts on the knees, elbows will look harmonious.

Warm products often go on the fleece, so they can be worn in the cool season without additional jackets (parkas, down jackets, etc.). All Forward clothing is made from durable, lightweight, breathable materials. Any dirt or stain can be removed because the suits are machine washable.

Especially popular are models from cotton knitwear. Such material is environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch, perfectly breathable.

Elastic polyester with the addition of nylon or lycra. This allows the costume not to wrinkle, to keep its shape perfectly, to dry quickly. Products from this fabric have breathable microfibres. Forward textile technology allows you to create the perfect airtight thing. Special micro-holes perfectly sweat out, eliminating discomfort while wearing.

In all the collections of the famous brand you will not find any solid elements, hard seams. Not a single suit, sized in size, will constrain movements, rub the skin or, conversely, hang around the figure.


The Forward brand creates universal sizes, presents a wide dimensional grid. Among the company’s collection, it’s possible to choose models both for a slim figure, and with some flaws (wide hips, problem areas of the abdomen, etc.). All that is necessary for the buyer is to find out the length of his sleeve, the circumference of the waist, hips, chest, as well as the length of the back and his height. The manufacturer tried to make interesting and original products for any type of appearance, which only emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Men's hoodies are presented in sizes from 44 to 60 for a maximum height of 188 cm, and women's ones from 40 to 62 with a height of 176 cm. You can easily choose velor, knitted suits, models of cotton and viscose of the right size. They will definitely fit you.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

In order not to buy a fake, purchase Forward brand fashion suits and other sportswear in company stores.

The original thing must have an embroidered inscription RUSSIA, the company logo. To the touch you touch only natural fabrics, not artificial synthetics. Also, make sure the seams are even: they should be perfectly even, soft, and not cause discomfort to the body.

When choosing a modern tracksuit, pay special attention to bright colors. Neon tones remain relevant, also saturated blue, red, black. For winter, hoodies, windbreakers that have a hood will be relevant. In the warm season, it is better to pick up things from thin cotton fabric. It can be T-shirts, T-shirts, lightweight olympics with an interesting national print.

When composing a sports outfit, pay attention to the loose cut slacks with lapels on the bottom of the leg, as well as cargo pants, the style of which hints at originality. From the sport-chic category, you can also choose straight chinos to replace jeans. Designers continue to favor natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, tweed or wool.

Of great importance in the wardrobe of athletes are bright olympics, jackets with zippers with elasticated cuffs and stand-up collars. You cannot confuse Forward brand models with any others. It is not only about the recognizable design of products, but also the quality of tailoring of each item. Accurate seams, clear drawings and prints, a company logo - all this will help to quickly understand whether you are holding the original or a fake. Girls are free to wear skirts with a length above the knee, breeches, vests, t-shirts or T-shirts under this option.

Also, do not forget to pick up stylish accessories from Forward. The manufacturer made caps, baseball caps, and other models of hats so charismatic that they alone are enough for the wow effect.

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