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Women's sportswear Nike

For comfortable sports, both professionals and amateurs need quality clothing that meets all the requirements. Nike is considered one of those brands that care about the convenience of athletes and create unique sets of sports uniforms.

Company History

The history of the brand dates back to 1964, when a simple American student decides to create a small company called Blue Ribbon Sports. Phil Knight himself was engaged in running and felt an urgent need for good and comfortable sneakers. At that time, high-quality sports shoes were quite expensive, so only professional athletes could afford them.

First, the founder of the brand, Nike, ordered shoes from China, having entered into cooperation with Chinese manufacturers. When the company started its production, Phil sold sneakers right on the street from the van. Sneakers quickly began to gain popularity, and soon the brand began to spread throughout the world.

The company’s logo is a wing, and the brand received its name in honor of the Greek goddess Nika.

At first, the owner of the company personally phoned athletes and sports clubs who at least once bought his shoes. Thus, production was adjusted. Phil listened to the reviews and recommendations of his customers, eliminating the shortcomings and perfecting the models of his sports shoes.

Modern Nike clothing meets all the necessary requirements and meets many quality standards. The brand’s assortment contains all the necessary elements of clothing for sports.


Sportswear from the Nike brand is created specifically for active lovers of various sports. Sportswear is not only comfortable, but also very fashionable and beautiful. Judging by customer reviews, Nike brand clothes turn a simple trip to the gym into an unusually enjoyable activity.

During its existence, Nike has tried various technologies for the production of clothing, each of which is unique and significantly improves the quality and properties of sportswear and shoes. The brand does not stand still and is constantly mastering new ways of processing materials, delighting athletes with incredible highlights.

All Nike clothes are made from high-quality raw materials, which makes them durable and durable. The most popular technologies to date are the following:

  • Dri-fit. This technology allows you to control body moisture under heavy loads. Moisture is correctly distributed, and a special surface removes it, so that the athlete's body remains dry.
  • Therma-FIT. This technology was created specifically for athletes who play sports in the cold season. Clothing made using this technology is unusually light, but it retains heat very well.
  • Storm-fit. Fabric made by this technology is waterproof and windproof. At the same time, evaporation from the body easily leaves through the membrane of the tissue. Clothing is perfect for wet weather.
  • Clima-fit. This technology also makes sportswear waterproof and protects the athlete from the wind.

Types of models

Nike branded clothing is suitable for many sports. Only a professional athlete can name the advantages of special clothing for a particular sport over common elements. The original clothing collection is suitable for amateur athletes who value comfort, excellent quality and style. The Nike Original collection is constantly updated with new elements of clothing, but there are those who managed to become classics and fall in love with many fans of the brand.

For fitness

Fitness classes are an important moment in life for many women. Maintaining shape, which is accompanied by muscle strengthening and weight loss, should occur with the help of special clothing for fitness. Clothing for women from Nike helps to provide comfortable fitness classes of any kind.

For those who want to lose a few extra pounds, Nike has prepared a collection of clothes with a thermo-effect. The body sweats heavily under exertion, but moisture quickly passes through the membrane tissue, and you do not feel discomfort.

Clothes for exercise equipment and stretch marks are also special. In the Nike collection for fitness, you can find a variety of leggings of various lengths and colors.


If for a long time you are actively engaged in spot, you may notice that the legs begin to swell and acquire a far from attractive appearance. This is due to the destruction of blood vessels, which is a negative aspect of a sports lifestyle. Nike women's compression clothes will help prevent this problem and keep the legs slim.

Special material evenly compresses blood vessels and eases the load on them during active training. Nike compression clothing is available in a variety of options, including leggings, socks, leggings. Outwardly, the clothes are completely no different from ordinary sports uniforms.

Compressed clothing requires special care. It must be washed in cold water, preferably in a washing machine. Ironing is strictly forbidden. Choose compression clothing only for your size. Excessive squeezing of smaller elements can disrupt blood circulation, and larger clothes cannot function effectively.

For tennis

Tennis clothes seem completely ordinary only at first glance. It should be noted that tennis players are always dressed stylishly, each has its own preferences in clothes. But under a beautiful tennis suit hides a lot of necessary qualities. Tennis is an active game in which an athlete moves with all her might. That is why Nike clothing for this sport has some important features.

All tennis clothes are made of high quality materials that do not lose their appearance due to numerous washes. The fabric has the ability to pass air and dry quickly, so athletes do not feel discomfort with an active load. For the manufacture of clothing, a combination of natural and synthetic fibers is used. Quality Nike clothes are completely odorless, which is a good indicator of quality.

For snowboard

Snowboarding should not be clouded by improper clothing. All models of clothes for girls who cannot live without mountains are made taking into account all needs. The main feature of Nike costumes is their unrivaled cut. The jacket does not bully when rushing off a mountain at high speed. Sleeves are equipped with special inserts for the hand, which prevents the snow from getting inside.

All Nike jackets are equipped with a hood that protects from wind and snow. Reliable backstage allows you to fix the hood on your head. The use of special material makes clothes for the mountains light, warm and leaves no chance for the wind to get inside the uniform.

Special ventilation inserts located in the armpits or on the back help not to mate and avoid the greenhouse effect. They provide the right air exchange that prevents your body from sweating.

Fashion collections

Nike Pro Hypercool

This collection was created specifically for active training in the gym. Clothing is represented by a variety of leggings, t-shirts and tops. Thanks to special technology, the body does not sweat.

Nike Sportswear Fleece Tech

The collection is represented by various types of insulated jumpers. Sweatshirts are made of soft water-repellent material, have a stylish design and a wide variety of models. Clothing of this collection is perfect for snowboarding or skiing, as well as outerwear in cool weather in summer.

Nike breathe

Most of this collection is loose large size T-shirts. They are well suited for fitness or yoga for curvy women.

How to distinguish from a fake

The famous Nike brand, like many other popular brands, has many fakes that must be avoided in every way.

When choosing sportswear, pay attention to the logo. It must be smooth and of good quality. Irregular seams and threads sticking out in all directions give out any fake, so always pay attention to these points. Real Nike clothes are completely odorless, which is also an indicator of fake.

In order not to run into a fake and not give money for an incomprehensible thing, buy sports goods of the American brand only in branded stores that are responsible for the authenticity of the brand and have all the necessary quality certificates.


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