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Children's clothing Cherubino

About company

CHERUBINO brand is a Russian brand of clothing for children that is rapidly gaining momentum. The design bureau of the company is located in Europe and is engaged in the development and creation of new collections. All models of clothes are designed here, guided by the latest European trends in children's fashion.

Children's clothes are sewn on the territory of Russia and in Uzbekistan. CHERUBINO sewing workshops produce high-quality clothing designed not only for kids, but also for teenagers under 14 years old. This brand has recently appeared on the market for children's products, but has already managed to win the hearts of both young consumers and their parents.

CHERUBINO develops and presents in the Russian market a wide variety of models from collections for the smallest, elegant and outerwear, underwear and sleepwear.


A variety of product models of the company takes into account different clothing requirements for different age categories. All items are made only of cotton knitted fabrics.

For infants up to a year, jumpsuits, romper suits, bodysuits and sets of clothes for discharge from the hospital are made. Lingerie is made using seamless technology, providing increased comfort for everyday wear. It stretches well, does not hinder movements, does not irritate the baby’s delicate skin and is perfectly erased.

For pre-school children and primary school children, the brand offers a wide selection of underwear, clothes for walking, for sleeping and relaxing. When developing many models of clothes, designers try to take into account the needs and wishes of the children themselves and their parents, since children want to look stylish and fashionable, in choosing clothes to be like adults.

Designers have worked on a variety of models of knitted dresses, skirts, blouses, tops, swimwear, dressing gowns, nightgowns and pajamas for girls.

The manufacturer delights the boys with a wide range of suits, trousers, shorts, jumpers, turtlenecks, t-shirts, pajamas. Clothes for boys are designed to be durable, comfortable to wear and resistant to washing. Given that the guys could not only relax at home, but also run around in the yard, play soccer.

A convenient set of homewear, consisting of trousers and longsleeves, are cotton knitted pajamas from CHERUBINO. The kids in them sleep warmly and comfortably.

Designers of the company offer various options for nursery sliders from plain dyed knitwear with and without paws.

For girls, the brand produces beautiful, elegant dresses for everyday wear and for holidays.

Toddler overalls and semi-overalls from smooth and velor knitwear with CHERUBINO button fasteners combine perfectly with membrane outerwear or are used independently.

Turtlenecks CHERUBINO - comfortable clothing with a collar "golf", which can be worn under a vest or as an independent item of clothing, in the assortment, depending on the season, there are thinner and more dense options.

Models of CHERUBINO trousers are sewn on a knitted belt made of thin denim with cuffs, breeches and leggings are produced from cotton knitwear with the addition of 8% elastic.

For young athletes, the brand offers gymnastic swimwear with long or short sleeves. Elastic knitwear has 92% cotton and 8% lycra.

In addition to linen and light clothing, the company also produces warm winter clothes. For cold climates, brand designers develop warm jackets, trousers, overalls, overalls for girls and boys up to twelve years old with windproof and water repellent properties.

Details of winter clothes are thought out to the smallest detail. Overalls and sets are equipped with a deep hood trimmed with faux fur, a fastener with a plastic zipper and a windproof strap. Rubber dowels are sewn to the bottom of the legs for fixing on shoes. There are reflective stripes on the hood, chest and legs. The product is insulated with a polyester layer. Pants have stretchable removable straps. On jackets in the waist area for a more comfortable fit, there are tightening parts on the figure.


The priority area of ​​the CHERUBINO company is the creation of modern, durable, functional and environmentally friendly products for children. All brand clothing is made using new technologies only from environmentally friendly, natural, breathable knitted fabrics that pass air and absorb moisture remarkably, without causing irritation to delicate skin and allergic reactions.

In the manufacture of outerwear, raincoat materials with membrane properties are used. The unique structure of the membrane tissue allows you to well remove moisture, while maintaining internal heat. The special dirt-repellent impregnation allows to simplify leaving, pollution is easily erased by a damp cloth.

For clothing insulation, high-tech lightweight insulation material COMFEEL is used, which is hypoallergenic and superior to natural insulation. The microcellular structure of the insulating layer does not allow the cold to penetrate, leaving heat inside. When worn, such material does not slip into lumps and retains its heat-shielding properties even as a result of repeated washing.

Winter sets are effectively complemented by warm gloves and gloves made of membrane materials.

The colors of girlish clothes range from delicate pastel to bright blue, yellow and red. Knitted fabrics are decorated with rhinestones, funny patterns in the form of faces of cartoon characters, birds, floral and floral ornaments. It is worth noting the huge popularity among girls and their mothers of clothes of all shades of pink.

Clothing fabrics for boys CHERUBINO are distinguished by bright harmonious shades, decorated with interesting prints: favorite characters, cars, fashionable inscriptions and geometric patterns.

Due to its comfort, the presence of bright colors, good compatibility of things, the ability to compose interesting stylish images, CHERUBINO clothing has gained immense popularity among children and their parents, has a large number of positive reviews.

Size chart

The brand offers a range of sizes from 62 to 146.


Consumers of the CHERUBINO trademark, of course, are attracted not only by affordable and affordable prices, combined with functional convenience, but also by the quality, environmental friendliness and naturalness of the raw materials used in the manufacture of products.

CHERUBINO models are made of soft and warm knitted fabrics, which include only natural cotton. All knitwear and dyes used in the production comply with the stringent requirements of European and Russian quality standards for children's clothing.


Cotton knitted fabrics CHERUBINO have excellent strength and hygienic characteristics. To preserve these properties, it is recommended to follow the instructions for caring for the products indicated on the sewn-in labels and follow the recommendations:

  • in any case, contaminated knitwear should not be boiled; it is better to soak it before washing for several hours with detergent;
  • white and colored items must be washed separately;
  • laundry detergent with bleach can be used only when washing white linen, as colored linen can fade;
  • so that the laundry does not stretch, it is recommended to wash it in a bag using a special program;
  • products with printed patterns, applications and rhinestones are recommended to be washed and ironed, turned inside out;
  • zippers, buttons and Velcro fasten before washing.


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