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Indian clothing for women

National Indian women's clothing has its own characteristics that no fashion could interrupt for centuries. Even with the advent of European traditions in India, most Indian women prefer to wear dresses that their ancestors wore from ancient times.

Features and Benefits

Each model of traditional clothing has its own name. The oldest female garment is considered to be a sari. There is a legend according to which one very gambling king ruled in India. He lost a huge amount and at the end decided to bet his young wife, who was dressed in a sari. Unfortunately, he lost this round, and his rival, fiercely hating the king, wanted to further tarnish the king’s name and planned to undress his wife in public. But Krishna did not leave the young beautiful woman and made her robe endless. No matter how much the king's rival unwound her sari, he could not find the end. Thus, the sari became the personification of the meekness and modesty of the women of India.

Today, the sari is the most common outfit that hides the curves of the figure, but at the same time emphasizes its femininity and beauty. This item, the traditional clothing of Indian women, is a large piece of rectangular fabric. It is worn as follows: to begin with, a piece of fabric is wrapped around the hips, drapery is made in front, and then the remaining piece of fabric is transferred to the back over the shoulder. It is mandatory to wear at least a short top under the sari, which is called choli. He is put on to cover his chest, as the sari alone does not cope with this task.

Color, decor, prints

As for the color scheme and decor of this item of traditional clothing, then the fantasy of seamstress knows no bounds. Bright red, yellow, green, blue, violet, orange, pink and blue colors, which are dotted with the shelves of all fabric stores. Bright Indian saris are most often worn “on the way out”; in homes they prefer darker or pastel colors. Also, homemade sarees are more modest in decor, while bright and beautiful festive beckon with their decorations. Rhinestones, sequins, gold threads, incredible embroidery and much more flaunts on expensive fabrics.

For especially important occasions, such as weddings, special sarees are made that are embroidered by hand. Each pattern, each curl, as well as fabric and the number of decorating elements are individually negotiated with each client individually. After the work on the sari is completed, all sketches are destroyed. Thus, unique outfits are created in which each girl will feel unique.

The second most popular traditional Indian outfit is Salwar Kamiz. It is mainly distributed among young girls who are happy to wear pants. This outfit came to India from neighboring Afghanistan, in which salvar is also still very common, and not only among women, but also among men. In India, this garment is in great demand in the Punjab area, which is why many people call it salwar - pinjabi.

Salvar Kamiz is a two-piece costume. Traditionally, it is a combination of wide trousers with draperies on the top and tapering to the bottom, and an elongated tunic with deep notches on the sides. This suit is incredibly convenient for movement. Despite the fact that outwardly it seems very heavy and hot, it is very comfortable in it even in extreme heat. A mandatory accessory worn with the Salvar Kamiz is dupatta. It is a long thin scarf, it is worn differently, depending on the area of ​​residence. Many girls wear a dupatta, throwing it over their shoulders, others put it on the neck so that the ends hang down on their backs.

Despite the convenience of salvar, many girls prefer to wear a camisole with narrow breeches narrowed at the ankles. Some also complement the elongated tunic with a belt.

The color scheme of the combination of salvar kamiz is also quite wide and varied, like the sari. It all depends on the taste preferences of the girls themselves: you can pick up a bright two, you can also get something more modest in pastel colors.

Another classic combination of clothing in India is lenga choli. This is a suit consisting of a long skirt called lenga and a short or elongated top called choli. This combination is intended for festive and evening events, and it is decorated accordingly. A mandatory addition to lenga choli is a long cape that is designed to cover the head, and outwardly it is exactly the same as the main costume.

Fashion trends in indie style

Indie is a youth movement that emerged in the 80s of the twentieth century thanks to a new musical movement. As a result of this, new fashion trends appeared among the adherents of this style, who strove for independence.

This style is characterized by complete freedom in choosing clothes. The only rule is that the image should be as simple as possible, and there should be as few expensive parts as possible. In general, indie is the freedom and brightness of style.

How to choose and who will suit

Choosing traditional Indian clothing for women is not that difficult. Acquiring a sari will not be very difficult, because it is just a piece of fabric that needs to be wrapped around the body. The only thing worth considering is the color and decor of the outfit. Otherwise, in this case, complete freedom. This attire is perfect for any girls, regardless of their physique. Sari skillfully hides the flaws of the figure and emphasizes its merits.

To buy the rest of the items in the Indian wardrobe, you should know your sizes and so choose the size of the outfit. Salvar Kamiz will be a great costume for girls who love convenience and simplicity.

As for lenga choli, this outfit is more suitable for slender girls, as it fits the figure and opens the stomach. He perfectly emphasizes the beautiful chest and waist.

What to wear

If you decide to create an image in a traditional Indian style, then after purchasing clothes you should take care of accessories. From shoes, beautiful sandals with a flat sole, or on a small wedge, are most suitable. Be sure to pay attention to jewelry: a large number of thin bracelets, large earrings and necklaces - all this is characteristic of the Indian style. For married women, wearing a headscarf is considered mandatory, this should also be taken care of in advance. And of course, the nose ring traditional for special events, connected by a thin chain with an earring, will also add piquancy to the image.

Brand New

Modern brands could not ignore such a luxurious style as the Indian. Many designers use elements of the Indian style in their collections, and some even create their own outfits. So, distinguished Giorgio Armani, Rudolpho Valentino, Vivienne Westwood and many others. They have created luxurious sarees for their fans who will decorate any evening.

Stylish looks

The incredible beauty of lenga choli, embroidered with red flowers and other rich patterns. This outfit looks not only beautiful, but also very expensive. Luxurious embroidery throughout the deuce gives a rich look to clothing. A scarf is thrown over his shoulder, which is supposed to be worn on the head. As an accessory, a large pendant matching the color of the costume flaunts the girl’s neck.



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