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Plus Size Women's Clothing Alenka Plus

A full girl in decent and stylish clothes is able to overshadow the beauty and attractiveness of any slender person. These magical and transformative brands of clothing include the Alenka Plus brand.

About Brand

Alenka Plus is a Ukrainian brand that began its existence in 2000. Today, the company produces many styles of fashionable clothes for full ladies and girls with a standard figure. An understandable online store makes a fashionable wardrobe affordable for women in different countries.

Clothing brand is bright and thoughtful styles. Every week the assortment is replenished with new models, because a close-knit team of designers is in a constant search for new ideas.

Model Overview

Large-size women's clothing Alenka Plus conquers with a wide assortment and thoughtfulness of each style.


Pants for any woman - an integral element of the basic wardrobe. Alenka Plus offers a variety of models and styles suitable for the office, casual look and summer look.

Skinny, straight and flared models in restrained tones of black and blue are perfect for a business environment. It is worth saying that ladies with wide hips should choose flared pants, not being afraid of the original style.

As a summer wardrobe, the brand offers lightweight cotton pants with the addition of elastane in a loose fit. The elastic on the belt allows you to hide the folds at the waist. Calm light colors do not focus on full hips.


Of course, it is difficult for a modern woman to do without jeans in her everyday look. Alenka Plus is working on a collection of these comfortable and stylish muffin clothes. Among the styles stand out skinny jeans, straight cut, elastic models, torn and shabby. The color of the models is also suitable for various occasions, because the color palette begins with pale blue and ends with deep dark blue. Mid-landing is ideal for fat girls.


For lovers of easy and quick purchases, the brand offers an assortment of women's three-piece suits. A T-shirt, cardigan and trousers are united by a common idea and look great together, however, they can be used separately as a basic wardrobe.


The problem of most women is the stomach and full hips. A cardigan helps delicately model both. The brand offers elongated models covering hips made of knitwear and lace. The clasp is a hook.


Any stylist, collecting capsule wardrobe, pays special attention to blouses. In a woman’s wardrobe there will be several pairs for a long time. Alenka Plus offers elongated, classic, asymmetrical, trapezium patterns. The material is chiffon, cotton, knitwear oil.

The prints of the models are diverse. Here you can see exotic flowers, abstractions, geometric shapes and fascinating ornaments.


Alenka Plus dispels the myth that curvy ladies cannot put on shorts. Convenient and comfortable to the knees and below allows you to hide flaws, and a wide selection of fabrics - to find your perfect look.


The wardrobe of no woman can do without a stylish skirt, because she easily emphasizes the femininity and appetite of a figure. The company offers models in the floor and pencil skirts, skinny styles and half sun. Dense fabrics and prints in the form of vertical stripes visually stretch and slim the figure.

The dress

A sexy woman cannot do without a dress. It can make a figure slimmer, hide lush hips and show virtues. So, dresses from Alenka Plus have side panels in contrasting colors, successfully modeling the figure. The comfortable length of most models, reaching just below the knees, masks all imperfections. The widest assortment of dresses allows you to emphasize the magnificent breasts, slender legs or to emphasize the waist.

How to choose

Of course, slender girls are much easier to choose a wardrobe. However, following a few tips, any girl with mouth-watering forms can independently choose a stylish outfit for herself.

Firstly, it is important to soberly evaluate your figure. No matter how imperfect it may seem to you, find a zone that you can proudly demonstrate, such as breasts or thin ankles. Choose clothes that highlight these areas and skillfully hide everything else.

Stop your choice on vertical drawings. Vertical stripes, rhombs, and other vertical prints make the figure slim. If the print narrows down, it does a great job with the hip reduction function.

Layered clothing should be avoided. Thick fabric and minimalist style - everything you need for a stylish crumpet.

It is important to pay close attention to the length of clothes and be sure to measure the thing before buying. So, find the widest part of the hips and step back 5 cm up or down. This is the ideal blouse length. Dress and skirts should be chosen a few centimeters below the knees. However, if your legs are slim, feel free to demonstrate this.

Today there are many things to complete. Trust your intuition, love your figure, and then your image will become irresistible.


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