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Sportswear Argo

Have you received a treadmill or a swimming subscription as a gift? Or maybe you have long included regular training in the gym or in the open air in your schedule? Both novices and professionals need convenience and comfort during physical activity classes. Even if you are just thinking about starting dancing or want to learn how to skate, the first thing you should do is decide the most important issue - the safety and functionality of your equipment.

Exercising instead of joy and good mood can be overshadowed by uncomfortable or poor-quality clothing. Before you go to training, it is important to carefully choose sportswear. You should not be distracted by extraneous thoughts about clothing that rubs, presses, restricts movement. It should not restrict movement, limit flexibility.

Among the many sportswear manufacturers, the Argo brand has gained particular popularity. This is a new generation of clothing that combines modern design, following fashion trends, a wide range and a variety of colors.

Brand benefits

Do you doubt which clothes are best for sports? Argo clothes will come to the rescue!

Clothing gained its popularity not only among lovers of an active lifestyle, but also professional athletes. The Russian manufacturer considers the creation of European-quality clothing, and at the same time, massively affordable, as a priority.

Functional design, maximum comfort, convenience and ease of maintenance are Argo's distinctive features. It should be noted that not only clothing designers, but fitness instructors are actively involved in creating the unique design of sportswear models. Argo studies the requirements of athletes and is constantly working to satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Women's clothing is sewn from 42 to 58 Russian sizes, but men's clothing is up to 56 sizes. Surprisingly, now you will not have problems with the selection of the required length of pants, because Argo offers several sizes. For example, for women’s clothing there are sizes 164, 170 and 176. Women with a height of up to 180 cm will easily find suitable sportswear in the Argo model range.

For boys and girls, a special series of children's clothing has been developed, the brightest and most juicy color palettes. There are also collections of underwear and accessories needed for comfortable workouts.


Meryl is a lightweight tissue that allows skin to breathe. It dries in a short time after washing, does not lose its original shape, does not require ironing.

Honiara is a lightweight elastic fabric, with excellent thermal insulation characteristics and the ability to regulate the temperature regime of the body, to remove moisture generated during sports. The canvas provides a high level of protection against UV rays.

Cotton - a hygienic cotton fabric that does not allow overheating of the body during sports. It absorbs moisture perfectly, allows the body to breathe, and does not cause skin irritation.

Dakota is a fabric that is used not only in the creation of clothing for climbers, but also for the manufacture of very comfortable Argo sportswear. It is soft, warm, creates a velvety sensation on the skin.

Colorado is an incomparably soft and incredibly pleasant fabric that gives ease to movement.

Coyote is a heatproof and breathable fabric. It is not so easy to dissolve such a cloth due to its high strength and special manufacturing technology, and the dense fiber structure. Recommended for people with sensitive skin types, hypoallergenic, creates a feeling of silkiness when touched.

Bali is a breathable fabric with a silk sheen allowing skin to breathe. The material is highly resistant to various mechanical influences. It is durable, durable, comfortable while in the fresh air.

These and many other fabrics brought from Italy and France are used by Argo to create sportswear of European quality.

Popular collections

  • Argo Exclusive Collection It features a unique design, fashionable prints, original drawings and a wide variety of color schemes. Models are designed not only for sports, but also for outdoor activities. Environmentally friendly materials and high-quality accessories were used in the manufacture of the collection. Clothing gives comfort, and is distinguished by its versatility.
  • Argo classic offers a range of sportswear specially designed for men and women involved in fitness, aerobic sports. Under intense loads, a large amount of moisture is released, and accordingly, a special fabric is required that protects against overheating and easily absorbs sweat. With Argo clothes, the longest and most powerful load can pass in a constant sense of comfort, convenience. Models are practical, affordable pricing. It should be noted that sportswear requires washing after each workout. That is why Argo uses fabrics that provide durability, strength.
  • Argo Fitness Collection Designed for comfortable yoga, fitness and Pilates. The models are presented in a wide variety of cuts and styles, and allow you to train indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. Free models are preferable when doing gymnastics, and for riding a bicycle or running it is better to use body-tight things.

Opinions and feedback

In the Russian market, Argo sportswear has gained widespread popularity and has earned universal approval by sports and leisure enthusiasts. Today, there is a tendency to increase the number of people who have a healthy lifestyle in priority.

In the reviews you can see only enthusiastic words confirming impeccable tailoring, even lines, the absence of unfilled threads. Beautiful ladies declare not only the convenience and functionality of the purchased Argo clothing, but also the visual appeal of the models. Clothing emphasizes the lines of the figure, gives a toned and slender silhouette. Regardless of the color palette of products, they all do not fade, do not lose their original brightness and appearance. After the most intense workouts, no stretching of the tissue fibers is observed. The perfect fit of clothes, which is not affected by the physique of a person, is also surprising. It is not difficult to purchase such clothes, because they are presented both in various shopping centers and in online stores that deliver in the shortest possible time.

The manufacturer is sensitive and attentive to consumer reviews and is constantly monitoring the needs of people who prefer sportswear. Every review, wish or recommendation for a particular model is important to him. If you want to see high quality sportswear, follow fashion trends and an acceptable price offer, then Argo clothing should be your companion in the world of sports, fitness and active pastime!

Watch the video: Argo Classic Sportswear Advertising Video 2015. part 2 (March 2020).


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