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Children's clothing Reima

About Brand

Reima appeared in Finland in 1944. She began her journey with the creation of women's work clothes from the remnants of military camouflage fabric. Later, after several years, the company developed new types of high-strength material. From this material, children’s clothing began to be sewn at the factory, which became very popular not only in their own country, but also abroad.

More than 70 years have passed, and the Reima brand still holds a leading position in the market.

Reima produces clothes that allow children around the world to have fun outdoors, regardless of weather conditions, leaving their movements light and free!

Product Features and Benefits

Reima is constantly introducing new technologies in the production of its clothes and shoes. The main feature of Reima clothes and shoes, of course, are the used fabrics, which have special properties. These fabrics can be waterproof, windproof, impregnated with dirt, and protect from UV rays. All fabrics are highly durable, and the clothes are stitched, of which are comfortable and comfortable to wear.

The advantages of Reima clothing over similar clothing of other brands are:

  • Large selection of models. The company regularly updates its collections, taking into account the needs of consumers and the emergence of new technologies.
  • Security. All clothing of this brand meets safety requirements, it is made of those materials that do not harm the body of children.
  • Convenience. Thanks to the modern technologies used, for example, a lighter insulation, Reima overalls are more comfortable and comfortable to wear compared to some other brands. In these overalls, children can move freely while remaining warm.
  • Wear resistance. The high strength of the fabrics used allows Reima clothing to be worn for a long time without additional repair or replacement.
  • Easy to clean. Due to the special dirt removal impregnation, some overalls do not require washing at all. And in order to remove simple stains from other models, you just need to wipe the item with a damp sponge or wash it in the washing machine observing the necessary washing conditions.

Other features of Reima clothing:

  • The presence of a large number of reflectors that allow you to see the child in the dark.
  • The inner surface of the gloves and mittens is treated with a special antibacterial coating.
  • Reima caps protect against wind due to windproof ear pads.


All Reima clothing can be divided into the following categories:


The clothing of the Reima line is weather-resistant, convenient and comfortable. These are clothes for everyday wear. The waterproof level of the fabric is 3,000 - 10,000 mm. The seams of the clothes are glued, which makes it wear-resistant. Used fabric and materials are safe for children.

Reimatec clothing has increased water resistance with water protection of 8,000 - 15,000 mm. Seams of outerwear are also taped. Some models have inner cuffs in the sleeves and on the legs. The fabric is impregnated with dirt repellent

Reimatec +

Clothing of this line is suitable for even more extreme conditions, for example, for skiing or long games in the snow. The fabric is water resistant to 15,000 mm. Clothing is complemented by sporting details and high-tech elements.

Clothing collections

  • Newborn Clothing designed specifically for newborns. T-shirts, body, trousers, hats and outerwear. Everything is made from environmentally friendly and safe materials. Down jackets and overalls are sewn from a thinner and more elastic fabric, have additional insulation in the legs
  • Play Pants, jackets and overalls that were created for games. Made from high strength Reima or Reimatec fabric. In such clothes, the child can feel comfortable being in the fresh air for a long time and remain dry and warm.
  • Active Clothing from this collection is great for active sports. It is functional, convenient and practical. In it, the child will remain dry and warm
  • Rainwear Clothes in which you can walk in the rain. It is made of waterproof fabric resembling rubber.
  • Sunproof. A series of clothing that protects children's skin from UV rays. These are T-shirts, shorts, trousers, sweaters, caps, boots made of quick-drying and moisture-removing material.
  • Urban Clothing suitable for everyday wear, you can go to school or for a walk. It is lightweight, comfortable and practical.
  • Softshell. This series of clothes is designed to protect from the weather. It includes kits from other series that are wearable under extreme conditions.

Overview of models for boys and girls

The new Reima clothing collection is vibrant and vibrant! A large selection of models and colors will allow everyone to choose what suits their child.


This season, Reima has released a retro collection based on Reima clothing from the seventies. Demi-season overalls, jackets and trousers look very interesting. They are presented in different color options.

For walks in the rain, you can choose a waterproof raincoat or even a hat.

Reima membrane clothing is suitable for active children. She does not let wind and water pass. Putting it on you should remember the principle of layering in clothes. Clothing under the membrane should not be made from completely natural fabrics. So, for example, putting on winter overalls, first you should put on thermal underwear, and then overalls. In severe frosts, it is necessary to wear a fleece subcover.

Especially for teens, Reima also has several jacket options.

Size chart

In order to determine what size clothes should be chosen, it is necessary to measure the necessary parts of the child’s body. It is better to take measurements in thin home clothes and in a calm state.

The dimensional grid of Reima clothes is as follows:

How much is

The cost of Reima clothing is very high, but its high quality justifies the price.

So, for example, overalls in the official Reima store cost between 5,000 and 8,000 rubles. Coats cost 6,000 rubles. Prices for jackets start at 2 800 rubles.

A fleece jumpsuit for a baby will cost 2,600 rubles. Reima boots can be purchased for 3000, and rubber boots for 2000.

Also, Reima clothes and shoes can be purchased at large chain stores for children.

How to distinguish the original

Due to the high popularity of overalls and other Reima clothing, there is a possibility of acquiring a fake. In order to protect yourself from such a purchase, it is better to buy clothes in the official Reima store or other well-known stores.

When buying clothes in small stores and from individuals, you must be careful.

What should I look for?

The quality of the seams. They should be flat and neat, like sewn on labels.

Check the buttons and zippers; they must be in place and operational.

Product color - bright, without spots.

Country of Origin. Now Reima has transferred part of its production to China, so this country may be on the label.

The labels of Reima clothing must contain information about the temperature regime for which it is intended, indicators of wind or moisture resistance of the fabric, as well as the necessary information on caring for the product.


Most reviews of Reima clothing are positive. Buyers note the high quality of products. Overalls are especially popular: they are durable and comfortable. Due to the special properties of the fabric of Reima overalls, they can be worn in the rain and strong winds, which consumers certainly like, because their children remain dry and warm while walking.


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