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Editor'S Choice - 2020


Winter is a great time of the year, which opens up new opportunities for us, including sports. Winter outerwear is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. Today it is fashionable and beautiful to be fit, regardless of the time of year, fortunately, there are many models that are right for you. When choosing a certain image, of course, you should consider your type of figure, the sport that you plan to practice, as well as your mood.

Sportswear for women should be functional and beautiful at the same time. The image should be modified, each detail should be in its place. Warmth, beauty and functionality are the main conditions for a great winter look.

It often happens that winter wardrobe items constrain movement and make us clumsy. Since you have to actively move in such things, it is very important to make the right choice. When skiing, you should not dress like for figure skating, because different muscle groups work, which means that the freedom of movement will be different.

Today, a huge selection of models of winter sports women's clothing is presented, which is a guarantee of your health and beauty in winter. Designers perfect it every season, making winter sports wardrobe items more comfortable and attractive. So, you can find sports jackets with decorative elements that correspond to the latest fashion trends.

The winter kit can be perfectly matched to the figure, with a variety of decorated details: collar, pockets, bodice, etc.

Winter sports chic - a new trend that covers the catwalks of fashion shows. A healthy lifestyle comes on the heels of modern fashionistas. Designers from all over the world support this trend, bringing sporty style to the streets. In order to stay on the crest of a fashion wave, it is not necessary to wear a tracksuit, you can follow the trends of "sports chic."

Russian unpredictability pushes the creators of the fashion industry to new interesting and unusual solutions. So, you can have a jacket that will be athletic and warm at the same time. A variety of options for a lightweight down jacket with simple, straight lines that will add harmony, elegance and femininity, give connoisseurs of "sports chic" the opportunity to choose the model that is suitable for all occasions of their life - and for skiing, and to create snowmen in the yard with children.

The proximity of the model makes all the surrounding men turn around and keep you looking. Fur accessories - cuffs, collars, worthily emphasize individuality and add softness to the image of a snowy sports queen. Fashionable stylists also suggest using their individual solutions to create the perfect look. You can add your own knitted cap, tie a scarf with an interesting knot, and then you will definitely feel fashionable, beautiful and sporty.

Sport is life, it’s fashionable to be healthy, which means you need to be fashionable in sports as well.

Watch the video: Outerwear Basics You Need in Your Closet for a Capsule Wardrobe. by Erin Elizabeth (April 2020).


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