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Sportswear Bosco Sport

When it comes to choosing sportswear, first of all, convenience and comfort are evaluated. It is very important that the movements are not constrained, bad material does not irritate the skin, and unnecessary elements in the clothes are not a source of discomfort. In addition, in sportswear I want to look beautiful and fashionable. Ideally, correctly selected sportswear will also hide figure flaws.

Made in Russia

Today, there are a huge number of companies that produce sportswear, from socks to high-temperature membrane suits for expedition trips. A lot of popular companies with loud screaming advertising or vice versa - just gaining popularity. For every taste and budget.

It is interesting, but there is such a brand of clothing, a tracksuit from which, perhaps, was seen by every person who watches sports channels at least a little. Since 2002, we used to see our athletes at the Olympics in bright and beautiful tracksuits with the symbols of Russia. Very spectacular, colorful, patterned costumes, of course, cheer up and set up athletes to win. And the viewer is simply pleased to observe the achievements of the athletes for whose country they are a fan. Such suits are produced by the Bosco Sport brand.

The main Olympic fan

Bosco Sport is a domestic brand that produces sportswear for men, women and children. Also under the Bosco Sport logo are sports bags, shoes and other accessories. Professional clothes for athletes of various sports or just clothes for outdoor activities - everyone will be able to choose exactly what he needs.

The main difference between Bosco Sport and other sportswear brands is that it is an official supplier of sportswear for the Russian Olympic team. In addition, all fans are also wearing sportswear from this brand.

All Bosco Sport collections are designed by designers and then sewn in factories in Turkey, Italy and China. The most distinctive design feature is the use of the Russian flag as a key pattern on clothing. Russian tricolor, national drawings such as the Firebird, patterns and Olympic symbols - the Bosco Sport style cannot be confused with anything else. The red and white color scheme with the inscription on the chest "Russia" has become a kind of calling card for our Olympic athletes. It is very interesting that the designers manage to harmoniously maintain patriotism, while partially using the symbols of the countries in which the Olympic Games are held.


Bosco Sport brand creates sportswear in three main areas - original, active / fitness and fashion. The first includes Bosco's standard and traditional design elements, such as the Russian coat of arms and Olympic symbols. This exclusive right to use such elements is restricted to the original Bosco Sport.

The active / fitness area includes suits, polo shirts, sweaters, scarves, hats, everything you might need for outdoor activities or sports. The design of this line is saturated with geometric ornaments, triangles of different shades, and the style of cubism is also applied.

The fashion line has a specific design. Sports dresses and skirts will be appreciated by any fashionista.

It is worth noting that the quality of clothes from Bosco Sport is not in doubt. Only the best materials, both natural and synthetic, are used.

Watch the video: Finale tappa nazionale Don Bosco Beach cup, sand volley 4x4. ultimo set (March 2020).


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