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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Maternity Clothing H&M

The Swedish company H&M is known in many countries of the world and in Russia: those customers who prefer fashionable and inexpensive clothes choose and love it. The assortment of the brand includes clothes for men, women and children. The women's collection is divided into several segments, including clothes for pregnant women.


The Swedish brand H&M begins its history with the opening of a small clothing store by Erling Persona under the name Hennes, that is, “For Her”. Later, another store of the same name opened in Stockholm, and then the network went beyond the borders of a small country and spread throughout Europe. In 1968, the company was acquired by another no less large company, Mauritz Widforss, and the clothing brand was soon renamed the famous H&M, or Hennes & Mauritz. The growth in sales of stylish H&M clothes has risen thanks to an original approach to customers, for example, the son of one of the brand owners once handed out records to the most popular musical group ABBA in those years.

In 2000, H&M brand stores appeared in the United States, and after 9 years came to Russia. The Swedish brand H&M is also known for the fact that, along with everyday clothes, the economy segment, it produces unique collections created in collaboration with world haute couture designers, for example, one of the first among them was Karl Lagerfeld.

Features of choice

The clothes of the H&M brand are adored by modern young girls and older women, while neither the level of their income, nor their lifestyle or lifestyle influence the choice of consumers.

H&M clothing is convenient and practical, if we talk about the basic collections of the manufacturer, stylish and relevant, if you touch on fashion trends from the world's catwalks. By the way, the H&M brand can be described as "fast fashion", or fast fashion, that is, its collections are mass-produced taking into account the latest trends, and wearing clothes is designed for a maximum of one or a couple of seasons, things are unlikely to "survive" even physically.

It is known that H&M does not have its own production facilities: all collections under the same brand name are sewn in different countries with cheap labor, which can explain such a low cost of products.

A feature of the H&M brand can be called the fact that it "sells" clothes of non-standard sizes - for obese women and pregnant women. Of course, these two categories differ significantly from each other in the cut and the use of basic materials; in the category of “maternity clothes” H&M there is a predominant use of cotton and linen, as well as synthetic materials that are pleasant for the female body.

Maternity clothes H&M allows you to emphasize the advantages of the "interesting position" of the expectant mother and allow her to feel comfortable. By the way, most pregnant women appreciate H&M clothes precisely because it does not look like a “bag” or old-fashioned “grandmother's” outfits, which, according to modern pregnant women, are brands specializing in sewing clothes for pregnant women.

Silhouettes of clothes for future mothers are freer than the rest of the clothes of the Swedish company, but this does not prevent them from remaining stylish and modern thanks to H&M. Cotton or viscose is used as a fabric for everyday clothes and underwear for home wear, but other body-pleasant materials like denim, twill, knitwear and others are used for outerwear and jeans.

Among the colors, there are concise monophonic models (black, white, cream, khaki) and brighter ones with a floral or geometric print, tops and sweaters in an actual horizontal strip. If we talk about the color gamut of clothes for pregnant women H&M, then she is more calm and strict than the rest of the collections, and her silhouette always remains elegant and feminine even if the clothes are made in the "casual" format.

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most unexpected, this is the time when you continue to put on the familiar and favorite things of the basic wardrobe and do not care about what to "get into." Usually, in the middle or end of the first trimester, women in an “interesting position” think about purchasing special underwear that would be comfortable and able to provide proper support to the growing chest and tummy. H&M presents underwear models - cotton panties and a frameless bra with detachable cups.

In the second trimester, a small tummy can be traced, which sometimes requires the purchase of clothes for pregnant H&M. It is especially important during this period to buy trousers or jeans with a special elastic cotton insert in the abdomen, which will allow you to maintain a growing belly and wear a comfortable thing without harm to the health of the unborn baby.

The third trimester is the most responsible when the expectant mother needs more rest. For this period, H&M has prepared the main assortment of its collection for pregnant women, the clothes of which emphasize the stomach and will not allow things to constrain it.

Jeans or trousers

A wide selection of trousers and jeans for pregnant women offers the world famous brand H&M. In his collection there are laconic narrowed or straight models of a classic shade - from light blue to deep black. H&M maternity jeans are made from stretchy denim and feature a comfortable fit, which is ensured by a knitted wide elastic in the abdomen and a low fit pants with a button closure.

H&M maternity trousers or jeans are thin and elastic, which are ideal for the warm season, there are more dense models in texture, but this does not affect comfort or their functionality. By the way, special trousers with an additional insert for the abdomen have a nice feature - low price and attractive appearance, which are most appreciated by future mothers today.

Reviews about H&M jeans are uniquely positive: pregnant women note a wide dimensional grid, or the ability to choose their favorite jeans for both standard height and size, and not very much. Tall pregnant girls and older women can easily choose a model that is convenient for themselves, and full ones for their physique.

T-shirt and shirt

T-shirts and T-shirts are the most basic things not only for pregnant women, but also ordinary women. This item of clothes for pregnant women at H&M is presented by laconic models of T-shirts and T-shirts in classic colors - black, white, khaki, striped, peas, gray, with a floral print, some of which are also described as “clothes for feeding”. Almost all models of H&M maternity shirts have an additional elastic strip of fabric in the chest area (which supports the chest) and detachable straps, which allows you to feed your baby in such clothes in the future.

H&M maternity shirts are presented with stylish models in cotton, denim, viscose or mixed materials. Each model corresponds to modern trends, and in cut they can be conditionally divided into only two categories: loose or with an elastic band in the area below the chest, which will further emphasize the rounded belly. H&M shirts and tunics have special tucks for the abdomen, which allows you to wear the item until the baby is born, without fear of harming him with a too tight fastener or product design.

Dress and skirt

It is especially convenient to wear dresses during pregnancy, and the most relevant and fashionable styles for pregnant women are presented in H&M collections. A viscose shirt dress, a knitted dress for feeding, a feminine model with a belt or a stylish denim dress - the choice of clothes for pregnant women H&M is huge.

Home clothes and underwear

In the happiest, but difficult period in a woman’s life, it is important to use special underwear for pregnant women, which would be comfortable for the future mother and hypoallergenic, in addition, it is important to provide the breast with reliable support, especially when it is growing so rapidly. Special frameless bras for pregnant H&M will allow a pregnant woman to feel even more comfortable and give an attractive appearance to the “new” form of her dignity. By the way, in the brand’s collections there are restrained models of the same color or combined lace bras, in which then they can easily feed the baby. H&M Maternity Panties are made from 100% cotton and have an oversized fit.

H&M homewear is cotton robes, sets of loose-fitting pajamas, especially enlarged in the abdomen. Home clothes are an important item of women's wardrobe, because especially in your home you need to look good and fashionable, and even after delivery these sets will come in handy for sure.

Tights and leggings

Especially valuable is the fact that the H&M brand produces women's hosiery for pregnant women, because the rounded person wants to wear beautiful dresses with comfortable tights. H&M women's tights have more space in the abdomen, in other words, a high fit, which allows them to be worn even for a long time and to feel as comfortable as possible.

H&M leggings have the same system - allowances for a growing abdomen; traditionally they have a density of 60 den, but there are also higher rates.


A female cardigan is considered one of the basic things in the wardrobe of any woman, and during pregnancy this thing becomes one of the favorite and necessary. A cardigan is able to warm on a cool day or give an image of completeness to any other, and especially this piece of clothing goes pregnant - they become more "comfortable" in it.

Maternity cardigan H&M does not have features, such as a dress or pants, however, it is produced under the same brand. When choosing this wardrobe item, it is worth giving preference to natural high-quality fabrics that are pleasant to the body and do not cause discomfort when moving, and the choice of color and style is an individual choice.

Size table

The size chart of the H&M brand is wide, which allows you to choose the right size for almost every woman. As for the sizes of clothes for pregnant women H&M, the things of the basic wardrobe have sizes from 32 to 46 European, that is, from 38 to 54 Russian.

Maternity clothes H&M are created according to the classic dimensional grid with an additional allowance for the abdomen, so when choosing the right size, focus on your usual size and try on. If the thing is small or you are rapidly gaining weight, it is worth thinking about trying a larger size, so the choice of the necessary marking remains an exclusively individual event.

The size of the H&M maternity bra is determined according to the size of your chest and the size of your cups: in the brand’s collections there are sizes from 75B to 85E, tights and leggings are found in sizes from XS to XL and are distinguished by their elasticity.

Home clothes (bathrobes and pajamas) are marked xs, s, m, l, as well as maternity shirts and special clothes for feeding.

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