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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Clothes for children in the "Hipsters" style

It's no secret that children from a very young age are attracted by everything bright, colorful and original. And they love to imitate adults in the manner of behaving and dressing. Therefore, such a trend as Stylyagi entered the children's fashion and conquered everyone with its sweet, gentle, but at the same time spectacular and peculiar way. Very often, the style of the dude can be seen not only on the catwalks, but also in films, music videos and on stage.

Style dudes came into modern fashion from the fifties and a pretty solid donkey. It's no secret that fashion always comes back, and this style is no exception. Initially, the Dandy trend appeared in America, and domestic youth decided to adopt the style of dressing, behavior, mood and hobbies for the sake of expressing individuality and a kind of protest.

At the very beginning of the appearance of the style, the costumes were extravagant and challenging. For example, bright socks from under trousers, awkward hairstyles and baggy jackets. At the moment, men of dudes look elegant, and the fair sex is more feminine.

Clothing for children in the image of Hipsters is more of a festive and solemn appearance than everyday. Indeed, this direction implies bright colors, contrasting color combinations, spectacular hairstyles and a large number of original accessories. But, as in any style, of course, there are exceptions and little women of fashion can choose their outfit for walking or relaxing.

Dandies are not only an interesting trend in fashion, but also a certain way of life, original thinking, unusual behavior and mood.

Image for girls

Style Hipsters help young fashionistas feel elegant, original, express their own self and begin to understand the fashion industry.

Distinctive features of the style:

  • The most important detail in the image is a bright puffy dress. No princess will be able to refuse such a wardrobe item, not even an ardent opponent of dresses. The outfit is usually simple, without decorations, moderately tight top and a charming bell skirt with high waist. This beautiful robe is complemented by a contrasting wide belt, which can also decorate a fashionable woman’s hairstyle.

The sleeves of the dress can be of various cuts. It is both long and short, and three quarters. Shaped in the form of flashlights or bat wings.

The length of a charming dress used to be strictly fixed at the level of the knees. Now the rules are relaxed and any length can be selected at your discretion and preference.

If the girl is a bit full, then it is best to choose a straight line and with voluminous prints instead of a magnificent dress.

An interesting fact is that similar dresses in the fifties were sewn exclusively for dancing. They were created in such a way that it was convenient to move around. And given that most girls aged five to fourteen are quite active and mobile, such outfits can be considered the ideal solution for relaxing and going out.

  • Skirts as well as dresses have magnificent forms and the presence of several petticoats, which can be several centimeters longer than the hem.
  • Tops, t-shirts and blouses must be tight-fitting. They can have a small flirty collar, a short sleeve or its complete absence and simple cut.
  • Bright contrasting colors and interesting patterns. For example, large peas or small dots, a conspicuous cage, large flowers, a vertical or horizontal strip, a geometric pattern.
  • A fine option for accessories will be thin gloves that match the color of the dress and any other style dress. A scarf, hat or scarf will give a finished look.
  • Pumps, sandals or cute ballet flats complement the look of a stylish coquette.
  • For mature princesses, you can pick up a small handbag, voluminous beads, catchy wide bracelets, amazing voluminous earrings. And also the perfect complement would be tights in a mesh or with arrows.
  • Neat hairstyle. Girls can make a “babette” or an ordinary high tail, decorated with bright ribbons or a bow.

But decorated jewelry is not so important and does not particularly characterize the style. Especially you should not choose dresses and other dresses with beads, rhinestones, sequins, various embroideries, appliques, drawings of cartoon characters and other characters.

For boys

Many people know how difficult it is to choose a style for a little boy so that it is bright and relevant. The image of dudes will cope with this task as well as possible. It is worth noting that men in the fifties were not inferior to women in the fashion industry and also strove to show their inner world with the help of clothes.

Today, boys will look great in narrow narrowed trousers of various colors. And the brighter the shade, the better. In the last century, men did not equate certain colors with women and could enjoy wearing bright red, green, yellow suits. In addition to trousers, suspenders can be purchased.

The length of the trousers should be treated fairly responsibly. She should cover the bone on her leg. If the choice rested on shortened trousers, then in this case it is necessary to choose bright socks along with.

The top must be chosen as bright as the trousers. It is advisable to even play in contrast. For example, bright blue trousers and a no less bright yellow shirt will be an ideal option for a party. And for everyday spending time it will look great in checked shirts or t-shirts without patterns. A great choice would be shirts and t-shirts with a Hawaiian theme.

In addition to along with it, you should take care of accessories. Here the choice is not as wide as for girls. It can be a bow tie, belt, suspenders. On the shirt you can wear a bright jacket or vest in a cage or strip. An outfit with patch pockets and wide shoulders will look relevant and stylish.

But no matter how bright and riotous the colors are, the costume should not be turned into a tasteless combination of colors, and the child into a parrot. You should know that in everything you need a sense of proportion. For example, narrow ties are ideally combined with a jacket of dark blue or dark green color. And with a bright outfit, you can safely wear, for example, a bright orange accessory

Despite the fact that young children want to be like adults in everything, you should not go to extremes and dress the child in openly and tight-fitting outfits or offer stilettos. It will look vulgar and ugly, for example, for 6-7 years. For girls and boys, you can easily pick up cute children's images in which they will feel along with bright, original and elegant adults.

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