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Sportswear Adidas

Brand history

The world-famous company Adidas for several decades has been pleasing its fans and lovers of an active lifestyle with sports products - clothing, shoes and equipment.

The brand began to exist in the 20s of the last century. He was headed by a German entrepreneur Adolf Dassler. At that time, the main products of the company were slippers for the home and special orthopedic shoes, which allowed the disabled to train. In the postwar years, this direction was quite relevant.

Initially, the company was called Dassler. After the death of the founder, the sons divided her. So, in 1949, two competing brands appeared - Adidas and Puma.


In order not to make a mistake and buy Adidas clothes that would suit you, you need to make several measurements. Hips, waist and chest are required. These parameters are necessary when choosing women's and men's clothing. Then it remains just to compare the digital indicators with the data of the tables, which can be found on any website containing information on dimensional correspondence of the brand.

Outerwear is usually larger and different in size. When ordering size L, you may receive XL. Therefore, it is so necessary to perform the necessary measurements and compare them with the table.

The dimensional grid of shoes contains European data and the Russian counterpart. You will need to make one single measurement: from the heel to the tips of the fingers. In case of obtaining intermediate data, it is recommended to make a choice in the direction of a larger size.


Adidas winter wear combines quality and convenience. It is just designed for sports. Warm and soft tissues are pleasant to the body and at the same time allow the skin to breathe.

Despite the fact that the brand specializes in sportswear, it is very stylish and beautiful. Unusual prints, bright colors, interesting decor - all this looks fashionable and meets all the needs of women who love sports.

Windbreakers, sweatshirts, T-shirts of the Russian biathlon team are made taking into account the latest technologies. Light wear-resistant material that prevents the penetration of cold, creates a feeling of comfort.

Two types of uniforms were developed for the Russian national football team: basic and away. The first is made in bright cherry colors, the second - in blue and white, decorated with a beautiful semicircle symbolizing the Earth.


The ski model for girls is made of raincoat fabric, so that the body is reliably protected from moisture. Costumes with a delicate color of a jacket, which is repeated in inserts on trousers, look very feminine and beautiful.

For skiers, an insulated version is provided that does not constrain movements and allows you to feel great at jogging and competitions.

For tennis

The collection for tennis is a rich assortment that allows you to choose what will appeal to both the amateur and the professional: T-shirts, shorts, trousers, wristlets.

Very beautiful and original dresses. I can’t even believe how feminine tennis clothes can be. A short dress and tight-fitting shorts make up a light and comfortable set. Contrast inserts make it incredibly stylish.

For snowboard

Snowboard is a sport for those who love speed, drive when adrenaline is spinning. Such strong emotions are supported by Adidas snowboard clothing.

The brand offers full equipment, distinguished by a stylish appearance and comfortable to wear. High boots with a molded tongue and lacing tightly fit the foot and prevent injuries. At the same time, the upper and lower parts of the shoes are separately tightened, making the fit ideal for snowboarding.

A collection of snowboard clothing includes warm jackets, lightweight down jackets, and loose-fitting trousers. Everything is made of soft waterproof fabric. Velcro pockets give a stylish look, contrasting trim on the sleeve cuffs, a bright recognizable brand mark on the chest.

For cross-country skiing

Adidas develops ski clothing for the Russian team. Light-fitting suits made in red and blue.

Clothing for cross-country skiing embodies modern technology to ensure maximum comfort when playing sports. Plus, she's still very pretty. A bright three-color model will look spectacular on women. For those who prefer soft pastel colors in clothes, the fitted jacket is a mint color.

Waterproof workmanship, windproof valves, snowproof parts - all this will not spoil the mood, but will bring a lot of pleasure.

For fitness

The Adidas fitness collection allows you to play sports comfortably while looking modern and beautiful.

For women, models of both free and tight-fitting cut have been created. Often used camouflage print delicate soft colors.

A special category is compression clothing. The technologies that the brand uses allow the muscles to work optimally even under heavy loads. Excess moisture is removed from the skin and keeps it dry. Optional mesh inserts provide ventilation.

For yoga

For yoga, a line has been developed that includes clothing and equipment.

In soft pants, doing Yoga is comparable to pleasure. And leggings allow you to perform any asana. Lack of seams provides the maximum comfort.

Clothing and a company rug fit in a soft pink yoga gym bag, which many women love.


Adidas products are in great demand, as they have a number of advantages and benefits:

  1. Great quality. Indeed, the clothes will not spread, will retain their original color after washing, will not stretch and will always delight with an impeccable look. Accessories (fasteners, "zippers", "Velcro") are also characterized by reliability.
  2. Comfortable sock. The company uses modern technology so that nothing interferes with sports. Moreover, clothing corrects the figure, has water-repellent and compression properties.
  3. Special cut. Thanks to this, the clothes fit perfectly on the figure and do not constrain movements.
  4. Stylish design. In clothes from Adidas you are always in trend, as models are created taking into account interesting and latest trends in the fashion world.
  5. Variety of styles. A huge lineup allows you to choose what reflects the inner world of each: classic collections with a sleek design; gentle and romantic, made in pastel colors; bright, original, with unusual prints that will make the spotlight; unisex, suitable for both men and women.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Real Adidas products can only be purchased at reputable stores and expensive boutiques. It is not cheap, because you have to pay both for quality and for the brand.

Branded clothing has neatly finished edges (without glue) and even stitches. It does not fade after washing.

Carelessly executed stripes and applique evidence that this is a fake.

Any products can be viewed on the official website of the company. The difference in color is another sign of fake.

New items

The brand is always happy to offer its fans new items that seem to come from the distant future.

Women will discover unusual Future shirts that use origami technology. Also look unusual black bomber jackets.

The Future collection is striking in its appearance. Volumetric T-shirts with embossed patterns, translucent dresses, elongated longsleeves - all this allows you to look extraordinary and at the same time elegant

Men are offered t-shirts with a fantastic geometric print and an asymmetrical hem.

Buyers in the reviews note the impeccable quality of the brand's clothing and shoes. The service life of shoes reaches 4 years. Therefore, it is called the best for sports and outdoor activities.

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