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Editor'S Choice - 2020

New Yorker Clothing

New Yorker clothing is well known all over the world, as it is among the top 10 youth brands and has positive reviews from thousands of customers. Every day, more than 500 branded stores in different countries open their doors to those who are looking for fashionable and stylish items at an affordable price.

About Brand

Style, freedom of expression, energy and the dynamics of a big city - such associations arise in most people when it comes to New York. The creators of New Yorker were counting on this effect, although the brand’s history began thousands of kilometers from the famous metropolis.

The founders of the company opened their first store in the small German city of Flensburg. Already then, in the early 70s, they began to focus on those who follow fashion most of all and try to always be in trend - on youth. Initially, the assortment of the store almost entirely consisted of jeans, because at that time it was the most winning trend. Then the catalogs were replenished with comfortable knitwear, high-quality synthetic models, artificial leather products and, of course, a line of accessories.

The combination of original design and affordable prices allowed to win the sympathy of customers throughout Germany, after which the company began its triumphal march around the world. Today, New Yorker stores offer products of several of their own brands, which will be discussed below.

Fishbone and Fishbone Sister

It is no exaggeration to say that these brands are the heart of New Yorker, as they fully reflect its original concept. Fishbone clothing is the choice of young, confident people, sometimes daring, but sincere and open to the world. Things of these brands are practical and convenient, perfect for everyday wear.

FSBN - Men's line. Here you can find jeans, sweatpants, bomber jackets, t-shirts. The color is traditionally brutal - white, black, gray predominate, khaki and a camouflage print are actively used. The catchy slogans carry a special emphasis, with which designers often complement the clothes of this line.

FB Sister is Fishbone for Girls. Things of this brand resemble similar male models, but with a touch of bright sexuality. Short skirts and girlish prints contrast with a baggy and sporty style, just like ruffles on a shabby jeans only more clearly emphasize the inner tenderness of a bold hooligan.

Amisu and Smog

At the beginning of the 2000s, the New Yorker assortment was replenished with new brands Amisu and Smog, whose audience is people aged about 25-35. New Yorker stylists are well aware that the youthful protest is passing over time, yesterday's schoolchildren and students get a job, which means there is a need for a more restrained wardrobe. At the same time, the desire to dress stylishly and brightly remains, and here your favorite store comes to the rescue again.

In the Amisu collection, girls will find feminine dresses, light blouses and tops, skirts of different lengths, jeans, and also outerwear - raincoats and jackets. Female beauty is emphasized by light pastel shades, the presence of discreet decorative elements and floral prints.

The Smog collection is men's clothing that is quite versatile in nature, but still much calmer and more classic than Fishbone. There is no pronounced sports style, but the things of this line are also quite comfortable. Designers paid more attention to the creation of trousers, shirts, jeans of a traditional style.

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