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Translation of children's size US clothing into Russian

In childhood, most girls dress their dolls in beautiful dresses, select appropriate shoes for them, try to make their ward more beautiful.

Over time, this "skill" comes in handy when you need to choose beautiful and comfortable clothes for your little children ...

Modern mothers from birth have been introducing their children to the fashion industry.

They follow fashion trends and want their child to always have the best of everything.

Clothing is no exception.

Many from infancy bring their children into the modeling business, on television.

Such children very early begin to feel involved in the world of fashion, they want to be very beautiful and wear only the best clothes from well-known brands.

Most mothers of ordinary children, following the life of star children in social networks, follow the example of their parents when choosing a wardrobe for their own child.

Now, clothing from abroad is gaining more and more popularity among Russian mothers who follow fashion trends.

It is characterized by an unlimited number of brands and brands, where prices range from the most affordable to fabulously high.

Also, it attracts a decent quality of fabrics and materials.

Choosing a particular style, a child can emphasize his personality.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options now. The most popular is the children's casual style. For those who love simplicity and comfort.

Little fashionistas usually like to imitate moms when choosing clothes. For girls, you can choose a wardrobe, both in a simple classic style and in a mischievous glamorous.

Children in adolescence try to be like adults and choose a suitable wardrobe based on self-image in the future.

Usually they choose business, classic, ethnic styles.

Those who want to feel like a person, stand out from the crowd, follow the style of country, military, barbie, trump (Madonna style), vintage, hipster, etc.

Many people prefer to order and buy children's clothing in the United States. America is especially famous for its different styles of clothing, which is made from quality and practical materials.

Most well-known children's brands settled there:

  • Carter's - One of the oldest and most popular brands of children's clothing and jewelry in the United States;
  • Oshkosh - the most popular brand in the world, represents the whole range of goods for children. It is famous for magnificent jeans overalls;
  • Gymboree - This company offers a selection of clothes and accessories for children from 0 to 10 years. You can choose any look, in any style, for any celebration, everyday wear or formal event. Also, on the website of the online store you will find a large assortment of musical toys for children. Everything for creative development;
  • Crazy 8 - produces clothes for children from 0 to 14. It is distinguished by an unusual choice of fabrics. If your child loves everything bright, brilliant and stylish, then you will definitely be here. This brand will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding children.
  • Hartstrings - produces mainly clothes for girls from 0 to 16 years. Represents a "designer look at traditional American fashion." Will make your daughter a real princess.

When buying clothes in America or ordering online, the first problem parents face is size.

The designations of the size range in the United States are very different from those in Russia.

In Russia, it is customary to indicate the size in accordance with the growth of the child. In Europe they also do it, but in our country a normal thin child will correspond to a certain growth. In Europe, on such growth will sew clothes for more well-fed children.

How to make the right choice when determining the size of children's clothing?

Size chart

Translation of children's sizes of US clothes into Russian is a rather lengthy process.

The dimensional grid in America is diverse and has its own subtleties, the account of which is mandatory for the right choice:

Clothing for boys and girls from 2 to 8 years old (Kids - children) will have one size, which depends not only on age, but also on the growth of the child. The lower growth bar is 92, the highest is 128 cm. With sizes 2T-3T, 4T, 5, 6, 6t, 7 and 8, respectively.

Size 2T is considered the smallest, corresponds to an increase of 92-94cm (2-3 years), and size 6, for example, will correspond to an increase from 116 to 118 cm (5-6 years).

After 8 years, one child’s height is not enough to determine American size.

To translate the US size for children into Russian, you will need to measure the circumference of the chest, hips, waist, sleeve lengths and trousers.

The sizes for boys and for girls will already become separate.

When choosing a size, you should not pay so much attention to age. After all, each child develops individually, if your measurements do not fall under the category of a certain age, feel free to look for them in another.

When determining the size, be sure to look which one in Russia will have an analogue with the size in the USA. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the standards.

US outerwear sizes will also vary. In this category, the size ranges of not only jackets, coats and overalls, but also hats, and mittens are presented.

To determine the size of outerwear, measurements are also needed (height, waist, chest, hips). For hats you need a girth of the head, and for mittens the length and width of the palm.

Each age has its own dimensional grid.

Take measurements

To take measurements, you will need a regular centimeter, a child and a little patience.

Metal tape measure to measure the volume of the child is not suitable.

Taking measurements from a child is a painstaking task. To guess with the size, all measurements must be made verified and clearly.

Many children are very active and do not like to stand still in one place for a long time, so some mothers will have to work hard.

After all the persuasion and reassurance, when the child and you are ready for work, you can begin.

First of all, we measure growth. We stretch a centimeter from the top of the child to the floor. The tape should be fully tensioned. Older children can be put to the door jamb. At the same time, you need to ensure that the heels are clearly on the floor, and the back is firmly pressed against the wall. The figure you receive will be the magnitude of growth.

Then, go to the chest girth. We take a centimeter, stretch it through the back and connect it in front. The centimeter line should go along the most prominent points of the chest. Make sure that the baby does not slouch or protrude. The measuring one, in turn, should not pull too much or too loose a centimeter. There should only be a snug fit to the body.

To measure the waist circumference, it is better to tie a thin ribbon to the child or wear a narrow elastic band. You need to measure the bottleneck. In this case, you should ensure that the child does not retract the stomach. Otherwise, the clothes will be small and uncomfortable.

We measure the circumference of the hips. When measuring hips, it is desirable that the child is in thin pants or in underwear. Legs should stand together. Grab the widest point of the hips with a centimeter, draw it through the buttocks and close the circle at the starting point. The centimeter should fit snugly to the body.

To buy trousers, a child’s height and leg length are usually measured on the inside. The internal length of the legs is the distance from the groin to the ankle.

To accurately guess the size, you can measure the external length of the legs. The child should stand straight. Feet shoulder width apart. We measure the distance from the waistline to the ankle.

For jackets, jackets, etc. will need measurements of the length of the sleeve.

To do this, put the beginning of the centimeter to the extreme point of the shoulder and stretch to the wrist. In this case, the hand should be slightly bent at the elbow. The 3/4 length of the sleeve is also measured, not just to the wrist, but to the elbow.

In order to find out the size of outerwear, you need to measure the full length of the sleeve. The beginning of the centimeter should be placed on the lower cervical vertebra and stretch the tape to the wrist. The arm is slightly bent.

When choosing any headgear, you should measure the circumference of the head. A centimeter should be wrapped around the head. The line should be about 1.5 or 2 centimeters above the eyebrows, not touch the ears, be a little higher.

Behind it should fit the most convex point of the nape. Head circumference is best measured several times in order to avoid errors for certain.

To buy mittens or gloves, we take palm measurements. We measure the girth of the palm without a thumb, in its widest part. After we measure the length from the base of the middle finger (the longest), to the beginning of the wrist.

Correctly made measurements will help you choose the perfect clothing size for your child.

Size range for babies

Choosing clothes for babies up to 3 years is usually the biggest problem.

Since at this age they grow very quickly, you have to buy mostly clothes for growth.

On the other hand, clothing for growth is not quite the right decision (not counting outerwear).

First of all, a small child should be cozy and comfortable in what they put on him.

Therefore, you should know the exact size. In infancy it is quite difficult to understand what size a child is.

Caring Americans have simplified this task: the size of the clothes corresponds to the age of the newborn baby.

In the US, babies from 0 to 2 years old are called baby. In order to choose such a pretty body, romper, dress and even a bib, such a child needs to know only his age and height.

At first glance, everything is very simple, but the question immediately arises: how to measure the growth of the baby?

Young children are very sensitive to every touch. Every time someone violates their comfort zone, whims begin.

Therefore, the easiest and most convenient way to measure the growth of a child at this age will be lying down.

While dad lures his child with an interesting toy (roles can change), mom will be able to easily make the measurements she needs.

Height should be measured with a hypoallergenic centimeter from the top of the head to the very heels.

Size charts

By age, weight and height

Having made the necessary measurements, recording and remembering them as a memory, you will ask yourself: what to do next?

How to determine what size US is in a child?

For this, we came up with very convenient size tables.

For each age and type of children's clothing there is a table.

For babies

Table number 1

Table number 2

For children from 2 to 8 years

Table number 1

Table number 2

Table number 3

This includes sizes for chubby kids

For children from 8 to 14 years old

After 8 years, additional measurements are required to determine the size. The sizes begin to be divided into 2 groups: for boys and for girls.

Table No. 1 "Size range for boys from 8 to 14"

Table No. 2 "Size range for girls from 8 to 14 years old"

Hip circumference and growth in girls and boys during this period of maturity will coincide.

Table No. 3 "Boys"

Table No. 4 "Girls"

Children's outerwear


Mittens and gloves

These tables will be a great help in determining the right size of your child. Based on the information provided in them, you can easily pick up your child a perfect wardrobe that the whole family will love. And most importantly, the child himself will be very easy and comfortable in it.

Beauty, elegance and the right size - a terrible force.


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