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Clothes for ballroom dancing

Seeing a beautiful sight is always entertaining. Ballroom dancing, of course, belong to such spectacles. And there is something to see - gracefully dancing couples in beautiful costumes create truly magic on the floor.

But the audience does not always know that numerous strict requirements are imposed on these beautiful dresses, and if these requirements are not followed, the competition committee may disqualify the dancers. These requirements are established by the International Sports Dance Federation (IDSF), and before purchasing clothes for ballroom dancing, you must familiarize yourself with them.

Features and requirements

The nature and specificity of the dance is usually reflected in the costumes. And since two types of dances in the directions are presented at the competitions: the European program and the Latin American one, the costumes are made for European dance (standard) and for Latin American.

Clothing for European dance is a stylized outfit for toilets for balls of the 19th century.

It is unacceptable that the dress consist of two parts. It should be fitted and long. Mandatory addition are gloves.

Ball gowns for women usually have a multilayer bottom made of organza or chiffon. Flounces, ruffles, scarves are welcome. Feather and fringe decorations are allowed. For decors, live and artificial flowers, applications, and boas are also used. Decors are usually placed behind or on the left side, since the partner is usually turned with her back to the audience and is located somewhat to the left of the partner.

There are no restrictions for choosing a color; you cannot use only flesh. The dress should not have a deep neckline and cuts below the waistline. Inserts from translucent materials in the chest and hips are not allowed.

Other costume items

To create an effective image of one dress, albeit very bright and beautiful, is not enough. Other elements of the costume are also shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup.

Suitable shoes would be pumps, matching the tone of the dress, with a heel of 5-8 centimeters.

There are no restrictions on the use of jewelry and jewelry. The only requirement is that they should not cause situations in which they can be injured by dancing.

Hair should also not interfere with the performance of the dance, therefore, if they are long, they must be collected in the hair.

Since the makeup for the competitions is stage, it can be quite bright.

For men

If women's dresses differ in colors, finishes and decors, then for men's clothing there is not much variety.

For trousers, black or dark blue is acceptable. They are straight or flared from the line of the thigh.

The color of the shirt is also usually black or dark blue. Allowed white color, as well as the color matching the color of the dress partner. Shirts are always tucked in pants.

A man can use a regular tie or bow tie, identical to the color of the shirt.

For men, a short haircut is preferred. If the hair is still long, it should be pulled back.

But shoes and socks should be black - no options.

For kids

Clothes for children are very strictly regulated. Moreover, the younger the group belongs to the child, the more restrictions apply.

Although the color of the dress is allowed to any, it should be plain and have a simple cut. The length of the dress is determined: up to 10 cm above or below the knee. Of the finishes, you can use only lace, but it matches the color of the dress. There should not be any other finishes, decors, decorations.

Shoes are acceptable in any color, but with a heel not exceeding a height of 3-3.5 cm. The girl's legs should have short socks or matte tights of flesh-colored.

All jewelry is prohibited. Complex hairstyles are also prohibited.

Use of makeup and cosmetics by children is unacceptable.


Latin dances are moving, fiery, and the clothes for them are slightly different, although quite strict requirements are imposed on her.

The costume may consist of two parts, it may look frank and even a little defiant, but deep necklines are unacceptable, as well as the use of transparent fabrics in this area.

To create a sensual image, short dresses with open shoulders are sewn.

In a two-piece suit, the upper part cannot be a bra.

The length of the skirt varies, it can be very short, but nevertheless the panties must be closed, and the panties themselves can only be with a low neckline.

The clothes are sewn from very bright fabrics, on which shiny decors from glass beads, sequins are appropriate, rhinestones are widely used. Dresses are trimmed with lush frills, fringe, feathers.

There are no strict requirements for shoes.

For training

Concert costumes are expensive, and it’s natural that for numerous trainings they are replaced with simpler options.

Since the clothes reflect the nature of the dance and charge with a suitable mood, the training suits for classical and Latin dances are different. It can be dresses or tops with skirts. A short skirt is used for latina, and a training skirt for classical dance.

Men usually train in T-shirts and comfortable trousers.

For children's activities, training suits are also required. Younger girls can wear sports swimsuits with skirts.

When choosing clothes for classes, especially for children, you should consider what fabric it is made of. It is worth giving preference to soft, high-quality clothing made from natural materials, which will have high hygroscopicity and wear resistance, withstand repeated washing without deformation. It is necessary to pay attention to elastic fabrics that provide maximum comfort during movement.

You should be aware that training clothes should be sleeveless, since a lot of attention is paid to setting hands.

In training, everyone uses dance shoes.


When purchasing competitive and training clothes, you should contact well-known manufacturers who use high-quality materials and take into account fashion trends. There are a lot of such manufacturers.


For example, the Talisman trademark, which appeared on the market not very long ago, but has already managed to gain popularity. She specializes in the production of training dancewear. In its activities, the brand is guided by the ideas that clothes for dancing should be comfortable, fashionable, and of high quality. Designers constantly care about updating collections, and any dancer can choose a stylish costume that emphasizes his personality.

It is also possible to produce products to order.

Products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards for dancewear.

According to the reviews of numerous customers, the brand’s clothing has not only an original design and expressiveness, but also is distinguished by the use of high-quality materials and accessories, lies well on the figure, and is comfortable.

Dance vision

You can order a competitive or training suit in the Dance Vision salon. A few years ago it was a small atelier for sewing clothes for ballroom dancing. Positioning its work as "creating clothes for the most beautiful sport", the studio has achieved significant success.

Today, the salon makes costumes for dancing for all age groups, and fulfills orders of any complexity for professionals. Competent fashion designers will give advice on costume design, color and fabric selection, and help to realize the wishes of customers.

The salon collaborates with well-known footwear and accessories companies, and the client will receive a finished image.


Another example of a manufacturer of quality dancewear is Sarafan. She makes elegant models, focusing on fashion trends. The company buys upscale materials from domestic and foreign manufacturers, uses a comfortable cut.

The company offers a wide selection of products for various artists at affordable prices. It is easy to choose clothes of the right size for different types of dances, as well as training clothes. It is stylish, comfortable and durable.

Spanish manufacturers

If you want an original outfit for Latin dances, it is best to contact the Spanish manufacturers. Who, if not the Spaniards, knows everything about fiery rhythmic dances? You will be amazed by the abundance of models in online stores.

The trend is a cut from the hip, asymmetry. Asymmetric can be both the bottom of the product and the finish. There are interesting models with an abundance of shuttlecocks, which can be sewn in tiers diagonally or horizontally, as well as decorate short skirts at the back.

Your personal preferences will help you choose the right outfit.

Watch the video: Practice Wear for Ballroom Dancers (April 2020).


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