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Children's clothing Oldos

The choice of children's clothing lies entirely with the parents. And sometimes it can be quite difficult for them to decide which option to choose for winter or demi-season clothing. Among a wide variety of things for children, there are firms that stand out from the rest. They have earned their impeccable reputation due to the good quality of products adapted to the characteristics of children's anatomy. One of the popular and trustworthy brands is Oldos.


Aldous is one of the largest companies specializing in the production of outerwear for children. The company was founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg. At first, the main focus of the corporation was the production of fabrics and accessories. After the first line of children's clothing was released, its continuous production was immediately established.

Designers and technologists pay a lot of attention to the quality of clothes produced, carefully select fabrics and colors, conduct careful measurements before starting to create this or that thing.

Clothing is produced using innovative technologies, many of which are peculiar only to clothing of this brand. Due to the fact that most of the things are made in Russia, the brand belongs to the middle price category. Aldous clothing is available to most Russian families with children.

In addition, the clothes are great for the harsh Russian winter, because who, no matter how the Russian manufacturer knows all the features of the country's climate. According to statistics of the market of children's outerwear, Aldous is one of the most sought-after brands. Many parents appreciated all the qualities of clothing for children and recommend it to other parents.

It is worth noting that the Russian brand is in no way inferior to the well-known foreign manufacturers in the characteristics of clothing, the cost of which is several times higher.

Clothing lines

Today, the company launches two main collections of clothing for children:


This line is designed for walks even in the coldest weather in winter. Bright sets consisting of a jacket and trousers will delight your child, and you will be sure that your child is warm and comfortable. In warmer weather, you can unfasten the fur lining, and the thing will become much easier. The deep hood, framed by fluffy fur, is an additional and very good protection against snow and wind.

Oldos active

It is considered a new generation of winter clothing for children. It was created specifically for little fidgets who like to actively move in the fresh air. Clothing in this series is incredibly light and warm thanks to the presence of modern insulation Hollofan Pro. Membrane fabric serves as a reliable protection against cold, wind and damp. Breathable surface for maximum comfort for your little imagination. Active clothing is very similar to ski suits, which have many positive qualities.

Both clothing lines are in demand among parents depending on the child’s lifestyle and weather conditions in a specific territory of Russia. A variety of sizes allow you to dress in the clothes of this brand for various age groups of children, including the oldest category.

Wardrobe items


If your baby was born in late autumn or winter, then you will definitely have a question about what outerwear to wear on him in the first months of life. Warm thick blankets are already gradually fading into the background, and comfortable warm envelopes come to replace them. Unlike a blanket that has to be tied up for a long time, and sometimes it can be done far from the first time, envelopes allow you to dress a child much faster and without unnecessary torment for the child.

Oldos envelopes have incomparable functionality. As the baby grows, the envelope can be adjusted and used as long as necessary. Most overalls have a lock, which is completely unfastened, you will turn the envelope into a warm blanket. In the future, it can be used as bedding for a stroller or sled.

Other types of envelopes from the Aldous trademark are models with a hood and sleeves. In this case, the child's legs will be free, and he will be able to calmly move them. The hood has comfortable wings that can be tightened by adjusting to the size of the baby’s head. The wings are also in the chest area, they can be tightened as necessary, but the legs remain free.


After your baby completely grows out of the envelope, you will have to purchase a comfortable jumpsuit for him. Overalls for girls and boys Aldous most often come complete with mittens and warm booties from the same material as the jumpsuit itself. Additional elements are securely attached to the sleeves and legs with rivets, they can be unfastened at any time.

Overalls can be of two types: with one zipper or with two on the sides. Many parents prefer the second option, because thanks to the presence of a double lock, the jumpsuit can be completely unfastened and easily put on the child. Thus, fees for a walk or a visit become faster and do not cause discomfort to the baby.

As insulation in overalls, a lining is used, consisting of faux fur and sheepskin fur, the content of which is at least 50%. The insulation can be built-in or detachable. In the second case, you can use the jumpsuit until late spring or from early autumn.

Overalls for spring are lined in natural cotton. They are very light and practical. Spring models do not have additional booties, they are one piece with overalls.


As a rule, at the age of 1.5-2 years, when the child already knows how to walk independently, the use of overalls becomes very uncomfortable. He is being replaced by jackets and semi-overalls, which can be both bundled and sold separately.

Aldous jackets are medium to mid-thigh. This length is considered universal and practical, it is good to wear such a jacket with trousers and semi-overalls. All jackets have a sleeve with a top, so the jacket can serve no season. Jackets are made of two types and are present in each of the collections, Oldos and Oldos Active. In the first case, the jackets have a warm fur lining, under which the lining is made of cotton. The inner layer of the sleeves is made of polyester, which makes it easy to wear a thing for a child.

Jackets from the Oldos Active line do not have extra linings; they look thinner and lighter. But this does not mean at all that the jackets of this series are less warm. Modern technologies allow the use of modern insulation of several layers, each of which plays the role of a waterproof and windproof layer.

The zippers of the jackets from both series have a protective strip from the wind, and the lock slider is protected with a tongue so that the child does not scratch his chin.

Trousers and semi-overalls

Despite the fact that jackets and semi-overalls are sold separately from each other, they can be easily combined to create a full-fledged suit. Aldous trousers can be of different widths, the height of the chest and back can also be different. For younger children, it is better to purchase jumpsuits with a higher back. With active climbing in snowdrifts and downhill, the jacket may become too hot, but the jumpsuit will not allow the back to be exposed.

Each leg must have protective sleeves that prevent snow from entering the boots and keep your feet dry. Trousers for babies are also equipped with a strap that is worn over the sole and prevents the panties from bullying.

The straps on the pants are quite wide and elastic, which do not put pressure on the shoulders and do not cause discomfort. The straps are adjustable in height and adjust to the height of the child. The zipper on the trousers, as well as on the jacket, has additional protection from the wind.


Despite the fact that the main niche in the production of Aldous clothing is occupied by warm outerwear for children, the company also has tracksuits in its assortment. This type of clothing is presented in two versions: from superelastic and polyester. Both options are considered very practical. The first type a child can wear in summer weather, it is not hot and comfortable in it.

A suit made of polyester can completely replace the windbreaker in a warm spring or a cool summer. The fabric perfectly repels dirt and water, so trousers and a jacket can replace a raincoat during light rain.

A tracksuit is necessary for children at any age. This type of clothing is considered one of the most versatile and practical. It can be worn for a walk or a hike. all trousers of Oldos suits have backstage or elastic bands at the bottom, which will not allow the pants to drag along the ground and wear out quickly.


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