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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Homewear Laete

Isn't it wonderful to do household chores and relax in cozy and beautiful things? Laete homewear is the choice of those who prefer quality, comfort and style at any moment of life.

The company's products allow you to do cleaning, enjoy watching your favorite movies and even receive guests, feeling easy and free. At the same time, you can please household members with fashionable outfits and enjoy the reflection in the mirror.

Features and Benefits

Laete is a well-known brand that produces underwear and clothes for home and leisure. The company's collections are primarily created for beautiful ladies, although the assortment also includes a men's clothing line.

The main principle of the company is a combination of convenience and beauty. These and other advantages have already won the hearts of many buyers who have become regular fans of the brand.

  • Style. Professional designers create collections of home and beachwear, taking into account the latest fashion trends. A variety of models and colors allows you to choose the option for every taste.
  • High quality. The company cooperates with the best European textile manufacturers. Fabrics and accessories are delivered to production from France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Austria.

At the height and level of performance models. Tight control at all levels of production, highly qualified employees and the most modern Japanese equipment ensure the perfect appearance and convenience of clothes and linen. Products retain their original appearance for a long time, do not deform after washing.

  • Comfort. The fabrics of the brand's products are pleasant to the body, and impeccable tailoring ensures a perfect fit. Home suits and bathrobes hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages of female forms, without restricting movements. The products are comfortable to wear, which men will appreciate.
  • Reasonable prices. The low price level for the company's products, combined with the highest quality and original design form a unique offer in our market.

You can purchase company products in one of the retail company stores or on the brand website.


Laete homewear collections include pajamas, shirts, bathrobes, home suits, T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and beachwear. In the assortment you can find things for everyday wear, and models for special occasions.


Laete robes are presented by models from knitwear, cotton, velor, as well as cozy terry options.

Cotton and knitted bathrobes are ideal for the summer season. These are laconic models for home relaxation, and flirty dressing gowns with ruffles and other decor, in which it is pleasant to drink tea with friends or to host a beloved man.

Velor models warm, give comfort and softness. Velor gowns do not completely fill the figure, giving the image of charm and home comfort. Fashionable collections of the brand include youth cropped models, and elegant fitted products.

A soft terry bathrobe is nice to wear after a shower or fragrant bath. The fabric absorbs moisture perfectly, letting in air and allowing the body to “breathe”.

Exquisite lace robes are designed for special occasions. Luxury and sophistication of models will not leave indifferent any man.

Home costumes

Costumes from knitwear, cotton and velor are presented by the brand in a wide variety.

Sports enthusiasts can purchase a soft velor suit, consisting of trousers and a sweatshirt or sweatshirt with a zipper. Ladies who prefer elegant classics, even at home, can opt for an exquisite set that includes trousers and a tunic with a thin belt. For hot summers, light suits with t-shirts, shirts and shorts are ideal.

The color scheme of products is diverse. These are gentle pastel shades, and bright rich colors, and various prints. Polka dots, cage, strip, floral motifs and even the mischievous Mickey Mouse for young fashionistas - everything can be found in the brand's collections.

For sleep

Comfortable and attractive sleepwear gives any woman the opportunity to feel feminine and desirable. Many fashionistas also use pajamas and shirts as home clothes.

The lineup of Laete nightgowns is diverse. Seductive, flowing shirts made of satin, silk and chiffon are created for romantic nights. Flirty short options in colored knitwear can be worn during the day, doing household chores.

Elegant long shirts decorated with lace resemble beautiful dresses. And lovers of simple things can choose a laconic model of a free silhouette without decor.

Pajamas models also cover all the possible preferences of beautiful ladies. These are sets reminiscent of cute home suits with T-shirts and t-shirts. These are delightful options with lace accents. This and charming satin pajamas on thin straps.

Men's collection

Home clothing for men is represented by the brand of pajamas and home suits. The bulk of the range is made of soft but durable knitwear. Products keep their shape perfectly, do not stretch and do not deform.

Costumes have a simple cut, providing absolute comfort and freedom of movement. A variety of assortments allows you to choose the option for every taste. For summer days, suits include a T-shirt and breeches or light pants. For a cooler time of the year, you can buy a suit with a longsleeve or sweatshirt with a zipper.

Men who prefer chic items can opt for silk or satin pajamas. And, of course, the assortment includes men's bathrobes made of bamboo, cotton, velor, silk and terry cloth.

The color scheme of men's products is not as diverse as the shades of the women's assortment. Products for men are made in calm noble colors. It is black, gray, brown, blue, muted beige and white. Of the prints, a cage and a strip are used.


The collection of beachwear includes summer dresses, sundresses and tunics. Such products are equally suitable for walking along the sea coast, and for home recreation.

Dresses up to a knee and above do not constrain movements and delight the eye with juicy summer colors and original styles. For girls with magnificent forms beach dresses and tunics of a free cut are presented, giving the silhouette a special grace and grace.

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