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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fashion for girls 6-7 years old

A female person at any age wants to look stylish and fashionable. 6-year-old crumbs are no exception. Designers pay special attention to this age, because it is at this time that it is possible to instill a good taste in clothes for a girl.

It is worth noting that clothes for girls of 6 and 7 years of this season differ little from the adult. Therefore, you can, without hesitation, take a mother’s wardrobe for a carbon copy.

Color magic

In clothes for children 6 years old there is an emphasis on a variety of colors - from orange to gray melange. The combination of several monophonic elements - remains a trend until now. An option for this outfit is perfect for full babies.

In the spring collection 2017, you can notice outfits of delicate pastel colors:

  • powdery;
  • pale blue;
  • muffled lime.

These shades are perfect for children's wardrobe, emphasizing the lightness and elegance of the image of a young lady.

Style and fabric

As for the choice of style and fabric, here the designers are united in one thing - only natural materials. This provides ease of movement and a good fit.

From the materials at the peak of fashion in the spring of 2017 for girls 5-7 years old:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • knitwear;
  • jeans.

The latter is more popular because of its convenience and practicality. This year, designers offer denim clothes to diversify with rhinestones and lurex inserts.

Popular styles

Armed and dangerous

A novelty of this season was the military style, which switched from adult clothes to children’s. Khaki coats and raincoats decorated with various military attributes (patch pockets, high shiny buttons) are in fashion. In the children's version, the military style is not necessary to wear only in dark colors, here the ball is ruled by bright shades of yellow, pink, blue and green.

Natural world

The fashion for animal print is also transferred from the adult industry. Feel free to choose your princess leopard leggings in combination with a plain turtleneck.

Multiple plot

The highlight of this season was the layering of clothing. You can easily combine different trousers, sweaters, turtlenecks and vests. A layered sundress with ruffles or ruffles is a fashionable solution for a walk or a trip to school.

His Majesty Dress

Of the models of dresses this season, the familiar baby doll, straight fit and A-silhouette are relevant.

As an exit dress for little princesses, models with an emphasis on a white waist in the style of the 60s are suitable. A large or small print of dark shades - peas, strip, cage - will fit well into such a composition.

In addition, in addition to fashion, do not forget about convenience. Therefore, it is better to leave the corset for a festive occasion. Jewelery on clothes, for example: beads, sequins, beads, volume applications, will help to add a solemn image. Such an outfit in combination with a fitted skirt of pastel shades and a belt will emphasize the femininity of a small beauty and create a feeling of exclusivity.

More daring young women of fashion will suit short dresses with a fluffy skirt-tutu. In such cases, it is worth giving preference to brighter festive colors - pink or orange.

For a daily option, it is better to choose dresses of a free cut to avoid stiffness during movements and irritations on the skin.


Parents of little princesses should remember how important it is at this age to show the child a variety of colors and fabrics, because he knows and studies this world. For these purposes, designers came up with outfits using the patchwork technique - the clothes look like a “patchwork” that does not have seams. It looks very original and beautiful.

For heat

In winter, knitted patterns are especially popular. The girl’s outfit will look very stylish and comfortable, despite the fact that parents can not worry about the fact that their baby will freeze. You can use any embroidery and ornament. If you suddenly decide to knit such a dress yourself, then do not forget about choosing a special children's (not prickly) yarn.

Pants turn ...

Transformer pants will be an excellent solution for the demi-season. These models are good for both boys and girls. According to your desire, at any moment such pants become comfortable shorts.


Sneakers will never go out of children's fashion, because it is the most convenient type of shoes for girls at this age. You can walk in them all day, without fear of getting dirty and tired. Pumps or comfortable sandals are better for a holiday set.

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