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Basic wardrobe for a girl

A basic wardrobe is the basis of the style of any modern girl and a real salvation in all situations when there is nothing to wear. It usually includes only a few simple things, but they are all universal and, if necessary, combine with others.

Basic principles

The basic wardrobe for a girl of 20-25 years old is formed depending on her personal preferences and what she does in life. Very often, girls make up the basic wardrobe based on the dress code that is accepted at the workplace. This allows you to always feel comfortable in the company of colleagues and the boss.

To compile a basic wardrobe, it is worth using exclusively high-quality things. This will reduce costs and waste of time. By choosing a few quality items, you can wear them for several seasons or even years without worrying that they will lose attractiveness. You can dilute such universal things with various seasonal trends and clothes that are relevant at one time or another time of the year.

Things from the basic wardrobe, ideally, should be as simple as possible - without any decorative elements and bright prints. This will allow you to combine them with a variety of details, creating each time new stylish bows.

Another important point - all of your basic things should work well together. The main shades are selected depending on the color type. So, for girls with an “Autumn” color type, beige and brown outfits are suitable, while those whose winter color type should choose the classic combination of black and white.

And finally, it is worth mentioning that all basic things should fit well on the figure. Things that emphasize the merits of an appearance and hide its imperfections will always look good on you.

Color spectrum

An important role is played by the choice of colors for making up the basic female wardrobe. Many stylists conditionally divide the wardrobe into summer and winter. Things related to darker shades are referred to winter, and light to summer.

From light shades, it is worth choosing those that never lose their relevance. These include white, beige and peach. Other tones are seasonal phenomena that are either gaining popularity or losing it. As for dark tones, black, dark gray and dark blue are always in trend.

Complementing these basic shades is worth a variety of bright shades and prints that will add variety to your image. It can be a bright handbag or a thin scarf with an unusual pattern.

Wardrobe base

If you don’t have a basic wardrobe yet, then you should start forming it. To create the right foundation, you need to know what should go there. The choice of basic things will be discussed now.


If you spend a lot of time in the office and prefer a business style, then your basic wardrobe must have a stylish shirt. It can be made in a masculine style, or be slightly fitted - it all depends entirely on your preferences. The most popular colors for basic shirts are white and light gray.


Another thing that should be present in the basic wardrobe of any young girl is jeans. They can be worn both in winter and summer, while looking stylish and modern. If the feature of the figure allows, it is best to choose a simple skinny. They emphasize long slender legs and will look equally good with high-heeled shoes and sneakers.

It is better for slightly overweight girls to choose a straight cut model. But be that as it may, jeans must always be very high quality. An important role is played by both the quality of denim and their appearance. For a basic wardrobe, it is better to choose jeans without any applications or scuffs.

Dark skirt

A classic dark skirt will look great on a female figure. The best option is a fitted model, possibly even with a high waist. A similar cut of the skirt helps visually adjust the figure and make it more attractive.

Little black dress

Every true lady should also have a little black dress in her wardrobe. For a woman and a girl, this outfit is universal - a similar dress can be worn in the office, on a date, and for a walk with friends.

A black dress of simple style perfectly decorates the female figure and allows her to remain attractive in any situation.


Jackets have long been part of an exclusively male wardrobe. But over time, women began to wear them. To date, jackets are both classic, straight cut, and fitted.

A similar wardrobe item will perfectly fit both in a business bow and in an evening outfit with a cocktail dress.


Along with a jacket, but for everyday wear, a wardrobe should also have a cardigan. This thing looks much more interesting than a simple sweater. It can be easily combined with jeans and a turtleneck, and with a slim dress.

Tight pants

The basic wardrobe of a business girl is impossible to imagine without classic trousers. Today they make a worthy competition for skirts and allow women to not only look attractive, but also to feel confident.

The best version of classic trousers for a young girl is slightly narrowed, with a clearly defined arrow. Tall girls are advised to pay attention to slightly shortened pants, which open part of the ankles. They look great in combination with stilettos.


Speaking about the basic things for business girls, one can not help but mention blouses. The best option is a quality blouse made of thin silk or cotton. The blouse can be fitted or loose. The most popular colors are pearl, coffee or white. To make your smile look charming, stylists do not recommend choosing a blouse that is darker than the shade of your tooth enamel.


Classic plain t-shirts are also never redundant. There should be several at once - lighter and darker.


For a colder season, a warm turtleneck will be an alternative to a T-shirt. Turtlenecks look best muted shades - brown, dark gray or blue.

Evening Dress

Regardless of how often you are at various special occasions, your basic wardrobe must have a stylish evening dress. Choose an option that fits the figure well and is suitable for most events - from a wedding, to a party or a date.

Summer dress

In the warmer months, you should also have a light dress. It is best if it is made of natural materials - thin chiffon, linen or silk. Light dresses and dresses decorated with floral patterns look stylish.

Seasonal outerwear

Girls should also always be prepared to change the weather. The list of outerwear for a basic wardrobe is not very large. The most popular options are raincoats, trench coats and coats.

All these options for outerwear can be attributed to the classics. They never go out of fashion and are suitable for almost all girls. For outerwear to sit well on you, choose models of a suitable style and length. The best colors of these outfits are black, beige and khaki.

Shoes & Accessories

We must not forget that in every basic wardrobe there should be items that complement it and make it more complete - shoes and accessories.

It is on shoes that stylists advise spending the largest amount of money. By the quality of the shoes you can determine the social status - high-quality boots or shoes will make even extremely simple bow stylish and luxurious.

In the basic wardrobe, it is advisable to have several pairs of shoes: classic high-heeled shoes with athletic shoes for casual walks and boots or boots for colder weather.

Another important expense item is quality bags. In the basic wardrobe of a real girl there should be at least two bags - one simple and roomy, for everyday life, and the other - evening. Traditionally, girls choose darker bags for winter, and light ones for summer.

In addition to bags in the women's wardrobe should be present scarves and wraps. This detail will perfectly complement your autumn or winter bow. In the basic wardrobe, a plain scarf, stole or pashmina will not be out of place.

It is also advisable to buy a plain belt made of quality leather. This belt will complement not only your favorite jeans, but also help to emphasize the waistline. A belt can be supplemented with a cardigan or dress.

Jewelry or jewelry is no longer a mandatory part of the basic wardrobe. But, if you have the opportunity, it is also advisable to buy them. First of all, choose a quality watch for yourself. They can be on a metal or leather strap.

Jewelry such as a thin string of pearls, a ring with a massive stone and simple bracelets are also relevant at any time.


Stylish bows are always based on a basic wardrobe. Just certain seasonal trends slightly adjust the classic fashion. Follow fashion trends and combine them with classics to always look good and stylish.

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