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Children's clothing Reike

Modern children's clothing is turned into a real art. Often, brands present to their customers true masterpieces that create a unique style for their owners. Buying quality and comfortable children's clothing is one of the priorities of parents in caring for their children. Due to the huge range of products offered by the market, the choice of clothing for children provides an opportunity not only to purchase a thing of good performance, but also made taking into account fashion trends.

From an early age, children tend to be like adults in everything. They are attracted by everything bright and colorful, and the sense of taste of parents helps to shape their vision of beauty and confidence in one or another image in kids. Imitation extends, including to clothing, determining not only taste, but also a sense of proportion in creating an image.

About Brand

One of the distinguishing features of the products of famous brands is specialized production, taking into account the characteristics of children. Kids do not know how to take care of clothes, therefore, trademarks produce a range of products taking into account a mobile and active lifestyle. Children's clothing of famous brands is tuned for increased strength, practicality and wear resistance.

The Reike brand specializes in the design and manufacture of children's clothing from 6 months to 12 years. A relatively young company has achieved considerable success among manufacturers of high-quality children's assortment. A wide size range and orientation make brand clothes a priority in the selection of quality products for children's wardrobe.

The collection lines of the Finnish manufacturer of children's clothing amaze with a variety of directions and make it possible to turn a purchase into an exciting game, which is especially important at a young age.

Reike holds a leading position in its segment, thanks to many distinguishing features. These clothes are recognizable and expected: parents carefully follow the release of new collections in the presented catalogs, picking up the latest news in a bright children's wardrobe.

Fashionable catalogs allow you to make a choice of your favorite model for children, not only for adults, but also for the children themselves. One of the emphasis the developer determines is the need to take into account children's opinions in choosing a new thing, since in addition to the practical side of the issue and the aesthetic orientation, the baby can feel differently in one or another thing. It is necessary to choose an option in which he will be comfortable and convenient. And, in addition, a feeling of confidence in the choice will give the child a positive mood and will further determine his attitude to clothing and style.

Features and Key Benefits

A distinctive feature and advantage of the brand is the development of unique patterns that ensure an impeccably comfortable fit of products on a children's figure. Clothing of the famous brand is convenient and cozy, it allows maximum freedom for children's movements without any restrictions. The kid will not have to be distracted by stiffness and discomfort, as the manufacturer takes into account all the design features to the smallest detail.

Before launching into production, each model undergoes a rigorous check on the indicators of comfort, landing, protection from wind and cold. In the creation of the model series of the entire assortment of clothes for children, high-quality materials that meet international indicators of strength and wear resistance are involved. Thanks to special technological processes, the Reike collection lines produced meet the exacting requirements for clothing.

The production involves materials that do not cause allergic reactions, which becomes another advantage of the company.

One of the fundamental factors that are the hallmark of the Finnish brand is the high level of performance of the sewn assortment. Reinforced threads firmly connect the parts together, eliminating the possibility of tearing along the seam. Direct lines are made without the slightest hint of defects; they do not intersect each other. This technique adds a presentable appearance to the product.

Perhaps the most striking feature that distinguishes Reike is its color scheme, filled with recognizable colors of cheerful and cheerful prints. True children's options for designing color combinations attract not only babies, but also parents who seek to decorate the world of childhood with rich positive colors.


The range of the brand includes a wide range: it starts from light clothing, is decorated with a winter collection, Swimwear swimwear, a series of Reike Dance, Street Fashion, and ends with a variety of accessories offered to create a harmonious ensemble of specific models. The finishing touch is the line of children's shoes.

The most anticipated work of art of the Finnish brand can be called winter clothes for children. There is no color that is not masterfully beaten in the presented novelties of the season. Designers of the company can rightly be called creators of beauty, they were able to decorate the most beautiful creation of mankind - children.

Not only incredible colors are impressive, but also a constructive solution: the models are so original in execution that they differ by an order of magnitude from the assortment of other companies. Warm overalls and sets perfectly protect against cold and bad weather, and thanks to the breathable properties of materials, delicate baby skin will not sweat. The moisture-proof properties of the products will help to avoid getting wet, and the heat-retaining materials will create a homely atmosphere of coziness.

Reike's winter collection of children's clothing includes jackets, raincoats, coveralls, trousers, and warm sets.

Models of the season for babies are presented in different color patterns, depending on the preferences and mood of the children. These are bright prints with funny animals, fruits and many others. Animal print themes became a hit of fashion trends, echoing in different versions on a bright tone of the foundation.

The gamut of colors is divided into options for girls and boys. For little ladies, the company's stylists offer favorite tones of princesses: pink, raspberry, purple and combined contrasts in a girlish style. Boy colors are varied - from turquoise, sand, blue shades of the base to truly gentlemanly versions.

Brand clothes imply different directions: both casual elegant clothes, and options for special occasions. Although each product of the manufacturer is so elegant and breathes childhood, that it can be attributed to the class of special, prestigious clothes for children.

You should not purchase the product "for growth", as this approach can limit the movement of the child, while creating a feeling of discomfort. In addition, it can provoke taste disturbances in clothes towards formless options. To instill harmony and style together with bright positive emotions - this is the task of the developer, with which he successfully copes.


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