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O'Stin Clothing

Unfortunately, clothes of Russian manufacturers were not very popular before. But gradually the situation is changing for the better. Today we will talk about the famous brand O'Stin. This is a young Russian brand of street casual clothes.

About Brand

The brand itself belongs to the Sportmaster company, which appeared in Moscow in 1992 and since then has moved towards the development in Russia of the sale of sports goods: clothing, shoes, and equipment. The founder of the company is Leonid Strakhov. The O'Stin casual wear project launched in 2003. Clothing is produced by both men and women, and children's clothes, as well as accessories: bags, belts, wallets, jewelry.

The clothes of this well-known company in Russia are also sold in Belarus, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, where it is in good demand. It is produced in turn in India and China. And they sew quite high quality.

Demand for clothes of this brand is quite high due to a good price-quality ratio. This clothes is intended for middle-income people. Things of this brand are made both from natural (wool, cotton, leather), and from artificial (polyester, leather substitute) materials.

First, O'Stin appeared in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The history of the brand’s origin was carefully hidden, so the Internet is full of false information that it is an American or British brand. Although everything is simple here, the Russian people are fond of fashionable foreign names, which is why the name for the new brand was chosen in English. Everything to attract customers.


Clothing itself is presented in today's popular casual style: street, comfortable, simple, multi-layered.

The O'Stin clothing brand is guided by four main principles:

  1. Simplicity. All the things in the store blend perfectly with each other. There you can effortlessly buy yourself a casual LOOK. Uncomplicated clothes, but high-quality and comfortable. Perfect for walking in the park, evening gatherings in a cafe with friends, for work and trips to the countryside on weekends. What is not a solution without special investments and problems with choosing the perfect outfit?
  2. Freedom. Clothing of this brand is suitable for outdoor activities, because it does not constrain movements. And if you are going out for a picnic in the forest at the weekend, this clothing is exactly what you have been looking for.
  3. Comfort. The materials are mostly natural - the clothes will not give you discomfort.
  4. Universality. O'Stin is clothing for every occasion.

Over the collections of the O'STIN store, a team of professionals is working, who, before creating an interesting new collection, study the best new trends of the fashion world. This is very important for creating a unique style inherent in the store.

Perhaps at first glance the clothes will seem unprepossessing, but this is the main feature of this store, because such clothes can be combined with any other bright things of various brands, and they complement each other perfectly. So, upon closer examination, you will notice that the clothes are quite interesting and thoughtful, despite the lack of bright colors.


All O'Stin clothing is divided into two main categories. O'stin Casual and O'STIN STUDIO. The first category includes clothing intended for a girl living a full life. She is confident, impulsive and she does not have time to stand still, so clothes should not hamper her movements and bring discomfort. This clothing line is perfect for those women who keep up with the times and want to stand out against a gray background with their unique urban style. If you prefer bright t-shirts and interesting sweatshirts to dresses, then this is just what you have been looking for.

O'Stin STUDIO clothing in colors is slightly superior to O'Stin CASUAL - it is more flashy and will help you emphasize your bright personality. If you are a lover of delicate dresses, have a frantic desire to decorate yourself with an excellent tunic, or look for a strict pencil skirt, white shirt and cardigan, you found what you wanted.

If you want to buy your favorite O'Stin clothes at an incredible discount, you should definitely go there before the winter season, because the entire collection of knitwear has discounts of 20 to 40 percent. Profitable, right? Your favorite knitted sweaters, dresses, sweaters will cost you quite cheaply. Again, the price-quality ratio cannot but please the sophisticated hunter for high-quality inexpensive clothes. And even if you are not a fan of clothes of this brand, you are still unlikely to refuse such an advantageous offer.

If you prefer to buy clothes on the Internet, the online version of your favorite store is in a hurry to help you. It is worth noting that if you decide to pick up the product you purchased directly from the store, as it arrives there after the online order, you will receive 300 bonuses, which are equivalent to 300 rubles.

Delivery directly from the store to your home when ordering from three thousand you get absolutely free. If the amount of your purchase is less, then the delivery will cost you 300 rubles. It is also important that you receive the purchase three to seven days after the order. Unfortunately, there is no way to pay for your purchase by bank transfer, but this small problem should soon be resolved.

It is also convenient that the O'Stin store has a system of promotional codes. There are a lot of them on the site. At the moment, you can use these codes in order to:

  • Get a 70 percent discount on all men's clothing.
  • Participate in the sale of women's clothing and accessories.
  • Get 300 bonuses for ordering clothes as a gift.
  • Take advantage of free shipping.
  • Use a 30 percent discount when buying clothes for your child, because in the store, in addition to clothes for adults, there is also a line of children's clothes.

So, O'Stin clothes are suitable for every resident of a big city who appreciates affordability and comfort when buying new clothes. This is confirmed by numerous enthusiastic reviews of fans of this brand.


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