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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Elis Clothing

About company

The company for the production of women's clothing "Elis" was created in 2000 on the basis of the sewing factory "Elegant" in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Currently, this company produces its own designer products. The quality of products is guaranteed by its own high-tech production base and strict selection of employees.

Every year, Elis designers create several collections of outerwear and light clothing. The basis of all collections is a business style that talented fashion designers skillfully combine with fashion trends. Through their work, they demonstrate that even strict business women can be charmingly feminine, intriguing and mysterious.

Clothing of this brand is presented in its own branded stores in more than 50 cities of our country from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. Shops "Elis" features an exclusive interior design, professional staff and a high level of service. The price segment is an “average plus”, but the quality and design of products always justify the price. In addition to clothing, in stores you can buy leather goods suitable for styling - gloves, bags, clutches and jewelry for a harmonious image.


All Elis women’s clothing features flawless tailoring and high quality materials. It is made from the best European and domestic fabrics, taking into account the peculiarities of the figures of Russian women. Masters are always extremely meticulous in their work, so there is almost no 100% defect in products.

The reviews that customers leave are usually positive. Everyone agrees that the models are very feminine, remain relevant for a long time, they are convenient to combine with each other. Many note the impeccable execution of the seams and the beautiful appearance of each thing.

Women are satisfied with the quality of service, competence and courtesy of the staff, they often come back for new purchases and recommend stores to their friends. Many agree that visiting the Elis store is a great way to cheer yourself up and recharge your batteries with positive emotions.

Only in rare cases do women indicate that the outfits are sometimes “larger” or that knitwear loses its appearance after washing.

Variety of models

Elis collections cover a wide range of women's clothing. They include dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses, business suits, dresses for special occasions and for work, raincoats, jackets and demi-season coats. Models are designed for energetic women 25-45 years old, striving for success and self-realization.

Coats, jackets

Elis outerwear is presented by elegant coats and a short coat of a straight cut, and stylish short jackets. All models are distinguished by simplicity, conciseness, minimalism and functionality of details. The one-piece sleeves of the coat, 3/4 or 7/8 length, and the length of the product itself is not lower than the knee, do not constrain movements and give the image lightness and sophistication.

An oversize coat is a trendy item for those who follow fashion trends. Thanks to the perfectly selected length, it does not look bulky, and, on the contrary, makes its owner visually more fragile. You can complement the image with an air scarf and a miniature clutch, or any bulk bag.

The color palette covers noble gray shades and deep blue tones. Designers do not bypass the bold red and milky white color.

All outerwear is designed for the cool weather of the spring-summer period. It is easy to combine with trousers, skirts and dresses, high-heeled shoes and flat soles.

Blouses, Tops

Light blouses and discreet Elis tops will appeal to lovers of classics. The free cut of most models will easily hide the possible flaws of the figure. One-piece 3/4 sleeves fit perfectly, without burdening the image with additional seams. The necks of the boat successfully emphasize the grace of the neck and collarbones. Thin tissues make things pleasant for the body, allow the skin to breathe even in hot weather.

The color scheme here is the most diverse - from delicate, neutral shades of white and beige, to bright and dynamic - red and black. Large floral prints will help create a spring mood.

Skirts, trousers

Elis trousers are always distinguished by the current, beloved by many, silhouette narrowed to the bottom and shortened 7/8 length to the ankle. This model does not change the proportions of the figure and emphasizes the harmony of the legs. Also in the collections are fashionable flared pants that create a bold, dynamic look.

The styles of skirts from Elis are very diverse. Among them, you can choose models of a free, "pajama" cut, perfectly suitable for women of any constitution, and models with a pencil silhouette, perfectly emphasizing a graceful, thin figure. Skirts of the "tulip" style with a high waist and not the same length along the back and front look very original. A long wraparound skirt can be a lifesaver for all occasions.


A strict jacket is an integral part of the wardrobe of a business woman, so he never goes out of style. Comfortable Elis knit jackets are practical to wear and always look neat and stylish. Minimalism, sophisticated colors and original fabrics make the image of a business woman surprisingly subtle and sophisticated.

A light cardigan with lurex is more suitable for the youngest people, and will add them to the image of charm and charm. Cardigan models can be easily transformed from a straight silhouette to a fitted one with a drawstring.


Collections of Elis dresses are the most diverse, but even in them designers remain true to the basic principles - conciseness, femininity, minimalism of details. Most models are fitted, decorated with thin belts. Sleeve length 3/4 or to the elbow, dress length - to the knee. Both classic pumps and comfortable espadrilles on a low platform are perfectly combined with them. In such dresses, you can safely go to work at the office, and for a walk around the city, and for an evening out to the theater.

Dresses from Elis will certainly become a highlight and a favorite thing in the wardrobe. In them, a woman may not worry about her beauty and will always remain in the spotlight.


Elis collections are based on polyester fabrics with the addition of viscose, nylon, elastane and spandex in various percentages. Therefore, the things of this brand are very wearable and do not lose their shape for a long time.

The range of fabrics used is very diverse and non-standard. So for sewing dresses they take poly viscose elastane knitwear from Bulgaria and Italy, poly viscose coat, flying Spanish textiles. The same fabric is used to create suits and vests. For more accented patterns, jacquard is used.

Knitted cardigans are created from Bulgarian and Italian viscose yarn with Lurex. Original blouses are made of fancy cotton jacquard and poly viscose gabardine.

A modern elastic double-sided polyester fabric with 5% spandex added is perfect for making trousers that, thanks to the properties of the fabric, fit perfectly on the figure, do not stretch on the knees and do not stretch in the belt.

For tailoring jackets there is a raincoat polyester fabric or coat coat, short products from which look very original. For light coats and short coats, fleece wool coat, textured wool or boiled wool with the addition of viscose are used. For sewing warm coats take a dense woolen knitted fabric of Italian production.

Size range

Elis products are designed for women with any type of figure and clothing size from 42 to 50. When determining the parameters, the manufacturers adhere to the national GOST, therefore, as a rule, there are no problems when buying clothes via the Internet.

Spring Summer

New collections from Elis designers, as always, are distinguished by fabrics of noble textures and sensual femininity of models. A straight silhouette that does not go out of fashion visually extends the figure, gives the image additional harmony and elegance. Laconic fullness of models is ideal for business women who know their worth.

Spring novelties delight with soft lines and create a romantic mood. The color palette is designed in calm, harmonious, rich colors. Always relevant floral prints create a feeling of carefree lightness. Original and current prints in the Etro style have become a real godsend. Thanks to the combination of smooth lines, geometric ornaments and flowers, they easily make the image elegant and memorable.

During its existence, the Elis brand has been loved by many Russian women and its popularity is growing every year. Thanks to well-thought-out design decisions, things that are brands do not lose their relevance for many seasons. Elis clothing is the choice of true ladies who want to look beautiful, stylish and elegant every day.

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