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Ski clothes for women

Modern ski clothing is designed for people who lead an active lifestyle. Understanding all its features is quite difficult if you do not have the necessary knowledge. Therefore, in the selection process you can not be guided solely by your taste. It is necessary to clearly know what important criteria a women's ski suit must meet in order to bring maximum comfort during operation.


For a good rest, as you know, you need appropriate equipment, the role of which is performed by ski clothing. And the level of security in extreme conditions directly depends on its quality. When choosing it is worth paying attention to the material, the membrane surface and size. Products should be not only beautiful, but also warm, comfortable, practical. A woman's body should be protected from the cold, wind, snow, and rain.

Winter clothes intended for outdoor recreation should warm well in any cold, and also remove excess moisture in a timely manner. Such features are provided by the correctly selected size and style of the product. Basically, all women's ski suits are made of lightweight and durable material based on lucre fibers. This clothing has excellent functionality. You can take such equipment to the resort and provide yourself with a comfortable pastime.

Original designer ski clothing has such characteristics as:

  • a light weight;
  • strength and elasticity;
  • resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
  • bright colors;
  • reinforced seams and the presence of spacious pockets;
  • water-repellent and heat-saving effect.

All clothing for ski holidays in special laboratory conditions and several difficult stages of testing. This determines its level of quality and resistance to adverse factors. Fashionable and beautiful ski clothing has perfectly straight seams and the absence of other defects, which makes it a popular element of a women's wardrobe.

Selection principles

Women's ski equipment is a complete set of clothes designed to create comfortable conditions during physical exertion. Before making a choice of these things, you need to decide on the purpose of the purchase. After all, the range of suits is divided into several categories:

  • for professional skating;
  • one-season use;
  • regular walks.

Each model has individual characteristics and differences, from which it will depend on how good its further use will be. Ordinary fans can take inexpensive options, focusing, at the same time, on suitable parameters. For a professional skier, every detail matters, on which mountain safety can depend. Therefore, due attention should be paid to the quality of the material, insulation and accessories. Properly selected ski clothing will be a good protection against frost, wind and snow.

It is mainly made from nylon and fleece. Experts say that it is these materials that fully comply with the applicable standards, and are also great for an active ski holiday. It is slightly different from snowboarding, as the position of the body in these two sports is characterized by some differences. That is why, snowboard clothing has other parameters with respect to ski products.

Now in fashion branded models of bright colors with the presence of multiple pockets, zippers and original inserts that give things functionality and make the appearance more interesting. Multicolor models with beautiful accents and exotic prints are in great demand among women.


Additional advantages of ski clothing gives layering. Each such suit consists of three layers: protective, internal and insulation. The protective layer is characterized by a durable fabric that can withstand any negative environmental effects. Internal - responsible for ventilation properties, allowing the body to fully breathe and not accumulate unpleasant odors. Heater - warms well and protects against hypothermia.

To choose a truly high-quality women's clothing for a ski vacation, you must carefully study what layers this or that type of equipment consists of. Do not forget that this type of clothing should have high waterproof performance so as not to cause discomfort later. The presence of a membrane layer in sportswear is an indicator of high quality and good protective properties. Each of its varieties has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be paid attention to when buying.

Water resistant

The waterproof indicator shows what level of exposure to water can withstand the material from which the ski suit is sewn. The higher this indicator, the better the product itself. Reliable ski clothing is considered to be waterproof from 10,000 mmHg. Art. Modern manufacturers instead of the upper layer use special impregnation, although its effectiveness is significantly lower compared to the membrane. The membrane gives such clothes additional benefits that are very important when doing skiing.

A quality ski suit is necessarily equipped with a membrane layer. The following types are distinguished:

  • hydrophilic;
  • with pore structure;
  • combined.

The first option is mainly used in low-cost models. It stretches well, not whimsical to care for, but at the same time poorly protects from the effects of rainfall. The second type is characterized by good vapor permeability, but does not pass water. It can be worn in severe frosts, as it has excellent warming effect. The third type, in relation to the two previous varieties, is ideal for sports, as its wear resistance, elasticity and water resistance are at a fairly high level.

Vapor permeability

The duration of comfortable riding also depends on the degree of vapor permeability. For light loads 5,000 g / m² / day is enough, for moderate loads - 10,000 g / m² / day, and with strong physical exertion 20,000 g / m² / day is required. The vapor permeability indicator shows how much steam can let 1 m² of material pass during the day. It is worth noting that the highest rates are for ski clothing with a membrane.

In such products, vapor membranes function in the same way as microscopic pores. They pass steam well and fully function only at low temperatures. Clothing for women with such a protective layer is short-lived and impractical.

Combined membranes are endowed with the highest degree of vapor permeability. They harmoniously combined all the qualities that ski clothing should possess. Its excellent vapor permeability allows you to wear such products even in the most extreme conditions. Accordingly, the cost of such suits is much higher.


When choosing women's ski clothing, you first need to focus on quality. All manufacturers of these products provide detailed information for each item of the product, but it does not always correspond to reality. Therefore, the purchase of ski suits must be approached with great responsibility. It is worth remembering that truly high-quality clothing will become reliable protection in the winter. Indeed, the best model is the one that maximally meets the parameters of the body and is characterized by original tailoring.

Modern professional skiing clothes are brightly colored, stylishly designed and comfortable to wear. Especially popular are Finnish, Austrian and Norwegian ski clothing. The products of these manufacturers are manufactured in accordance with international requirements and standards, and are also successfully sold in different parts of the world. The material for tailoring has incomparable strength and practicality, and high-quality accessories and the presence of spacious pockets make the rest as comfortable as possible.

Such elite women's clothing was created taking into account all weather conditions in which it will be used. A well-thought-out manufacturing process allows well-known manufacturers to produce decent copies, introducing high technology into their work. That is why, these products are resistant to pollution, tearing, wear and completely do not lose their pristine qualities after many washes. They do not constrain movements and are great for practicing active sports in the winter.


Outerwear are on the list of the most popular among women who prefer outdoor recreation. As you know, all of it is made from different membrane materials. All companies that produce such clothes have individual differences, logos and stripes. The most popular brands included in the ranking of well-known and recognizable are famous for their unique design and unique production technologies.

One of the leaders in the production of high-quality sportswear is the French company Salomon. She is rightfully considered the inventor of a new trend in ski clothing, harmoniously combining classic traditions and modern technology. Thanks to this, products during operation give a feeling of lightness and security. Sportswear from this manufacturer is ideal for sports and leisure in any cold.

The Volkl trademark, which offers a large assortment of winter sportswear for various body parameters, is also known for its high quality. Light and warm jackets, overalls and other equipment options warm well even in the most severe frosts.

These things have excellent indicators of quality, functionality and modernity. And the use of natural fluff and technological linings as a heater makes clothes reliable and very comfortable.

Recently, a brand called High Experience has become in demand, the clothes of which belong to the premium class. The whole production process is based solely on the company's own experience, which makes it possible to actively ski or walk slowly through the snowy expanses. Products for girls perfectly combine aesthetic beauty, high quality and comfort.

The American company Roxy, which specializes in the manufacture of modern ski clothing, as well as equipment for surfing and snowboarding, is characterized by a unique design and unsurpassed quality. The so-called "free" style is felt in every unit of the product, which sports and active women were delighted to appreciate. Excellent thermoregulation, comfortable to wear, perfect wear resistance are the main advantages of this manufacturer. It is not surprising that his women’s clothing has high sales positions in the global market.

The famous brand clothes of the Austrian company Sportalm harmoniously combined in their collections the national style and modern fashion. A wide range of colors and a variety of styles make every woman look brilliant even in winter clothes. Beautiful jackets, complemented by natural fur, original embroidery and other decorative elements won the hearts of beautiful ladies long ago. The use of high-quality materials, combined with sophisticated processing and innovative design, eventually turns into the most relevant trends of the season.

Schöffel, a German leader in sportswear, successfully manufactures products for skiing, mountaineering, snowboarding, jogging, cycling and other active sports.

Numerous reviews of gratitude testify to the decent quality of clothing and its popularity among different age categories of buyers. Even the smallest details are made with great care, ensuring a long service life of clothes and comfort when wearing.

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