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Dancing clothes

Dance reveals the soul, helps to find new strengths and gain confidence. Professionals in this field advise that when dancing, you need to forget about all pressing problems, a bad mood and feel only your body. Unfortunately, with improperly equipped dancer this becomes almost impossible, which means that it is important to be careful about choosing clothes for dancing.


Clothing for dancing is divided into a wardrobe:

  • for training;
  • for performances.

Rehearsal clothing should be made of natural fabrics with the addition of elastane or of high-quality synthetic materials.

The universal type of clothing for training includes a gymnastic leotard. This tight-fitting outfit makes it easy to follow your every move and correct inaccuracies.

If the type of dance you choose is too contrasted with a swimsuit, you can stay on top and shorts or trousers. The top should not have sleeves, because freedom of hands will provide complete freedom of movement. Suitable for training and flared skirts above the knees. The latter option is necessarily complemented by a comfortable body.

For gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics requires the accuracy of each movement and wave of the hand, so it is so important to frame your body with high-quality tight-fitting clothing. It can be short shorts with a top, t-shirts with a one-piece short sleeve and overalls. One-piece models are especially appreciated by dancers, because with the right size selection the comfort of the jumpsuit is guaranteed.

For gymnastics, models of restrained shades without unnecessary prints are suitable. Juicy colors are best left for stage dresses.

Outfits for performances, it is worth saying, can be compared with works of art. They not only fit the body, but also reveal the essence of the dance, its mood. As a rule, a gymnast's outfit consists of a leotard with or without sleeves. Additionally, a skirt can be used.

For performances

Beautiful and stylish clothing for performances is one of the important components of the dance. It should be selected depending on the type of dance, its history and place of origin. So, for choreography, such dancewear as a leotard, complemented by a skirt, is suitable, while for hip-hop it will be absolutely inappropriate.

Women's dancewear is diverse and prone to fashion trends and trends. So, stylish overalls are now in fashion. They are used in such modern areas as Pole dance, body ballet, gymnastics. However, professional clothing for girls, enchanting with the movements of their body, does not end there. For example, costumes for ballroom dancing, captivating with their femininity and beauty, occupy a significant niche.

For latin american dances

Latina dance program captivates the audience with its range of movements, clarity and rhythm. Most Latin American dances have a fast pace, so dresses are not equipped with long and lush hem. Each movement here emphasizes fringe, shuttlecocks, ruffles, cuts on a tight-fitting dress. It is worth saying that fringe not only “dances” with its owner, but also hides some imperfections in her mastery. So, if the movement lacks scope and amplitude, fringe skillfully copes with this problem.

One of the varieties of Latin American dancing is tango. The sensuality of the dance is emphasized not only by graceful movements, but also by bright clothes. Red dresses with cuts on the dress or lush flounces effectively emphasize the dancer's precise movements.

Another type of latin is salsa. Movable and bright, he embodies the most revealing outfits. It can be fringed dresses or suits consisting of a bodice richly decorated with sequins, rhinestones and flowers and a short skirt in the same color scheme.

For indian dance

Traditional Indian dance has many subspecies, each of which has its own outfit. For the European nations, India is always associated with bright colors, harem pants and long skirts. This kind of stylized costume is incredibly popular for performances.

The costume includes a top decorated with rhinestones and sequins. The legs are covered with narrow bloomers of white or red. A wide skirt to match the top is worn over the harem pants. A headscarf and head jewelry captivates with its luxury.

Transparent clothes for Indian dance look seductive and mysterious. Such a robe consists of a top and a sari made of translucent thin fabric, richly decorated with embroidery.


Incredible beauty outfits for Spanish dances. Especially colorful are the apparel for flamenco. Women in clothes for this dance look like birds of paradise, demonstrating their luxurious plumage.

Long dresses fit the hips, while the hem, on the contrary, is distinguished by splendor and an abundance of ruffle. The head is decorated with large flowers woven into the hair, and a colorful scarf with fringe often complements the shoulders.

For carnivals

The embodiment of brightness and originality is clothing for the Brazilian carnival. Recognizable feather crowns, wings and sexy mini-dresses or swimwear conquered did not leave indifferent any country.

It is worth saying that the feathers of a rooster, ostrich and peacock are used to create these unique outfits. As a result, the costume looks really luxurious, and the feathers of exotic birds radiate natural beauty and radiance.


It is important to approach the choice of stage and costume for rehearsals responsibly, because the state of the dancer, and therefore the dance itself, directly depends on this.

Here, as in any sportswear, synthetic fabrics are preferred. However, if the loads at rehearsals are small, you can do with cotton with the addition of elastane.

At high loads, the disadvantages of natural fabrics are obvious:

  • absorb sweat;
  • become heavy;
  • stick to the body;
  • create unaesthetic sweat stains;
  • are pulled out.

Experts advise choosing models for dancing made of polyester and polyamide. This material is distinguished by its special strength, endurance to numerous washings and long form preservation.

You should also pay attention to the presence of elastane. It provides maximum body fit, and therefore, control over each movement.

Refuse from cheap synthetics, because after the first wash, its appearance will be irretrievably damaged. In addition, as a rule, low-quality clothing has rough and sloppy seams that can rub the skin. When interacting with sweat, irritation will necessarily appear on the body.

To size

Clothing for dancing should show the beauty of the body, so taking a larger or smaller size is highly not recommended, even talking about a costume for a child. Drooping shoulders will never create grace and grace of movement. In turn, the smaller size of the swimsuit cuts into the skin, rubs it and is even able to form folds on an ideal sports figure.


The color of the clothes for training sessions and stage performances is very different. So, for rehearsals, dancers purchase costumes of black, dark blue and brown tones. In this color scheme, the silhouette becomes more defined, in addition, the outfit does not distract from many hours of honing skills. The rule of restrained costume is more relevant to young talents.

For the scene, the colors of the costumes can be very different. So, the popular colors include aquamarine and turquoise, saturated pink in combination with white or gray. Perfectly athletic figure looks in black. At the same time, the costume itself can be richly decorated with rhinestones and handmade embroidery.

Costume Requirements

Speaking about the freedom of dance, one should not forget about the rules of the stage costume, which has its limitations.

So, the rules of the sports suit of the Union of Dance Sports of Russia read:

  • neckline and bikini should be made of opaque fabric. The cups of the bra should be at least 5 cm apart;
  • the waist area can be covered with any fabric;
  • thongs made of lace, guipure are prohibited on the stage;
  • despite the fact that many dance costumes are referred to as a swimsuit, there should not be any similarities with everyday models and underwear;
  • symbols of various religions should not be used as accessories.


To the delight of dancers and those who want to learn how to skillfully own their own body, today there are many manufacturers specializing in tailoring fashionable, stylish and high-quality clothes for dancing and training.

So, the Russian company Belkina offers a wide range of dresses, suits for training and stage images for ballroom dancing, choreography and gymnastics. Each model from the collection corresponds to GOST, is sewn from durable stretch fabric and is able to withstand a long service life.

Another Russian brand Solo is pleased to offer quality products presented in the areas of clothing for training, performances, warming up. An interesting model in the last category is a jumpsuit-sauna made of polyester. It helps to warm up the body for intense loads, as well as lose weight faster.

Boasting European fabrics can domestic company Korri. Exclusive canvases help create unique outfits for ballroom dancing, gymnastics, choreography and ballets tailored to perfect patterns. In the catalog you can see the children's collection, however, the buyer offers the service of individual tailoring.

Luxury models for children, women and men can be seen in the AltraNatura brand catalog. Stylish ball gowns and skirts are complemented by asymmetric length, fringe and soft flounces.

Stylish dresses and costumes are ready to be offered by the Fiesta-Dance clothing brand. Here you can see stage outfits and clothes for active training. Offers a brand and stylish long leggings for warming up muscles.

Chic ball gowns and costumes for children and adults are offered by the Talisman company. The bottom hem of exquisite outfits here is made of thin translucent lace, allowing viewers to observe the magic of each movement of the dancer.

Street dance lovers will like the Danza youth brand. T-shirts, tops, sweaters, breeches and trousers are made in fashionable silhouettes. So, here you can see skinny and loose pants, perfect for hip-hop style. Dan

Rehearsal clothing is presented by a brand from St. Petersburg Kickers. Tops and shorts, overalls and accessories are made of advanced materials and guarantee a long service life. The dimensional grid of models begins with size 28.


Of course, stage dresses with handmade finishes and fabrics of the highest quality should have proper care. So, washing dresses is necessary:

  • using special gentle gels for delicate fabrics;
  • manually;
  • in slightly warm or cold water;
  • having previously checked on a piece of fabric whether the material sheds;
  • limit the soaking time to 30 minutes .;
  • straps and edges stained with tanning and cosmetics, cleaned locally with a small brush, such as a toothbrush;
  • do not squeeze;
  • dry in a horizontal position on a towel, periodically changing it as it gets wet;
  • Dry the fringe on the dress with a hairdryer and never squeeze it.

Needless to say, caring for clothes for dancing is not easy, however, if all the conditions are met, the outfit can be worn for a long time or, if desired, sold.

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