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Spring-Summer Fashion Trends for Women

Spring is the perfect time to renew your wardrobe and change your image. This year, fashion designers offer ladies to try on clothes of rich colors, combine the opposite colors in one look, and emphasize sexuality, femininity and romance. The main trend of this summer is to be bright and courageous!

Basic wardrobe

Getting ready for the spring-summer season, knowing all about fashion trends! The spring-summer season offers ladies to plunge into the world of beautiful things, emphasizing the fragility of the female body. In 2017, absolute must have are oversized things.

Voluminous sweaters, jackets with wide shoulders and long sleeves, tutu skirts, puffy dresses. If the direction that eminent designers offer is alien, try updating your wardrobe by adding a few fashion accessories or things.

The women's collection of spring-summer clothes tends to hide the figure and emphasize the chest. The main trends - bulk things must necessarily be free cut and several sizes larger.

So, the designers wanted to emphasize the sophistication of female nature, the need for protection. Sizeless sweaters, large jackets, men's-style shirts, wide trousers - all this should create an informal, relaxed and slightly frivolous image.

The capsule collection is perfect for women with curvaceous forms. Remember that free things should create coziness, and not make the image shapeless.

Pay attention to voluminous jeans, dimensionless t-shirts, light coats. Create volume in an image, but emphasize harmony. Play in contrast: surround top and narrow bottom. Such things make a woman elegant and attractive.

Collections of new collections will help to make interesting sets for spring and summer. Designers remind that stylish and youthful clothes should be present in the wardrobe of a young person.

Street fashion, sporty style, romance - this is what is relevant this summer. Ruffles, lace, wide high-waisted trousers made of flowing fabrics, sand trench coats, unusual cutouts, slit trousers, open-shoulder blouses, overalls - 2017 fashion.

For girl designers offer clothes from a grid. Every season its popularity is growing. Choose layered dresses or T-shirts from small, large, soft, hard, stretched mesh that do not create a feeling of nakedness. Transparent fabrics, lace perfectly emphasize the young body, look seductive and attract the eyes of men. The layering of delicate materials, the combination of the finest blouses or dresses with the things of their wool, satin, silk, vinyl and denim looks stylish and unusual.

For women of Balzac age designers on fashion catwalks presented sexy but closed dresses: long dresses from flowing fabrics, classic trouser suits with vertical stripes, tight skirts with alluring cuts.

The trends of the 80s and 90s of the XX century returned to fashion. Banana pants, large jewelry, metallic shades, lurex, ruffled clothing, ultramini. For 40 years, designers presented midi-length dresses on the catwalks, strict suits that emphasize inviting hips. At 50, it is worth paying attention to high-waisted trousers that expand from the hip line.

For 30 years, stylists advise choosing a deep T-neckline, high-cut skirts, short dresses and shorts. All these things should emphasize the figure and hide the flaws, and not vice versa. For women of 70 years, designers have prepared dresses with lush sleeves-lanterns, wide trousers, hats, blouses, shirts, elegant dressing gowns.

Fashion Trends 2019

Fashion trends in spring-summer clothing bring women back to the distant eighties. Stylish bows are easy to make if you bring the advice of stylists to life. Fashion shows in Milan, London, New York demonstrated female sexuality and charm.

  • Casual style. Everyday clothes should be comfortable and beautiful. Classic suits are perfect for work and everyday wear. They found their place in the wardrobe of a woman. Wide trousers, large jackets, a vertical strip are relevant this season. Modern girls can safely buy overalls with a zipper in front and a long or short sleeve.

A casual look will turn out to be interesting if you use accessories and voluminous jewelry. Do not forget that clean hair, neat manicure and makeup can transform even the simplest clothes. Regardless of fashion trends, the direction in style should fully reflect the individual preferences of the woman, demonstrate her taste.

A comfortable and elegant look will turn out with blouses, sweaters, jackets, long-sleeve bombers. He closes his hands, which solves the problem of lack of gloves in early spring.

  • Dresses. Beautiful, frank clothing is the trend of this season. Open, ultra-short mini-dresses with deep sexy cuts and neckline, cutouts on the back, shoulders, stomach, a bright accent on the chest. Asymmetry, ruffles, romantic images - this is what is trending this spring. Delicate, airy and flying dresses look great on women of all ages.

Pay attention to clothes in linen and pajama style: silk trousers, lace tops, dress-shirts. A snow-white, transparent dress below the waist is an ideal, but immodest option for a hot summer. Topical summer dresses in the style of "baby dollars" in delicate shades. Such models emphasize the waist and are decorated with many frills.

  • Coat. In the spring-summer 2017 season, the coat should be postponed until the cold season. A great alternative to the outerwear of the new wardrobe is trench coats. Strict, classic models of beige, sandy, khaki stylists recommend wearing with a pencil skirt, jeans, white sneakers, ballet shoes. You should not wear a trench coat with fluffy skirts, otherwise you can increase yourself in volume.
  • For relax. For traveling around Europe, for a sanatorium or other wellness vacation you will need convenient and most comfortable clothes. Dressing gowns, wide T-shirts, short shorts with a high waist, crop tops, cropped wide trousers, Bermuda, puff dresses look dynamic and stylish. Do not forget about soft shoes with flat soles, hats with wide brim, large round glasses.
  • For Sport. Sports things are always in fashion. Volumetric windbreakers, jogging bikes, and nylon harem pants are popular this year. Pay attention to classic t-shirts with a polo closure, a hood or a provocative inscription.
  • Design. New collections, designer items, originality and originality will surely appeal to avid fashionistas. It is not easy to make sets with things of a complex, asymmetric cut, with unusual prints and colors, but it's worth a try. Things from famous designers add a twist to a simple wardrobe. They require a certain mood, acceptance. The peculiarity is that designer clothes look luxurious, expensive and do not lose their relevance over time, if it is correctly combined with fashion accessories.

Fashion colors

Spring and summer collections offer women to plunge into the magical world of rich colors, pastel and futuristic shades. Popular and fashionable colors of 2017 emphasize femininity and sexuality.

In spring and summer, wear pink, red, purple, lilac, blue, blue, orange, steel gray shades. More than ever, the metallic color is relevant. At the peak of fashion, all shades of pink: soft powder, fuchsia. The most remarkable thing is that they will not look ridiculous even on an adult woman.

Vivid combinations of red, pink and purple in one outfit are again in trend. This season blue can be combined with warm colors such as orange or yellow. White is also trending. It looks beautiful on trousers, skirts, dresses made of lace and flowing fabrics. Combine black with deep blue. This summer, the classic color is allowed to be worn even in the heat.

The main print of the spring-summer 2017 season is floral motifs. Roses of various shapes, shades and sizes on flying or dense fabrics harmoniously fit into the summer look. The animal print is relevant: it perfectly emphasizes the image of the femme fatale.

Another symbol of youth, carelessness and cheerfulness is the print "peas". Clothing with various inscriptions (large, small, colored, with meaning) is also popular in the new season. Do not pass strips and cages.

Size by height and weight

You can determine the size of clothes for full and slender women according to the table, which takes the size of the chest and hips as the basis of the measurements. Adult European size starts at 34th and ends at 58th. You can find out the size of clothes by height, weight, volume. In men, size is determined by weight, height and chest volume, in women - by the volume of the chest, waist and hips, in children - by weight and height. Tables based on this data are easy to use.

For large sizes, it is easy to choose clothes, knowing your metric data. If you buy things on international sites, translate American to Russian sizes simply according to the table. German size refers to the graph - Europe; 46, 48 size - this is Russian. The ratio depends on the main parameters.

The table will help you orient yourself if it is necessary to choose outerwear, trousers, jeans, underwear, shirts, dresses, shorts. Today, many foreign manufacturers create beautiful things for obese women. Do not deny yourself the beauty and sexuality.

Useful Tips

Full women should not despair, because in the spring-summer 2017 season, designers advise them to follow the same fashion trends as thin women. Urgent question: how to hide excess weight with the help of fashionable and stylish clothes? It is very easy to do! Stylists are recommended to choose clothes of gray, coffee, wine, beige shades. They are both fashionable and perfectly hide the flaws of the figure. Replenish your wardrobe with actual shirt dresses with a wide belt at the waist or peplum.

Choose straight fit pants. Wear them with a loose V-neck sweater. It visually lengthens the neck and makes the figure proportional and harmonious. Do not forget that in 2017 the main trend is loose fit. Shirts, cardigans, oversized jumpers will make the figure fragile and reduce the actual size of the body by tens of centimeters.

Dresses made of transparent, flowing fabrics with flounces and cuts will look seductive and sexy on curvy women. The main thing is to observe proportions and know the measure. Clothing should adorn and be worn to the place and time. Stylists advise men to purchase white shorts or trousers, and change their jacket to a blazer. Denim clothing, wine color, suede jackets, logo t-shirts, sneakers, sneakers, suede shoes - all this is relevant in men's fashion.

Shoes, accessories and makeup

Massive jewelry, bright and unusual makeup, simple hairstyles, comfortable shoes are the current trends of the spring-summer 2017 season. Do you want to look stylish, modern and attractive? Pay attention to the images from the world catwalks.

  • Accessories Fashion bags 2017 are one of the most important accessories. Remember the important rule, bags should be in harmony with the shoes, complement each other. Bags look elegantly. Combine them with leather or suede shoes with thin heels. This spring and summer, large bags with fringe, accessories of a cylindrical shape, small red handbags with a handle are relevant.

At the peak of fashion hats, panama, berets, scarves in bright, saturated colors, with geometric patterns, asymmetric shape. Voluminous jewelry, jewelry from beads, mother of pearl, semiprecious stones, chains with medallions make a woman fragile and attractive. Massive chokers, large beads, bracelets or plastic, metal, wood and leather, large earrings are relevant today.

  • Footwear. This season, flat-sandals with weaves and ties, crocuses, boots with various decor, and shoes become a hit. A distinctive feature of fashionable summer shoes is an unusual design and a high thin heel. A sharp toe, straps, extravagant details - this is what distinguishes fashionable shoes 2017. Do you want to stand out in the crowd? Designers offer shoes with real fur trim.

Catchy, bright shoes with prints should be worn with plain and simple clothes, otherwise the image will become tasteless. As a decor, designers use Chinese, Japanese motifs, a combination of different styles and patterns. Such a design must emphasize the individuality of a woman. Classic shoes are also in fashion this spring. Give preference to high heels, a small platform, natural materials.

The color of the shoes should be calm and noble: brown, white, black, beige, turquoise, burgundy or red. This summer, wear bright ballet flats with prints or plain colors. High-heeled sandals, soft slip-ons - hit shoes for spring-summer 2017.

  • Manicure. Well-groomed nails transform the image. In fashion, short marigolds, trimmed to the level of pads, rounded, almond-shaped. The trend is naturalness, pastel shades, monochrome. Forget about the drawings on the nails, you can only use the animal print, if it will be combined with the outfit. The leader is a matte finish with a light glossy effect.

The most fashionable manicure is blue, purple, gray. Pay attention to the classics of French manicure - a jacket made in delicate colors. The popular technique is stamping, smooth ombre, holograms, geometric lines, soft, pastel shades of varnish (lavender, violet, soft pink, light coffee, nude).

  • Makeup. In the new season heavy textures, complex contouring, graphic lips and eyes are welcome. At the height of fashion, the naturalness of makeup and bright accents. A popular trend is the illusion of the lack of makeup on the face is gaining momentum. It should seem to others that the girl has no makeup on her face at all. For this effect, use a light foundation, light blush, a little mascara and a beige eyeliner.

The lack of face powder is one of the trends of this summer. Healthy, well-groomed, radiant and slightly moist skin is in fashion. Use high-quality liquid tonal products that are ideally suited to the color of the skin or merge with it. In the spring-summer season, the makeup technique is relevant - strobe. It implies an increase in light on the convex parts of the face.

The effect is achieved with the help of highlighters, radiant powders, mother-of-pearl shimmers, cream textures. Pay special attention to the forehead and middle of the nose, add a little shine to the cheekbones. In fashionable makeup, the line between shadows and blushes is erased. The same color can be used for lips, cheekbones, cheeks, eyelids. The pink color under the eyebrow and cheekbone looks interesting and unusual.

The face art technique looks youthful and original on the face: a scattering of petals, ornaments, painted flowers along the contour of the face mesmerize and attract eyes. Visible and bright shadows - this is what summer makeup will not do without. Clear contours, wide lines, neat shading looks great on the background of nude makeup.

The muffled Smoky Ice has become a real classic. For the spring-summer season, smoky makeup is hardly noticeable. Use light, not too dark shades with a translucent texture for it.The effect of a wet eyelid is achieved with cream, glossy eyeshadow or lip gloss. Blue shades, a liner on the lower eyelid, a complete lack of mascara, eyebrows laid up, nude or red lips, the use of glitter are the trends of the new season.

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