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Maternity Clothing MamaBel

About Brand

MamaBel company is a manufacturer of clothes for pregnant women, the network of their company stores is located throughout Russia.

In MamaBel stores you will find a wide selection of various clothes for pregnant and lactating girls - all kinds of jeans and trousers, comfortable overalls, beautiful dresses and sundresses, comfortable and practical home clothes, outerwear for all seasons, special comfortable underwear, bandages and clothes for nursing mothers .

Product Features and Benefits

MamaBel company knows how important it is for future and real mothers to wear comfortable outfits that do not constrain movement, but it is very important to look beautiful and attractive.

It is by these criteria that MamaBel maternity clothing is produced.

All things for future mothers are made exclusively from high-quality natural materials, and the appearance of clothes - fashionable and stylish - will certainly appeal to every woman.

With clothes of the MamaBel brand, all pregnant girls can continue to lead an active lifestyle, go to work, attend various events and feel at the same time as comfortable and extraordinarily attractive as possible.

How to choose

When choosing clothes for women in a position, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to its convenience and comfort. Of all the things you liked in the stores, try to opt for the most convenient models that fit perfectly on your figure and do not constrain movements.

While the pregnancy is still small - you can wear ordinary clothes, just choose it one size larger. But at a time when the tummy is already noticeable, clothes must be selected in stores for expectant mothers. This is important because all the things that are sewn for pregnant women are made in a special cut. For example, trousers for pregnant women have a special elastic insert on their stomachs, while ordinary pants and jeans will put pressure on their stomachs, and this should not be allowed.

Clothing for pregnant women must be sewn without fail only from natural fabrics, since pregnant women often have a tendency to allergic reactions.

For things to serve you not only during pregnancy, but also after childbirth - choose universal clothes for pregnant and lactating mothers. All kinds of loose dresses and blouses are sold in MamaBel stores, which have hidden slots in the chest area, which will allow you to easily and comfortably feed the baby after childbirth.

When choosing outerwear, many girls prefer to buy a regular down jacket, just a few more sizes. Such a purchase will not be practical at all, since after the birth of the baby this thing will most likely not be useful to you, since it will be very large for you. The most correct decision would be to buy a jacket for pregnant women, which has a special insert in the abdomen and makes it possible to increase the volume of outerwear. In the future, this insert can be simply removed and a beautiful stylish jacket will serve you well for more than one season.

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