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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Clubwear for girls

Undoubtedly, in the wardrobe of every girl there are bright outfits designed not for everyday use. Clubwear for girls is characterized by sexuality, courage and even extravagance. And this is not surprising, because being in such an institution, I want to stand out from the crowd, therefore, clothes for going to the club should be slightly different from those that are intended for daily use.

Clothing for going to the club

Dresses and skirts. In all the variety of dresses, the most advantageous option is, of course, the "little black dress". It will be appropriate at any event and in any weather outside the window. Diluting the ensemble with stylish accessories, even such a seemingly ordinary dress can become the center of attention.

Of course, you can consider completely different options for style, length and design. Club fashion allows you to wear dresses decorated with rhinestones, sequins, sequins or beads. However, it should be remembered that combining all this in one outfit is simply contraindicated. When choosing a dress with such bright elements, do not forget about the sense of tact, otherwise you can turn from a "stylish little thing" into a laughing stock.

Owners of a not entirely perfect figure can safely put on bandage dresses using drapery.

Using accessories in contrasting shades will help to create a full-fledged image with a plain dress.

Do not wear a very short dress, especially if it is flesh-colored. It does not look aesthetically pleasing, but even vulgar, moreover, an outfit of this color can merge with the skin tone, visually exposing its owner.

Depending on the type of figure, various variations with skirts are possible. To avoid mistakes, you can give preference to the familiar classic cut.

Blouses and tops. Today at the peak of popularity are tops made of leather, or decorated with romantic lace. Girls who prefer a business style can replace the office blouse with a similar cut, but, for example, made of translucent chiffon.

When choosing the top for the kit, the main thing is to maintain balance in the whole image. So, for example, it is not recommended to combine an overly bright blouse with the same trousers or skirt. The ensemble may contain a bright thing, but one!

Modern fashion offers women a very stylish tops of acid shades with inserts from translucent material. A similar item, of course, can be in the wardrobe of the girl. However, it is better for owners of magnificent forms to refuse such "dangerous" clothes, and to choose something less "flashy". Corpulent beauties also should not choose models on the straps. Such a thing can highlight the fullness of the hands, thereby absolutely distracting attention from the neckline.

When choosing the top of a women's kit, it is worth giving preference to products made from natural materials. Synthetic fabric, as you know, is poorly breathable, which can cause a lot of inconvenience when in a club.

The chosen thing for going to the club should not constrain movements, it is very important to pay attention to this before leaving the house, otherwise the rest will be accompanied by a constant feeling of discomfort.

Pants and shorts. Along with trousers and shorts, overalls are playing today. Such a model is already a complete set. However, it leaves room for correction and imagination, for example, a belt at the waist or a light jacket can form an absolutely individual ensemble.

Leather leggings are also one of the most popular nightclub trousers. Models imitating black skin are perfectly combined with a top of any shade. Club fashion for women allows the use of jeans. Skinny, boyfriends or classic models can be safely included in the kit for going to the club. Complementing everyday models with a stylish belt, you can create a completely new image.

In the summer, jeans and trousers are replaced by shorts. High waist shorts have been hugely popular lately. Such models are often decorated with fringe, lace or metal inserts. Shorts can be combined with almost all types of clothing on top. However, this does not mean that you need to "run headlong" to the store for a stylish pair of shorts. To begin with, it is worthwhile to adequately assess the features of your own figure, and only then decide whether this model is suitable or not.

Shoes & Accessories

Shoes in the overall kit plays a huge role, with the right selection, it can become the center of attention, and otherwise, on the contrary, spoil the whole appearance. When choosing shoes for a club kit, in addition to stylish combinations, you should remember your own comfort.

A high heel is able to add elegance to the leg and visually lengthen the figure, however, for a long stay in high-heeled models, it is better to exclude it. To replace the heel, you can consider shoes on a stable platform. Such models are no worse than hairpins, on the contrary, in addition to a stylish attractive appearance, they are able to give comfort to their owner.

Modern fashion trends allow you to wear sneakers or converse to the club. A variety of this type of shoe is able to satisfy the desire of any fashionista. Sets with stylish sneakers are very convenient and very interesting to others.

A variety of accessories allows girls to create individual and very attractive images. To attract attention to magnificent hair, it is proposed to use various hair clips and bright rims.

So today's earrings with large stones will be a great addition to an already finished ensemble.

Choosing a belt to the kit, you need to give preference to wide models, this will allow you to focus on the thin waist. It is also recommended to use voluminous jewelry on the neck and wide bracelets.

No girl can do without a handbag. Depending on the nature of the overall ensemble, you can choose a stylish clutch bag, a voluminous classic bag or a small backpack.

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