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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Linen clothes Kayros

Do you like natural fabrics? Then high-quality Kayros linen clothes will surprise you with a choice of models and will allow you to create a modern look that takes care of your health.

Clothing made from Kayros linen by a Russian company is simple in design and is designed for use in both business and informal settings.

The products of the domestic brand are of high quality: linen clothes are cut flawlessly, and the quality of the fabric is soft due to machining. Blouses and cardigans, skirts, dresses and sarafans, trousers, windbreakers, made in fashionable styles, will please connoisseurs of quality, natural clothes.

A little black dress is the basic solution in every woman’s wardrobe. But you need to pick up something else - and here we have a neat, A-line dress with ruffles on the sleeves and on the bottom of the skirt. Dress comfort! Add a narrow belt of black (blue, red, brown, purple or turquoise) color, and your outfit will sparkle with completely different colors. The fitted style of the dress with the finest lace just above the belt attracts our attention. Vertical folds on the bodice, a small sleeve of "wings" make this dress feminine. The length of the dress is just above the knee. Although the dress and fitted style, it does not seem narrow, the slot located behind the dress gives freedom of movement. The color scheme is varied. In this outfit you will create a successful bow - elegant and irresistible.

Among the "linen variety" sundresses of various styles stand out. Here is a sundress of simple cut, elegant, strict, the length just below the knee is ideal, as it makes the outfit universal, suitable for a business dinner or for a romantic date. An interesting insert on the chest gives the strict style a little coquetry.

A long, to the middle of calves, sundress of a simple cut will protect from scorching rays on hot days. Free, it will create a feeling of comfort for your body. Wide straps will not create discomfort for tanned skin on the shoulders. Small ruffles, an insert of thin white fabric along the bottom of the hem, and a pressed texture of the fabric add airiness and lightness along with it.

Straight-cut pants will delight you. Lightweight, fashionable, they will look good in any situation: at work and on vacation. Tops, blouses of light shades are perfectly combined with trousers of different colors. Zipper, welt pockets complement the style.

No less original are free-cut trousers with a belt of the same color. You will feel the convenience right away: such a model does not tighten, allows the skin to “breathe” and looks good.

Designers of the Russian company Kayros develop comfortable styles, using flounces, frills, patch pockets, buttons, as, for example, in safari-style jackets as decoration, if necessary. The belt without which the jacket would look “faceless” will emphasize your figure. You can tie it up like a tie, or you can tie it in the form of a small bow - it all depends on your imagination. Pay attention to the sleeves in 3⁄4 with straps. To “update” the jacket, you can pass a white ribbon between them, and then the jacket will look different: festive, bright.

Another model is interesting - a short linen blouse-jacket with rounded sides (edges). Turn-down collar. But the most interesting is the same sleeve 3⁄4 wide cut. It is he who makes this style feminine, despite patch pockets. The color scheme of the presented styles is diverse: pale and bright, warm and cold shades.

Another “masterpiece” from the designers of the company is a long, straight skirt with a drawstring. The style is an example of a classic style. A long slit in the back, pockets distinguish it from the whole variety of models. Terracotta to indigo colors will surprise you.


Reviews on Kayros clothing are varied. Most customers noted the excellent quality of the product and bright, saturated colors. Some buyers believe that the styles presented by the designers of the company are very attractive, and therefore they are not shy about inviting their acquaintances and friends to pay attention to the domestic manufacturer of fashionable and natural clothes. In some cases, clients note wide models of children's sundresses, but none of them complained about the quality of the clothes produced.

And this already says a lot: Kayros takes care of the quality of the goods, applies various fabric processing technologies and develops interesting models that can surprise the customer.

Elastane irritates the skin, does not allow air to pass through and retains moisture. These shortcomings are not in clothes made from natural fabrics. See for yourself - this is a smooth and cool fabric. This is one of the features of this amazing plant - flax.

Linen fabric has several more advantages:

  • reflects ultraviolet light;
  • durable
  • durable
  • retains its original appearance after numerous washes.

Trying once a linen blouse, or jacket, you will appreciate this fabric, you will not want to part with a natural fabric, light and comfortable.

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