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Clothes for tall women

All the girls want to look stylish and beautiful, to have things in their wardrobe that will well emphasize all the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. Tall girls with a model appearance often have difficulty in choosing clothes. Most of the fair sex want to be in the place of long-legged beauties, but they can not even imagine how difficult it is sometimes for tall girls.


Clothing for tall women, as for any other type of figure, has its own characteristics that help emphasize long legs, emphasize the waist and help the figure become more proportional. When choosing clothes, tall girls should consider some of the nuances that make you look perfect:

  • Low waist clothing suits those ladies who want to visually appear a few centimeters lower. Pants, dresses or skirts with a low waist will emphasize the hips, slightly lowering you.
  • Avoidance of monophonic images. Sets of plain women's clothing create the effect of stretching the silhouette, so they are more suitable for girls of short stature. In the opposite case, contrasting combinations of the bottom and top of clothes are considered ideal. Black and white classic is exactly what you need. Solid dresses complement the wide belt, which is the delimiter of the bottom and top.
  • Using accessories that are completely unsuitable for girls of short stature. These items include large beads and necklaces, voluminous earrings and large bags. All this will help you become a little lower. Small jewelry will not look at all, they just get lost in your image.
  • Bright colors of clothes are a profitable and very relevant option for you. Clothing of neon colors takes all the attention into itself, and your growth becomes not so catchy.

Popular models


Tall girls have the right to be proud that they can easily wear any short cocktail dress. The most important thing here is not to go too far with a mini-length so as not to turn an elegant feminine image into a vulgar one. Lower your arms along your torso and mark the point where your fingers touch your hips. This will be the minimum length of the mini dress.

If you prefer long straight dresses, then give preference to models with an open back line and a deep neckline. These elements have the ability to shorten the silhouette. Dresses in a business style with a semi-fitted silhouette are perfect for you.

Owners of long legs are also well suited for long sundresses and retro dresses of medium length with a full skirt. Do not forget about the rule of bright colors. A bright summer dress will be relevant for you in hot weather.


Tall girls with long legs are allowed to wear absolutely any style of trousers: skinny, straight, riding breeches and other models. In order to visually appear lower, choose pants with a low waist or flared from the hip. Skinny trousers should ideally be tucked underneath, so the legs will appear a little shorter.

Owners of large stature should also pay attention to cropped trousers, breeches and capri pants. After all, only on tall girls do these trouser models look proportionate and stylish.

As for jeans, it is better to give preference to boyfriends or direct classic models. Again, if you want to look lower, then forget about the fashionable high waist. Denim overalls also sit perfectly on high beauties.


A skirt is a universal element of the wardrobe, which can be combined with various types of blouses. For tall people, you can consider several options. The most important thing is to get a proportional image. For girls working in the office. Perfect skirt models to the middle of the thigh or to the knee. A pencil skirt is just made for slim long-legged women.

To create a sexy feminine look, pay attention to flowing and flared skirts above the knee. A pleated model will also perfectly emphasize the harmony of your figure.

If you have wide hips, a classic skirt, complemented by a fitted jacket or jacket, will help to emphasize their advantages and hide flaws. Multi-layered skirts or models with a fluffy petticoat will help to balance the parts of the figure, which are inherent in narrow hips.

T-shirts and blouses

Often, tall women are also owners of broad shoulders, which is considered their main complex. Solve this problem with various accents. For example, a V-neck blouse will help to focus on the neckline, and the broad shoulders will remain invisible. For ladies of high growth, both short sleeves and long ones are suitable. But in every possible way avoid the sleeve length 3⁄4. It may seem to others that your blouse is small.

The effect of a small thing can also be caused by short models of blouses and t-shirts. Replace them with free options like oversize or just put on an extended t-shirt.

Blouses with a standing collar, which greatly lengthens the silhouette, should also be avoided.


Elegant coats from year to year remain relevant and are at the height of fashion. If you are a fan of this type of outerwear, then models of medium length to the knee or slightly higher are perfect for your high growth. Forget about very long models that can make your look long and disproportionate. On tall girls, a trapezoidal coat or a poncho look good.

Long models have a place to be only in the case of chic fur coats. In a long coat of expensive fur, you will look like a real queen.

As for jackets, it is better to give preference to models up to the thigh. Short jackets should not be worn, as they open the legs, making the body disproportionate.


Many owners of model growth try in every possible way to avoid shoes with heels so as not to add extra centimeters to their high growth. But flat shoes look rather bulky, and your foot looks even bigger. Create the effect of miniature legs with a low heel, which will not greatly lengthen the figure, but the leg will look more neat.

The secrets of choosing clothes

Tall girls are often not easy to choose the right clothes, whether it be a dress, pants or blouses. Many blouses that fit perfectly on you have an unsuitable sleeve that looks short. This does not mean that blouses with long sleeves are taboo for you. Tuck or roll up your sleeve, fortunately, modern fashion allows you to do this. The same applies to trousers, unless of course they are not an office option.

For each new blouse, choose a suitable accessory with large elements. He will take the whole blow on himself, diverting attention from the height of your growth.

Tall growth is a virtue, not a problem at all. Never slouch, keep your back straight and your shoulders straight. Hunched over, you will not reduce centimeters from your height, but will only get problems with the spine.

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