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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fashion for women over 45 years

We all change with age. We are changing both externally and internally. But if we are not very worried about internal changes, when we have experience, accumulate knowledge, and the ability to manage ourselves and our emotions, then external changes often do not please us, and most try to deal with it. Or maybe it’s easier not to fight with yourself, but to accept the changes for granted? Just try to find a way, changing, become no less attractive and feminine. This is possible if you use the accumulated experience in the ability to dress and create your own image. This is what will be discussed.

Basic wardrobe

Creating a basic wardrobe for ages 45+ is quite an important task, it does not consist in filling the wardrobe with things bought on occasion, but picking up a small number of things from which you can easily create a large number of images for different occasions. The main thing is to learn how to compose it correctly, depending on what set of clothes you want to create - office, elegant or street.

For this, it is desirable to have the following components:

  • The dress. It should not be one. The basic option will be a sheath dress made of a sufficiently dense fabric that can hide the imperfections of the figure, if any, the office version of black or gray. The length of such a dress varies from slightly above to just below the knee. You can not do without an evening dress, where you can afford more daring elements - a neckline, an open back. A classic black little dress might be a good option. For warm days, a shirt dress or a wrap dress will come in handy.
  • Costumes. Very comfortable multivariate clothes. Costumes are indispensable for working women. They make it possible, by changing or adding some details and accessories, to transform office clothes into elegant or weekend. Costumes can be both trouser and with a skirt. If you take into account your style when choosing a costume, this will allow you to use its components separately, and I will also combine it with other things.
  • Skirts. The main and win-win option is a strict pencil skirt. It is also not forbidden to have a pleated skirt or a skirt with pleats of medium length.
  • Trousers. Classic black pants with an arrow continue to be an ideal option. This year, narrowed cropped trouser models with or without an arrow also remain in fashion.
  • Blouses. The subject of your clothes, where you can afford to show your imagination and use it to create the mood of your image. From the classic version of a white office shirt to silk, calico, linen and fashionable chiffon blouses this season with a bow collar.
  • Jeans. Firmly entered into our lives, convenient for trips to the countryside, cottage and long walks. The main requirement for the choice is that the landing should be medium or high. It is better to choose a style in accordance with your figure. Of course, at the age of 45 years, rhinestones, bright embroidery will not be entirely appropriate.
  • T-shirts and T-shirts. There is hardly a wardrobe where they are missing. This is a practical and comfortable clothing for home, leisure, summer walks. The only question is the choice of style, color, pattern. It is worth choosing them so that everything is sustained and consistent with the figure.
  • Pullovers, sweaters. Essential items of clothing for the cold season. It will be great if there are at least two of them in the wardrobe - light and dark colors. They perfectly complement trousers, a skirt or jeans.
  • Footwear. Here, as in the entire wardrobe, you should not rush to extremes and move from high stilettos to flat soles. It is better to stay on models with a low heel, as the basic version of the ideal boat. The rest should be guided by needs and convenience, not forgetting the stability of winter shoes and their own safety.
  • Outerwear. This year is the best fit for choosing fashionable colors for ages 45+. The main colors of 2017 will be pastel beige and light brown. In addition, they are perfectly combined with the classic cut fashionable this season. The trigger for spring and autumn will also be useful in the wardrobe.

Choose the classics

Choosing a basic wardrobe, it was repeatedly emphasized that the classic cut and the classic selection of colors would be ideal for any of the things. Yes, it’s the classic that allows us to emphasize that we have reached the age of elegance, wisdom, self-sufficiency.

In addition, the choice of classic combinations of colors and cuts makes it possible to create a large number of images from the existing small set of things. It all depends on the mood, imagination and situation.

Classic clothing does not at all imply old-fashioned, puritanism and asexuality. The task of the classics is to create an integral, feminine, slightly conservative image.

The choice of color and cut of clothes, the selection of appropriate accessories are aimed at solving this problem.

The classic cut includes an element of sculpturalism, which makes the outfit appropriate in any situation, and the created image is elegant.

We take into account the type of figure

At any age, choosing clothes, you should always consider the type of your figure. And if the age is 45+, then this circumstance must be taken into account twice. Of course, a style has already developed by its age, of course, the figure was taken into account in it, but it is never superfluous to once again critically look at yourself in the mirror and decide what is worth emphasizing and what to mask.

Even if you are the owner of a perfect figure, do not get carried away with tight outfits, this will not add elegance to the image, but it can compromise your taste. But emphasizing the waist line with a belt will add femininity and sexuality to your image.

Ladies with curvaceous forms are contraindicated in both tight-fitting clothing options and shapeless hoodies. It is also worth abandoning voluminous parts and lush sleeves. Good options for plain clothes made of soft fabrics.

For women of short stature, shapeless clothes, hoodies, large details, everything that can visually reduce growth are undesirable. High heels are welcome. Visually increases the growth of a longitudinal pattern, clothes in tone, as well as a high waist, which is also fashionable this year.

Match color to face

Each of us has our own color preferences and it is not necessary to refuse them. It is enough to revise them in the direction of calmer shades.

Colors such as peach, pearl gray or light beige, ivory will refresh your skin and age. But it is definitely worth avoiding the poisonously bright, flashy colors.

At this age, when making a choice, it is worth paying attention not to brightness, but to color depth. Given this, we prefer luxurious deep tones, it can be soft chocolate, rich dark blue, ruby, wine, etc.

Calm dusty or smoky shades of blue, green, lavender colors will look stylish.

When choosing prints, it is advisable to exercise caution, preferring a medium-sized drawing.

But to all this deep calm range it is not forbidden to pick up brighter and more catchy accessories, a handbag, a scarf or a scarf, a bracelet, etc. This not only adds zest to the image, but also young. When choosing your image, you should avoid combining more than three colors in one image.

Anniversary and smart style

When the question is about elegant style, for a woman 45+ bright colors can also be allowed, again without forgetting that preference should be given to deeply saturated colors. The colors of precious stones will be especially good - a dark ruby, saturated emerald, blue sapphire.

Evening women's clothing implies great freedom, a deep neckline, an open back, and a high cut on a skirt are permissible in it. The choice depends on the features of the figure. Of course, you should choose one thing.

A great option would be a lace dress or a dress with lace inserts. Transparent sleeves are successfully used, allowing you to open your hands, but at the same time keep their shape taut.

They will complement the elegant image of jewelry made of precious stones. Here the main rule is not to overdo it, and it is also better to do without decorations at all than to use imitation of jewelry.

General fashion image

We examined some aspects of fashion for women after 45 years. Let's try to generalize the image.

A woman by this age, as already noted, gained experience, wisdom, confidence, self-sufficiency. Accordingly, we select the image suitable for these qualities. You can afford a lot, you can choose different styles and outfits, even deviate from the rules, but what you definitely can’t afford is sloppy and untidy. Respect yourself and your age.


It does not go out of style and is suitable for most women with an average length of hair. She is easy to care for, allows you to create different hairstyles without much difficulty for different situations.

If you have problems with hair loss, it is better to choose a modern short haircut. It will allow you to create volume, but a too short haircut is fraught with the fact that the neck, chin and nape will be open.

Happy owners of thick hair can also afford long hair, if you like it and it adorns you.

Hair color is better to choose closer to natural.


It is also not worth discovering America and moving away from the main principle of style - naturalness. It must be remembered that excessive attempts to cover up your age with cosmetic tricks can have the exact opposite result.


You should never forget about these pleasant little things that can transform just an outfit into a beautiful image. Be it a belt that emphasizes the waist, a bright scarf, a refreshing complexion, or a bracelet that focuses on thin beautiful wrists.

Be sure to carefully choose handbags, do not save on them, it will always be noticeable. And so that it wasn’t ruinous anyway, opt for classic models, which will extend its service life.

And always remember the Chinese wisdom that the best age is the one you are in.

What is not worth wearing

After we talked about how to look, it will be useful to remember what should be excluded from your wardrobe once and for all when a woman crosses the age limit of 45 years.

If you do not want to add vulgarity and vulgarity to your image, then first of all it is worth getting rid of all things with the prefix mini. It is also advisable to forget about leggings, worn or ripped jeans, low-waist jeans. Cropped tops, T-shirts with bright patterns or rhinestones are inappropriate for an elegant woman. In general, in any of the outfits it is undesirable to have an open part of the abdomen.

We try to avoid all options of tight tight clothing, even if the figure allows it.

Of course, we must forget about all kinds of tiger, leopard and other animal prints, poisonous neon and acid colors, large lurid drawings.

Do not forget also that not only short and tight clothes or bright flashy colors can spoil your appearance. The same result can be achieved with shapeless hoodie clothes, dark dark colors, whether it is a question of dresses and suits or raincoats and coats.

Having considered most aspects of clothing for women after 45, I would like to note that almost every woman by this age knows a lot about herself, her figure, her face. She decided on her clothing style, she has her own color attachments, her favorite accessories.

Famous women of this age, fashion trends can serve as a good guideline, but your taste should still be the determining factor.

And I want to remind one of the aphorisms of Coco Chanel: "To be irreplaceable, you need to change all the time."

Let a healthy lifestyle, moderation in everything, optimism and love always help you in this.

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