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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Pelican Clothing

Pelican is a domestic manufacturer that produces “bright” clothes for women, men and children. The history of the brand began in 2002. With the release of the first products, the brand began to grow rapidly. Pelican clothes are stylish, high-quality and comfortable. Designers take into account fashion trends, developing collections, which includes adherence to three fundamental rules: comfort, vibrant looks, affordable prices.

Many projects are created with thoughts of big money or in order to conquer the whole world. The Pelican project was created in search of inspiration. For many people employed in production, it helps to develop creatively. With its help, materialize the idea of ​​clothing that is created for bright and energetic, smart and unconventionally thinking, romantic and honest people.

Reasons for popularity:

  • Impeccable product quality;
  • Design thought out to the smallest detail;
  • Huge range;
  • Reasonable price.

A brief excursion into history

Pelican is a young brand. Since its inception, management has set specific goals. Their implementation is a small step in building a strong reputation in the market, where there is a struggle for each client among competitors. Initially, the brand specialized in the production of underwear for women. Over time, it was possible to expand the range of products for women with the positions of jumpers, blouses, skirts, dresses, etc., and a decade later a men's and children's line appeared.

Each new collection - convenient and comfortable things, original style and affordable price. Fashionistas and women of fashion appreciate the clothes of the company for meeting the latest fashion trends. There are few classic style models in catalogs. Designers are working on creating models in smart-casual or sport-casual styles. Take time to create models that allow you to create a romantic and feminine image.

How do they achieve quality and convenience? Use a wide variety of materials. They are not inferior to those that use expensive brands in sewing clothes. Designers come up with new outfits made of cotton, viscose, polyester and Angora wool. To give them individual features, different textured elements, a variety of decorations, drapery, ruffles are used. In the decoration of things there is a place for rhinestones and metal jewelry (bells, buckles, chains with pendants, coins, decorative maces, etc.). Pelican women's clothing is distinguished by bright and unusual prints: the material is decorated with geometric and floral patterns. Children's things are decorated with pictures with images of cartoon characters.

For women

All women will find new things in the Pelican catalog. Choosing a thing for themselves, they are reviewing a bunch of models of different styles, colors and materials. Do not deprive fashionistas of new products, regardless of size. The size range is wide - from XS to XXXL. For women they produce shirts and turtlenecks, shorts and warm sweaters, stylish overalls and sundresses, underwear and pajamas.

For kids

Fashionable and high-quality children's clothing is an opportunity to make babies happy and to relieve anxieties and worries about their parents' health. Nothing will distract from fun outdoor games in any weather. Under the brand name Pelican produce clothes for newborns, children of kindergarten and school age. Buying it, do not worry about quality. Mummies are not clamped into rigid frames, but they allow you to make a choice from a dozen models that are diverse in style and color.

  • Baby Clothing. Just born babies are always in the spotlight. All relatives and friends of the family take a minute to see for the first time, evaluate who they look like. At such moments, you can not hit the dirt in the face. It is important to wear a daughter or son. It is not uncommon for mothers to make homemade things before ordering a baby or order them from friends for such meetings. Why create unnecessary chores? It is easier to buy stylish outfits for the baby from TM Pelican;
  • Clothing for children of primary and school ages. The assortment of amazing beauty dresses, blouses and sundresses for girls, as well as pants, shorts and shirts for boys. There is a separate line of things for the home and a series of underwear for children.
  • Children's Collection Fashion School saw the light in 2013. Designers produce things for children that are perfect for school wear. Both girls and boys offer a wide range of items. Elegant skirts with blouses and jumpers, which are decorated with many rhinestones and fashionable ruffles, are bought for girls at school, and for boys - white and dark blue shirts with a stand-up collar, as well as trousers and cardigans.

For men

So far, under the Pelican brand, only underwear for men and socks is available. Over time, perhaps the range will expand.

New items

The new Pelican collection has replenished with new products. Women are offered blouses, cardigans, pencil skirts, sheath dresses, sweater dresses. Novelties - sheath dresses and sweater dresses are released with a high waist to emphasize the beauty of the woman’s chest. Models adorn wide belts; they stand out with their original cut, various decor and a turn-down collar. In the new season, popular colors are purple, olive, turquoise, gray, raspberry and sand. Therefore, new items are sewn from fabrics or decorated with elements of such colors.


No matter how changeable the fashion, the little black dress will never disappear from the fashion collections. Fashionistas have long considered him a favorite for practicality, beauty, emphasizing the positive aspects of the figure and hiding flaws. There is something to surprise fans of the brand: a Pelican dress with the article FWD0803 in black at a price of 1700 rubles. It is magnificent and received only positive reviews from those who have already bought it.

Many fashionistas chose Pelican dress for the New Year. They liked the beautiful neckline, emphasizing the virtues of the chest and at the same time not looking vulgar. The material of manufacture is synthetic fabric, which did not create discomfort when worn. All seams - internal and external neat and even.

The skirt with light and airy inserts looked beautiful. Due to these inserts, she looked voluminous.

Subsequently, the girls suffered with ironing, but it's worth it. In addition, a dress made of artificial leather was given to the dress, which had to be passed through two loops on the sides. Some consider it superfluous, others are of poor quality, and others are ideally suited to the style of the dress. As a last resort, they cleaned it or replaced it with another. In the reviews, fashionistas consider the Pelican dress with the article FWD0803 in black to be original and successful. It combines comfort and style, sexuality and elegance, restraint and chic.

From the reviews it is clear that many girls first got acquainted with Pelican products by accident. They were given as a gift underwear or pajamas to friends, husbands or mother-in-law. How can you resist the splendor of pajamas and panties with charming bees and an intriguing adult inscription - "Buzz ?!"

Nobody was indifferent to the kit, as it was designed with one goal in mind - to raise the mood for those who will wear it. The colors are chosen competently. Pink color successfully combines with application colors - yellow, white and black. The quality is excellent, both panties and pajamas. The line is smooth, the fabric is pleasant to the touch. No discomfort during sleep. Even if they wash the kit often, the colors do not lose their brightness, saturation.

Watch the video: @Sleepis4Suckers interviews Nino, Founder of Fli Pelican Clothing Full Interview (March 2020).


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