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Color Type "Deep Autumn"

All masters working with appearance and image know that the main secret of success is understanding the color type of their client. To do this, people with certain traits are divided into “Spring,” “Summer,” “Winter,” and “Autumn.” And sometimes inside one color type are quite dissimilar people with different colors of eyes and hair. In European style, it is customary to distinguish not four, but all twelve color types. Today you will find out what kind of appearance is characteristic of Deep Autumn.

Color Type Features

Autumn Women are luxurious and chic, designers love them, because for the most part they are beautiful in their naturalness, full of femininity and charm. Deep (it is also called "cold", "dark") Autumn is a bit more contrast than other autumn subtypes and this is similar to Winter. But it gives out a soft warm skin tone, as well as other signs.

Late autumn may have dark hair: brown, dark blond, chocolate, brown-black. Eyes saturated color, bright (hazel, green, hazel). At the same time, there is a light yellowish, golden hue, as if a reddish tone, fiery shades are hidden in the hair. The skin is even, pleasant, beige, peach, ivory, and the freckles (if any) are warm dark in color, non-screaming. Autumn is alien to cold shades, the absolute pallor of the skin, blue-black hair and bluish whites of the eyes.

Autumn rarely changes the natural color of hair: a natural, beautiful and rich in transitions tone harmoniously sets off clean and fresh skin. If autumn girls still decide on fashion experiments, then warm light brown, chestnut and chocolate shades with a reddish, copper or golden tint are more suitable for them. Blue-black, ashen blond, lilac and blue tones - under the ban, they will give a painful look.

It is difficult to call late autumn “young” - it seems quite collected and thorough in comparison with the summer or spring color types of its peers. But the age for autumn women comes beautifully and luxuriously: it quietly becomes more adult, nobler. Even a mature “fall” can hardly be called old or young, they look amazing with well-chosen wardrobe and proper makeup.


Women of the autumn color type most often have an excellent figure close to the hourglass standard: the upper body and hips are visually balanced, the waist is clearly visible. Autumn is feminine and graceful, but not subtle. She is full of charm and charm, so she looks great in loose silhouettes, semi-adjacent, as well as in classics - A-line clothes and straight lines. Sexy tight and tight-fitting things can emphasize a magnificent figure, and so that the image is not too aggressive and vulgar, soften it by adding a cape, blouse, cardigan, for example, a free cut.

When choosing clothes for the wardrobe of an autumn woman, give preference to natural and high-quality fabrics that are beautifully draped with soft folds (silk, velvet, tweed, wool, cotton, fur, leather, others). Textured materials look wonderful, soft in appearance, with a small pile, soft (not glossy) shine. Autumn is close to nature and natural, therefore the most organic images in folklore, ethnic and country style are obtained precisely from autumn women. National motifs and patterns are appropriate on clothes and in accessories of the subtype deep autumn.

Oriental style (large accessories from gold, natural stones, wood, leather), fringe, brushes on clothes and decoration are combined with the general style of autumn, gracefully shade it. Warm pastel shades of all colors, brown and green colors from light to saturated colors look good in the wardrobe of late autumn. Red, yellow, red, golden colors can be especially widely represented (wheat, plum, peach, red eggplant, lingonberry, sand, blackberry, salmon, terracotta, ocher, burgundy, etc.).

Better to bet on coral shades, avoiding cold pink tones. Good combinations are obtained in green colors (emerald, spruce, swamp, khaki, olive), with yellowish shades of white (milk, cream, ivory), with gold, yellow, copper, crimson and red. Blue can also be present in the wardrobe of late autumn: these are dark blue tones, milky blue, azure with a warm tone, as if muted, softened and saturated with the sun.

But pure cold, neon, pink, purple, boiling white and black should be discarded. Black is better to replace with saturated anthracite or dark brown. In late autumn, obvious color contrasts are alien, but softer shades or classic combinations in warm colors are going well. Surprisingly, autumn easily assimilates bright, saturated and even “lurid” (sometimes grandmother’s) patterns. For example, predatory prints (snake skin, leopard, tiger) are most suitable for autumn women, as well as the controversial luxury (luxury) style. The remaining color types are greatly lost and disappear in them, and autumn becomes bright, expensive and luxurious.

To emphasize a uniform complexion and to advantageously shade the color of eyes and hair, choose the basic things of dark brown, saturated green and reddish tones or their pastel variations. If cold colors are necessary, then it is better to separate them from the face with a warm basic shade. Against this background, it will be easier to collect the remaining details of the image, it is beneficial to beat your merits.

To make the image whole, pay attention to accessories and jewelry. Refuse from simple jewelry and inexpensive accessories, they will create a dissonance with your deep, beautiful and rich color type.


Makeup will allow any woman to be expressive and confident, if properly selected. Correct - this means that the color type and its features are taken into account. The palette of cosmetics for late autumn also consists of warm colors, like a wardrobe.

Dark autumn has an even golden complexion, sometimes dark. Happy girls of a color type deep autumn almost do not need foundation and concealers. This naturally velvety peach or golden hue almost does not need blush. Therefore, they can be replaced by a bronzer, and if you purchase universal pencils for masking, then you need to pay attention to funds with a yellowish pigment. A little yellow or golden hue should be foundation and powder. By the way, summer trends with an emphasis on golden skin color (shimmers, bronzers, bronzing blush and powder) are perfectly combined with a velvet complexion and complement evening and festive looks.

Deep autumn has naturally expressive eyes and eyebrows that do not need a lot of color correction. On the contrary, they can be emphasized favorably, giving an elegant form. To make eyebrows brighter, a pencil, mascara for eyebrows or a special set (wax and eyebrow shadow) of brown tones will help. Mascara can be tinted with mascara if desired, to achieve a bend, length or volume. Eye shadow to choose with a warm tone - green, brown, golden, the so-called natural or nude palettes will also make your eyes expressive.

Lilac and peach tones can also be used, try to choose warmer and calmer shades without bright and pink pigments. Lipstick in the arsenal of late autumn can be the most beautiful and interesting colors: from transparent and delicate "natural" (it is also called "champagne" to dark cherry, with the departure to a warm range - coral, carrot, copper. At the same time, cold pink , lilac and neon shades, fuchsia can ruin any autumn look. Lip pencil can coincide with lipstick or be a tone darker. For any fall girl, balance in makeup is important: highlight either eyes or lips.

Famous women

The best example for the formation of your own style is the photo of celebrity. Looking at them, it will be easier for you to understand and navigate whether this or that outfit and make-up will suit your color type.

For such a "copy" style, select a celebrity whose color type is as close to yours as possible (eye color, hair color, facial features). People of the same color type often have a similar structure of their faces and figures, so this style selection method is one of the most advantageous! Friends and acquaintances can help. If at a meeting you are told that you look like this or that celebrity, then follow her images in tabloids and magazines. Most likely, she will give you many useful examples and style lessons.

If the description of late autumn did not clarify, then look at the photos of famous women of this type. Which of them do you look like:

  • Eva Langoria;
  • Keira Knightley
  • Julia Roberts;
  • Michelle Obama
  • Halle Berry;
  • Jessica Alba;
  • Katie Holmes
  • Jennifer Lopez;
  • Eva Mendes;

Among the popular domestic stars, you can also find examples of dark autumn:

  • Maya Plisetskaya;
  • Anna Bolshova (with brown hair color);
  • Anna Kovalchuk;
  • Bianca and Nyusha.

The latter must be said separately: singers like to play with black. However, trying on bright and cold blue colors on red paths once again emphasizes that the autumn gamma is closer to them. Yes, in the late fall sometimes some cold colors (gray-green shades, bluish, burgundy) from the winter palette go very much, but other fresher colors categorically spoil the impression.

Pay attention to these beauties - Kim Kardashian and Penelope Cruz. They have a rather colorful and contrasting appearance, playing on which these celebrities easily transform from an autumn color type to a winter one, and professional correction of photos helps in this. It gives out only a warm skin tone and perfectly even complexion. But you are unlikely to recall at least one bright blue or pink dress in their wardrobe, because these colors will create ugly highlights and make your face tired. Such "transformations" are aerobatics, so take note of stellar examples and try them on yourself.

A real woman, regardless of her color type, should experiment with images to find her own style!

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