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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Plus Size Women's Clothing Divas Planet


Currently, women's clothing of large sizes is not uncommon and in order to dress comfortably, the fair sex with magnificent forms does not need to sacrifice fashion and style. Modern models for the full have gained all the stylistic and aesthetic features of the podium designs. As a result of this, it is not at all necessary to hide one's charms in shapeless hoodies up to five feet long. High-quality, well-tailored models will hide extra volumes and emphasize advantages.

The design of women's clothing of large sizes differs from the usual. Patterns are developed taking into account real figures, taking into account individual types.

Each groove, crease, cut line work to hide the extra pounds. The ability of designers to correctly place accents with the help of contrasting fabrics by colors and textures, prints, patch pockets, decorative zippers, buttons as a result translates into the creation of fashionable masterpieces that reduce the weight and age of overweight girls and women.

About Shop

Divas Planet online store is a popular online trading platform that sells large size women's clothing of high quality from a Turkish manufacturer. The company works with both retail and wholesale customers. A distinctive feature of the resource is an individual approach to each buyer and comfortable conditions for choosing a product. Prompt delivery throughout Russia and the ability to return after trying on significantly saves your time and effort.

The performance characteristics of Divas Planet women's clothing are top rated. Long service life, high wear resistance are achieved through the use of high-quality fabrics and materials. The physical wear and tear of women's clothing of large sizes Divas Planet, and moral. Designers of the company not only carefully monitor fashion trends, but also develop models using simple lines and classic styles.

Dimension grid and assortment

A wide dimensional grid is one of the advantages of the store over other sellers. It includes sizes from 48 to 72, which are considered scarce in most domestic women's clothing stores. Such a dimensional variety allows satisfying the needs for fashionable clothes of women of any size and type of figure.


Divas Planet dresses for overweight women are tailored according to modern patterns that take into account all the structural features of the full figure. Fashionable styles that hide the voluminous stomach and hips will make stylish a magnificent beauty of any age. The most popular are elegant A-silhouette dresses, long dresses flowing in shape, denim models with lace and beads, light linen dresses.


Tunics are always in fashion and have long become an invariable component of the wardrobe of women with chic shapes. Non-standard solutions used when sewing large tunics, allow the flaws of overweight women to veil with a masterful cut and luxurious fabrics. Classic tunics, tunic jackets, cardigans, tunics, sets with tops, trousers and skirts will make your casual and festive wardrobe more diverse and wider.


The shirt has long ceased to be a purely masculine garment. Classic models and elegant shirts of large sizes allow girls and women with a non-standard figure to dress fashionably and beautifully without sacrificing comfort. Shirts have long earned the love of women of all ages and style addictions. They are great for making both a business suit and casual.


Hide full legs, stretch the silhouette in length and make the figure visually slimmer, pants will always help. In the assortment of the store you can see classic trousers and sports models, jeans, leggings, suits with tunics, overalls. The high fit of the trousers allows you to hide large sides and belly, and the original cut and color schemes will make the trousers from Divas Planet one of the most favorite things in the wardrobe.


The skirt, along with the dress, is considered one of the most feminine wardrobe items. Absolutely any skirt model from the Divas Planet collection is able to emphasize the beauty of magnificent forms. For this, the designers used a special cut, drapery, stylish colors and fashionable prints. By choosing the right skirt model for yourself, you can make stylish sets with a tunic or shirt.


Outerwear often serves precisely as the "clothing" by which they are greeted. Windbreakers, cardigans, raincoats, coats, tracksuits, vests will help you to warm up stylishly in cool weather. A variety of styles allows you to choose a model for any occasion. Here you will find models for both daily walks and for publication.

How to choose the right

The nature endowed full women with magnificent forms. In order to focus on the merits and hide the disadvantages, several important factors should be taken into account when choosing clothes from the so-called “plus size” category.

  1. Avoid oversized clothing. Baggy, unreasonably large models can increase your volumes even more, emphasizing the unsightly sides of your figure.
  2. Do not experiment with clothing that is decorated with ruffles, ruffles and other prominent decorative elements.
  3. Be wary of shiny fabrics that play on visual augmentation.
  4. Do not get hung up on the uniform color scheme. Choose both pastel colors and bright ones that suit your color type.
  5. Do not be afraid of fitted models. An oversized waistline will help hide a small belly, and if necessary, be sure to use corrective underwear.
  6. A pencil skirt is perfect for girls and women with large sizes, but you should be careful with the style of the tulip skirt. Full representatives of the fair sex are also suitable for an A-silhouette skirt and a straight line covering her knees.


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