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Color Type "Warm Spring"

Many women do not even know what color type of appearance they belong to. There are only four of them: Spring, Winter, Summer and Autumn. Each of them is divided into several more. In our article we will talk about the Warm Spring color type.

Why do you need to know your type? This will help to choose the right shades of colors both in makeup and in clothes that emphasize your brightness and make the image attractive.

A color type is a specific color scheme that refers to a particular person, in other words, it is your color of hair, eyes and skin. Knowing all the subtleties of our color type, we can choose for ourselves the most optimal makeup, clothes and even a hairstyle.

The main feature of a warm spring is certainly a warm shade of hair, such as straw, light red, light brown or golden. Even if the hair darkens over time, the golden hue will remain. The eyes are usually blue, gray or light brown, and the skin is golden beige, porcelain or ivory.

This color type is the most diverse of all subtypes of Spring, as it includes an extensive palette of colors that are suitable for girls of this color type. A wide selection of shades will give vent to imagination in the selection of wardrobe, makeup, accessories and even fragrance.

What to wear

Imagine spring. When flowers and trees bloom, nature regains its natural colors. It feels warm and cozy, I want to be one with nature and look as attractive as this is a great time of the year. Therefore, every girl in the spring strives to be bright.

Representatives of this color type should choose clothes of delicate colors in their wardrobe that can be combined with brighter accessories. Clothing should be made of lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen. Light monophonic materials are most suitable, and if you want a thing with drawings, then they should not be very intrusive.

If we look at the color type "warm spring" on the example of celebrities, then Blake Lively is the most suitable here. She perfectly selects her images and rarely makes a mistake in this choice. All her outfits are in perfect harmony with jewelry and make-up.

Examining her image in detail, we notice that it looks simple, but at the same time luxurious. It consists of only two colors, nothing more. The cream color of the dress is a little cast with a soft pink tint, which is barely noticeable. Neckline and silver jewelry that trim the dress give the girl charm and refresh the look.

Color palette

Girls of this color type should not wear white things. Instead of emphasizing the swarthiness, the color makes them pale, and they will seem to be older for a couple of years than they really are. There are a lot of shades of white, so cold whiteness can be replaced, for example, with cream or cream, as well as the color of the eggshell.

As for the dark shades, they are contraindicated in the "warm spring" color type. Black can only be details of jewelry that emphasize the whole image. Together with him, you should not choose the following colors: fuchsia and cold berry.

Suitable colors for a warm color type: coral, pale blue, pastel, purple, orange, beige and caramel.

Make up

Foundation, powder, blush

Spring girls should look at delicate makeup. It is better to choose a tonal foundation on a liquid basis in order to slightly even out the tone of the skin of the face. Hard tonal only spoil everything. A soft golden color that refreshes the face is best. Too light and dark shades are not the best option. All this can be fixed with transparent powder to give the skin a matte shade.

Blush should also be gentle tones. For example, peach, apricot or coral. Brown or bright pink blush will not suit the representative of the warm spring type.

Shadows and eyeliner

Since this color type requires delicate colors, it is best not to experiment with dark eye makeup. The more natural, the better. The most optimal colors for the makeup of a spring girl: light orange, turquoise, swamp, khaki, lilac, brown, golden, pale yellow, beige, bronze and cream with a golden tint.

Poisonous and very dark shades of shadows categorically will not suit you, like ordinary eyeliner. If you want to bring your eyes down, you can do this with a black pencil and shade it. You just need to make sure that it does not work out too defiantly. If you like to bring your eyes down the lower eyelid, then a black pencil can be replaced with brown, as well as white.


For the spring type, it is better to give your preference to a transparent or delicate shine. Most suitable colors that emphasize the natural color of the lips. Bright lipstick can also not be excluded, here the best option would be the color of red poppy. But it is worth to refrain from lipstick of the color of red wine, as it can ruin the whole image.

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