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Maternity Outerwear

Clothing for expectant mothers should be as convenient and comfortable as possible. Wherever a woman is, on a walk, at home, at a party, at a doctor's appointment, she needs comfort everywhere. A special place in the wardrobe is occupied by special clothes for women awaiting the birth of a baby.

Thanks to modern developments in the clothing industry, trusted brands offer outerwear that takes into account all the subtleties of the situation at any time.


Buying such things means providing comfort for several months. Caring for the baby tells the expectant mother to choose clothes that will be free and not constraining movements. These products must have thermal properties, warming and protecting from the cold. Durable top of the material should not let the piercing wind through, and the natural soft lining will retain heat, creating an atmosphere of comfort.

The model should not be heavy, as this can cause fatigue. Exact size matching will prevent squeezing and transmission of gusts of wind.

Most outerwear items have natural ingredients that exclude the possibility of allergic reactions and sweat.

Properly selected novelty of the wardrobe will make the expectant mother stylish, modern and incredibly feminine.

How to choose outerwear

Shopping in a slightly different position than usual. It is designed for two and takes more time and attention. Going to a specialized boutique, you need to wear comfortable clothes, on which it is planned to put on a jacket or coat. The choice of outerwear should be approached thoroughly: you should not do this “between things”, as you can miss important details and ruin your mood.

If during the fitting, the model you like shakes or causes discomfort, it is better to put it aside and look at other things. It is especially important that the product does not squeeze the stomach and chest. It is necessary to abandon new products with a belt or overly tight fit: nothing should interfere with the proper development of the baby.

Do not pay attention to long things: in the cold season, on a slippery surface, they can cause a fall. The length of the jacket or coat can reach the knee. And if you want, you can buy a warm jumpsuit. It will reliably and gently warm the mother and baby.

A loose fit is the best choice.. Buying a thing "for growth" you can not guess how exactly the figure will change. It is possible that the thing is useful only in the last stages of pregnancy, when the cold season comes to an end.

Natural materials of products can absorb moisture from the skin. Eit is important in case of enhanced metabolism associated with an interesting situation.

The special cut, taking into account the growing abdomen, often has a high waist and free neitherh. The convenience of outerwear should be determined by the maximum lift of the arms, turns and any movements when walking.

The presence of a large collar and hood will provide additional protection from the cold, warming the head and shoulder body.

Short product options are best excluded. An interesting and practical choice will be a model with an elastic band on the bottom. This will prevent the ingress of wind and cold air to the stomach. It is important to choose quality and practical products.


All types of outerwear can be divided into several lines that belong to different seasons of the year. Demi-season jackets will take care of a woman in a warmer time of the year. Warm and light down jackets will give home coziness and comfort in winter. Warm trousers harmonize well with jackets, making up a great suit. Overalls will hide the expectant mother from all sides from the weather and cold. They are most reliable for the coldest regions with sub-zero temperatures.

For those who prefer classics, brands offer elegant coats, short coats and raincoats. Often, models for pregnant women are not inferior to the usual versions in grace and elegance. They are so beautiful that they become the decoration of the style of the future mother.

Actual models

Russian manufacturers of specialized clothing for women in the situation produce products that are focused on the climate of the country.

Interesting and fashionable news offers company Modress: in her assortment there is everything for any female whim of a future mother.

Maternity Line filled with a variety of style.

Sling jackets are equipped with special inserts for the midsection, and horizontal stitches regulate different volumes. A wide elastic band located on the bottom of the jackets will support the stomach.

The names of the models often denote the names: Adele, Sylvia, Maya, Dorothea, Margot, showing belonging to each line. This simplifies product selection.

Beautiful winter and demi-season coats and jackets, raincoats are tailored to the special situation of women. The design department successfully develops models, excluding baggy and discomfort. The brand makes sure that products bring positive things to the woman’s world. Therefore, all products are made in optimistic colors, avoiding cloudy gray tones.

The choice of clothes autumn-winter-spring often becomes a fascinating occupation of a woman in position. A variety of color palettes will answer all the vagaries of a changing mood. Giving preference to a particular color, the color of the skin, eyes and hair should be taken into account. Features of the figure at this moment fade into the background and allow greater freedom of choice, not forgetting the feminine.

Today, thanks to the creative mood of the fasion industry, you can pick up specialized clothes of any direction in style.

A favorite option for autumn and spring, characterized by maximum comfort, is a trapezoidal coat. Such models are most often made of soft cashmere, tweed, as well as velveteen with a large texture. The uniqueness of the style allows you to hide a neat tummy in the early stages. Even by the third trimester, a grown stomach will not be tightened.

Favorite product length varies around the knees. A stand-up collar will allow you to decorate your coat with a variety of accessories in the form of a scarf, snood, hood. A single-breasted fastener with large buttons visually makes the figure slimmer.

Romantic silhouette "bell" is popular no less than a trapeze. It is no less feminine and comfortable, and gives freedom to the growing tummy.

The spring model with a flared hem is charming and ideal for warm days. This option can be purchased for any period of pregnancy. They look especially beautiful on miniature women with slender legs. When piercing wind and cold, it is not recommended to wear them so as not to get cold.

Actual coat in the Empire style allows a woman to be elegant throughout her pregnancy. A straight cut can add extra volume and bulkiness to the shape.

Simple and concise forms will be able to accentuate the beauty and harmony of the image.

For some cold months, some women purchase short fur coats of a straight or flared style. Light fur does not make the product heavier, and a thin natural lining is pleasant to the skin.

The ideal style of a winter coat tapers down, providing protection against the penetration of wind. Models are made of wool, cashmere and boucle and feature a large hood with a fur trim.

Raincoats differ in different lengths and silhouettes. Some versions are designed in practical colors, severity of lines and are decorated with contrasting color on the collar and cuffs.

If jackets are preferred, then options are selected from materials that regulate heat transfer. In lightweight versions there is no large amount of insulation, so the freedom of movement in them is much greater. They can be insulated with synthetic materials, in their properties as close as possible to natural ones. This will allow the model not to let moisture in, but to be “breathable”.

Autumn jackets are chosen in bright colors that improve mood. Beautiful and extraordinary accessories in the form of fasteners, buckles, staves and buttons will give things expressiveness.

Jackets for spring are distinguished by cheerful, cheerful shades and colors. They are often complemented by a large hood that shelters from the rain.

The insulated lining can be removable, allowing any weather compromises. If desired, it can be unfastened. Often, designers provide removable decorative elements. Creative fur inserts on pockets, sleeves and a hood can transform a product, giving it great lightness and a new look.

Often, future mothers opt for models with print colors and bright accessories. Harmonious floral patterns, mosaics, classic cages, stripes, polka dots - combined with accessories, create a unique unique style.

The insulated jumpsuit on a soft lining (with synthetic winterizer or fleece) has a special cut and excellent fit. Thanks to adjustable straps, elastic side inserts and elastic bands, it adapts to the volume and growth of the tummy. This element of outerwear is universal, it does not require complex modeling and is combined with warm sweaters, turtlenecks, jumpers.

Transforming models differ from the classic ones in the ability to unfasten the top. At the same time, trousers become an independent item of clothing. Overalls for pregnant women are very popular. They reduce the load on the back and lumbar.

A good choice of outerwear will be a model, from the acquisition of which will not only be warm and comfortable, but also joyful.

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