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German clothes

In Germany, as you know, they make only quality goods. This also applies to clothes produced there. Many fashionistas do not deny themselves the pleasure of going to a boutique with German clothes and acquiring not only a fashionable, but also a quality-made thing.


German clothing is represented by a huge variety of models, styles, textures. The collections for both men and women represent a variety of styles from casual casual to strict classics. Everyone will be able to choose clothes for themselves now in Russia, as if he had visited the streets of Cologne with its many boutiques.

Manufacturers from Germany take the development of collections very seriously, so you can easily pick up basic things that in the future will be able to combine perfectly with each other.

In addition, the breadth of the size range will allow you to choose clothes for both skinny and ladies in the body.

German couturiers also took into account the age of their customers. Clothing from German manufacturers can be bought for any age. You will pick up sets for the just born baby, for older children, adolescents, middle-aged people. But even older people will not be left without a purchase.

German-made clothing will please you and your loved ones for many years.

Stylish styles

Clothing from German manufacturers meets all fashion trends.

All the new products on the fashion industry market are also presented in models from Germany. German fashion designers will help you find a style for yourself and for all occasions, while keeping up with fashion.

Here you can find traditional classics, represented by a wide range of trousers, skirts, jackets and blazers, and leisure wear with all kinds of styles of jeans, sweaters, long sleeves.

It is very important for women to look great not only in society, but also at home. German manufacturers developed entire collections so that the woman would not only look beautiful in her home environment, but would be comfortable doing housework.

You can also pick up women's underwear from German manufacturers of various styles: push-up, underwear for sports and much more. For men, a wide range of styles of pants from swimming trunks to shorts.

German manufacturers also took care of their customers' comfortable sleep by developing ergonomic styles of various pajamas and shirts for all family members.

German quality

This combination speaks for itself. All German clothing from well-known manufacturers meets the most stringent requirements.

  1. Quality materials. Only high-quality materials, resistant dyes that do not cause allergies are used for sewing.
  2. Fine cut and flawless pattern. This clothes sits perfectly, without puffing, fits almost any shape.
  3. Unique design and only high-quality fittings. German couturiers think through every style to the smallest detail. Use only high-quality accessories, both for tailoring and for decoration.
  4. Long service life. You will stop wearing clothes from German manufacturers, not because it is rubbed and lost its appearance, but because you are tired and out of fashion. German clothes will look after a large amount of time and washes like new.

The success of clothes from Germany lies in the fact that all manufacturability and a pedantic attitude to production are invested in every thing that enters the market under the German brand. They check the style to the smallest detail, calculate the location of buttons with an accuracy of a millimeter, carefully check whether the pattern matches. Total control at every stage of the production of German clothing as a result gives unsurpassed quality.

In addition, all clothing is checked for ergonomics and hypoallergenicity.


German manufacturers mainly use natural materials in the sewing of their clothes. This is cotton, linen, wool, silk, adding only a small part of synthetics so that the material does not crumple and holds its shape well.

German industry has developed synthetic standards for various types of clothing.

  • Lining materials for hoodies and sweaters - 100% cotton
  • Top layer of clothing - the presence of polyester and elastane is not more than 30%
  • Basic things: turtlenecks, shirts, trousers, skirts contain no more than 10% synthetic fibers.

In addition, many manufacturers of German clothing brands use the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard for the production of children's clothing, which guarantees the absence of carcinogenic dyes and impurities of heavy metals in the materials from which it is made.

The German light industry, led by the TWE Group, has also developed an innovative insulation for outerwear, which not only allows you to move freely, but also has excellent warming properties, and is not afraid of mechanical damage, which transfers many washings. Most German brands use it in their models.


Fashion designers in Germany do not aim to wear only thin women. The range of German clothing is very extensive. You will find sizes, if translated into Russian, from 40 to 70.

Plus size women know how difficult it is to find clothes of their size. German manufacturers complemented their size range with clothes for full ones, and plus-size styles perfectly emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of any figure where necessary.

The German grid of sizes differs from the Russian by eight in a smaller direction. A list of matching sizes can be found below.

Size matching

But this applies only to women's clothing. Men's sizes are fully consistent with Russian.

In addition, for trousers and jeans there is an additional length size. Size K corresponds to a person’s height 156-163 cm, N will fit a person 164-172 cm tall, L will fit over 172 cm. This is very convenient, since ordering a certain length of trousers you will not have to bend them later, spending extra money and time .

If you order German clothing on the Internet or according to the catalog, it is recommended to measure your sizes in advance, and based on the results obtained, select the appropriate size. Since different brands still have a slightly different size grid.


There are many German brands that have been represented on our market for more than a decade. By the way, we make a reservation, almost all German brands, along with clothes, produce other non-food products under their own brand, for example, shoes, home textiles, accessories, toys.

ATfrom some trademarks from Germany that have long been loved by Russian buyers.

KiK - This brand began its work in the distant 1994. 70% of the output is clothing. This brand mainly produces inexpensive textiles that you will like. In addition, you will be pleased with the discounts that the company makes for seasonal goods, as well as for various dates (company birthday, black Friday). Discounted products can be purchased at a price of 2 euros. The quality of the clothes of this company is on top. You will not find uneven seams and protruding threads, as on Chinese clothing. Children's outfits undergo a double quality control, which does not allow the use of low-quality dyes that cause allergies.

Blue motio. Attention to detail is the main slogan of this company. In her collections you will find all modern trends. In Blue Motion clothing, you will always be in trend. And the exclusive design, quality materials will satisfy the most capricious ladies.

Von flaibach - This is a premium clothing created by the famous designer Frau Laybach. It is suitable for women from 25 to 60 years old, includes a full range of models that will create a unique image. Collections are updated twice a year. And bold combinations of prints and textures will not leave you indifferent.

Watsons is a company that produces clothes for men. A strong floor will always look beyond praise in the clothes of this company. And high-quality materials will help to preserve the appearance of things in their original form for a long time.

Classically beautiful fashion, with a European zest and a wealth of diverse combinations - that's what Helena vera. This company was founded in 2007, but for such a short period of time, according to reviews, it won the love of many women.

Firm Janina engaged in the production of outerwear. Her models are distinguished by the fact that they are comfortable to wear, and they look great. A wide range of products will not leave any woman indifferent.

In outerwear Manguun The elegance of European traditions and modern fashion trends are combined. Among the styles of this brand, both prim ladies and casual style lovers will find a suitable model for themselves.

Tchibo It was founded back in 1949, and since then, in conditions of fierce competition, it has been at the forefront of German companies. The range of products of this company is wide: from coffee to clothing, by the way, the last company began to produce recently.

Company Alive engaged in the production of children's clothing. Her assortment includes clothes from warm overalls for the winter to light blouses and skirts. The quality of the material and tailoring meets the most stringent German standards.

Madeleine - This is an elegant clothing for all occasions. Here you will find style, quality and comfort. The ability to combine clothes of this brand will delight even the most demanding customers.

Lidl and Quelle have long been known to Russian women. Back in the early 2000s, they ordered models of these firms from paper catalogs. After many years, these brands are popular. The opportunity to choose a full wardrobe to get good quality clothes in accordance with fashion is worth a lot.

Firm WITT part of the OTTO corporation, known in the Russian market since the beginning of the 90s. She produces clothes for active ladies whose age is over 40 years old. Offers only current models in accordance with world fashion trends. Each product is tested and verified, meets all environmental standards.

Steilmann - Women's clothing made of high quality materials. One of the first German companies entered the Russian market. Clothing of this company is suitable for active women who combine family and work.

Company History Bonita goes back to 1969. In translation, the brand name means - wonderful, beautiful. Such clothes he produces this company. High-quality and beautiful clothes for men and women will not leave anyone indifferent.

Firm Hugo boss began its work with tailoring of overalls and clothes for sports in 1923. Today it is a brand that does not need to be represented. Under the brand name of this company, a clothing line for men BOSS is produced, for stylish, creative people - HUGO, casual clothes - BOSS Orange, BOSS Woman - a clothing line for business women, and there is also a separate clothing line for golf lovers BOSS Green.

All these firms are united by a multi-brand store of German clothes Zalando, where in one place you can find an outfit for any occasion and for all occasions.

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