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Lip scrub

Each woman wants to have beautiful attractive lips. It is worth remembering that they need regular care and care. Weather and climatic conditions can cause unpleasant effects such as peeling, cracking, dryness and inflammation. To ensure that the sponges are always healthy and attractive, it is worth periodically using a scrub. How to apply this cosmetic product? What types of scrubs are the most effective? We will talk about this and much more in our article.

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Care Tips

The appearance of a person is his business card. Well-groomed women always attract the attention of the opposite sex, they look and feel confident and at ease. It is especially important to carefully monitor and care for your lips. Indeed, it is from the little things that the general impression of the person himself is formed.

To forget about sores, dryness and discomfort forever, you need to remember a few rules:

  • Regularly moisten the surface of the lips, then they will be soft and silky, and you will feel comfortable and attractive.
  • Give up such a bad habit as licking your lips. So you can protect yourself from dryness and irritation.
  • Balm is a good option for softening the lips. At the same time, olive, castor, and coconut oil will perform this function. It is only important not to forget to apply them regularly.

After you finish the exfoliation procedure, be sure to cover your lips with hygienic lipstick or nourishing cream.

These tips will help you look natural and attractive. At the same time, a scrub can help not only clean the surface. Those women who dream of chubby lips can translate desire into reality, and without injections. Such a special peeling to increase involves making a mixture of a spoonful of sugar and a spoonful of olive oil. The consistency should be similar to a thick sour cream. Rub the product lightly with a soft cloth until it is completely absorbed. Then rinse your lips with warm water. In conclusion, be sure to use balm.

A lip mask can soften, moisturize and even rejuvenate their surface. It is only important to decide which remedy is necessary for you.

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How to use: indications and contraindications

Of course, you should not immediately experience all kinds of scrubs. Initially, you need to decide what effect you want to get. If you feel that the skin of your sponges has become tight and cracked, then this is a signal that the body needs care. It is necessary to use special means to eliminate the negative consequences.

However, not in all cases a lip scrub is a benefit. Often there are cases when an exfoliating mask is generally categorically not recommended:

  • If you have at least small wounds or cracks, you can not use this tool.
  • If there are seizures in the corners of the mouth. And in this case it is better to see a doctor, as this can be a symptom of various diseases.
  • Pay special attention to bleeding wounds. Do not use a scrub if available. First you need to completely eliminate the problem, and then you can think about the beauty of the lips. Only in this way you can achieve the desired effect.

Thus, do not neglect these rules. If you have any contraindications at the moment, it is better to wait a bit. After all, the most important thing is health.

Application rules

In order for the gommage to produce extremely positive results, everything must be done sequentially, according to all the rules. The main nuances that should be considered for the correct execution of the procedure:

  • First of all, you should carefully prepare for the procedure. Take a small soft cloth, soak it in warm water and put it on your mouth. The fabric should be cotton. Thus, you will carry out the procedure of preparing the surface for further actions and its cleaning.
  • A pre-prepared mass of the action you need is carefully and evenly applied to the surface of the lips. Distribute the product very carefully, gently massaging the skin. Many do not prefer to devote due time to this stage. However, remember that the effect obtained will depend on the correct and correct distribution of the scrub.
  • Now that you have already applied the product to the sponge, you should leave it for the necessary period of time. Let the dermis of each cell absorb beneficial substances. Take your time and stick to the recipe for time. So you can achieve a better result.
  • After all the above points have been made and the entire technology has been followed, you can proceed to remove the scrub. To do this, you should also take a soft cloth, soak it in warm water and lightly remove the remnants of the product from the lips.

Do not forget that after each such procedure you will need hygienic lipstick or oil to moisturize your mouth and consolidate the result. Remember, how correctly you adhered to the recipe in all respects, and your result will depend.

Home recipes

Lip peeling can be done not only by a cosmetologist. You can make the right cosmetic mass at home. In this case, you can save both your money and time, and in some cases, nerves. Typically, such scrubs at home are made from natural foods. The easiest option is to mix your lip balm with sugar. The resulting mass should be applied to the lips, massaging to the right, then to the left, and then in a circular motion. After that, using a damp cloth, you can remove the remnants of the product. And after that, it’s important not to forget to brush your lips with balm.

Thus, preparing an effective peeling at home is very simple and not for long. It is only important to follow some rules:

  • You can prepare the product for future use. This is true for those scrubs that do not use perishable products, such as eggs, sour cream, cream, etc.
  • Already cooked gommage should be stored in opaque glass jars. Place the workpiece in a dry and cool place. So your product will be stored longer.
  • If you want to achieve tangible results already from the first procedure, then use exclusively fresh products. Do not risk expired components.
  • When creating a scrub, remember that it consists of two parts. The first is nutritional and moisturizing ingredients. They can include oils, honey, etc. The second is exfoliating elements. These mainly include sugar, oatmeal, apricot kernel, baking soda, and often use nuts and grape seed.
  • Before you prepare this or that scrub, carefully read its composition. Do not use a cosmetic product that can cause you to be allergic. If you doubt the safety of peeling, it is better to test the mass on the inner surface of the hand. If you left the product there and after five minutes there is no irritation, then peeling will be safe.
  • It should be borne in mind that any cosmetic procedure will then have a positive effect when you conduct it regularly. So you can make your sponges soft, moisturized and healthy.

You can create different types of scrubs at home:


This option will help to remove keratinous scales from the mouth, effectively cleanse the skin. Such a mask will save you from peeling. After it, the sponges will be renewed, healthy and filled with vitality. Semolina will cope well with this task. In order to prepare an effective remedy, it is worth mixing two teaspoons of cereal and half a teaspoon of honey. Apply the resulting mass to the lips. Then, carefully and gently massage them. After the procedure, rinse the product with warm water. Emollient cream or lip balm will help consolidate the result.

Such a peeling will be even better than expensive procedures in salons. This is especially true for those women who do not have the time or opportunity to visit the beauty parlor. In this case, you can save money and time. And the effect will be no worse than when going to the salon.


Honey moisturizing scrub will help to effectively remove dead cells, cleanse the skin. However, such a tool should not be used too often. It is better to use honey mass once every two weeks. Then your lips will be soft, moisturized, healthy. The cooking method is quite simple. You should take sugar, honey and olive oil in equal proportions. The mixture is applied to the mouth and massaged. After ten minutes, wash everything off with warm water. We fix the result with balm or petroleum jelly.

From coffee grounds

This scrub will be a simple and affordable tool for most women. You can easily do it yourself and make sure of its effectiveness. This cosmetic mass perfectly removes dead skin cells, helps moisturize the lips, fill them with vitality. To prepare such a tool, you need coffee accordingly.

Mix coffee grounds with sour cream or kefir. Now it is worth applying the resulting mass to the lips and massaging them for a while. For best results, leave the mixture for five minutes. After the agent is absorbed, you can safely wash off the remnants of such a cream with warm water. As always, after the procedure we apply balm or petroleum jelly to fix the result. Use this gommage should not be more than once a week.


Sugar-based cosmetics will be more effective if brown sugar is used for this purpose. It is believed that it contains a greater amount of nutrients. Often it is mixed with oils, grapefruit juice and other healthy fruits.

To prepare an effective product, you need to add a little water to sugar. Let it get a thick consistency. Now apply the paste to your mouth and massage for about two minutes. After that, remove the remaining mass with warm water. Moisturizer after will help consolidate the effect.


A nourishing mask will help you get first aid if you suddenly have problems with your lips. So, if they crack, peel, they need deep care and moisturizing. Making a nourishing mask will be easy at home. Such a peeling will make lips attractive, beautiful.

It is worth mixing chopped oatmeal and honey. The proportion should be one to one. Now apply the mixture on the lips and around them on the skin. For three minutes, gently massage your mouth. And then you can wash off the mass with warm water. Such a mask will allow you to quickly revive the sponge, give you beauty and self-confidence.

Other recipes

We have analyzed only a small part of the recipes, to create an attractive appearance. In fact, you can use a variety of ingredients to create different types of masks. Do not be afraid to experiment and improvise.

So, for example, a crab oil scrub helps a lot. It has beneficial effects on the skin, removes old cells, soothes, and helps relieve irritation. You need to mix two tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of coarse salt. Add twenty drops of lavender oil to the resulting mass. Part of the mixture is applied to the lips, gently rubbed. Then you should leave the product for fifteen minutes. After this time, rinse off the rest of the cream with warm water. The remaining mixture can be stored in a closed container for one month. This purification from coconut and salt promotes cell regeneration.

You can make a natural berry scrub. Take ripe strawberries, add olive oil. The resulting mass should be mixed well and applied to the sponge. Such a mass usually lasts a little longer, about fifteen minutes. Then we wash everything off with warm water and apply a balm. Cranberry peeling is done by analogy. Such a light and simple scrub will have a really strong effect with regular use. In addition, these edible methods of cleansing will help increase mood, get a boost of vigor and optimism.

Banana peeling will pleasantly surprise all the fair sex. Mix a ripe banana with three tablespoons of sugar. Then add a quarter teaspoon of peach oil. All components must be beaten to a smoothie consistency. In this case, sugar should not completely dissolve. Apply the mass on the lips should be a plentiful layer, gently massaging. Then leave the product for fifteen minutes. As soon as you feel that the lips began to tighten, immediately rinse off the mass. And finally, moisturize your lips with special hygienic lipstick.

The vanilla version is highly effective. A pleasant aroma will set you up for luck. Mix one tablespoon of sugar, the same amount of almond oil, a drop of vitamin E and add a spoonful of vanilla. Mix all this well and apply on the surface of the mouth. Two minutes later, when you wash off the mass with warm water, you can feel the softness and tenderness of the lips.

Another interesting cleansing option is with cinnamon. It should be mixed with sugar and put gruel on the sponge. Cinnamon is able to give lips elasticity, it has regenerative properties, softens the lips and also gives a wonderful aroma. You will want to use such a tool as often as possible.

Thus, among the many options, you will certainly find one that is right for you. For this, you will need only the necessary products, a little patience and the result will not be long in coming.

Top manufacturers

If you don’t want to make a scrub yourself, but you really want to pamper your lips, then it is worth noting the rating of the best manufacturers. It is their products that deserve respect and are so actively bought by many users. It is worth paying attention to the following brands:

Belarusian cosmetics

This manufacturer has high quality standards. The composition of the funds includes only natural ingredients. These include various plant extracts, extracts, oil, and other elements of plant origin. This cosmetics can be used both in professional salons and at home.

Korean scrub

These models are designed to carefully and carefully care for your lips. They will help to cope with such unpleasant moments as dryness, burning lips, cracks. Cosmetics effectively moisturize and nourish cells, saturate them with vitality and energy. Famous Korean scrubs have only positive customer reviews. After using the product, the skin acquires a healthy glow.

Thus, we talked about what scrubs are, what is their advantage. You can choose the peeling that you need. Do not forget to read the entire composition of the components and test the tool before the procedure. Regularly caring for yourself, you can notice a positive result. The lips will become soft, radiant, healthy and attractive.

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