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Sugar Body Scrub


Sugar scrub is a tool that is necessary in order to carry out body peeling at home. This procedure helps to make the skin softer due to the fact that during its carrying out exfoliated keratinized particles of the upper layer of the skin. After removing these particles, all cells are saturated with oxygen, and after that the skin becomes more radiant and smooth. Finding a body sugar scrub in the store is not a problem right now, but many women prefer to make this useful skin peeling product on their own.

Sugar scrub is characterized by the presence of large particles in its composition. It is these particles that best stimulate skin cells, in addition, they contribute to the burning of subcutaneous fat during friction. Another important feature of sugar scrub is that its components quite gently cleanse the skin without damaging or scratching it. Such body products are very useful, in addition, the price of them is quite low. A self-made scrub will be an indispensable cosmetic product made only from natural and absolutely safe ingredients.

Beneficial features

Sugar scrub is a caring product that perfectly cleanses the skin and accelerates blood circulation, which contributes to the anti-cellulite effect. Massage of problem areas with such a scrub with a special brush allowed you to forget about cellulite. The skin of your body will become silky and more beautiful.

The usefulness of this tool also lies in the fact that it helps in the fight against acne and makes the skin pores narrower, penetrating into them. Cosmetologists recommend the use of sugar scrubs for women whose skin is more oily, and those who have dry skin. This product does not dry the body; on the contrary, it helps to combat dry peeling of the skin.

Another useful property of this cosmetic substance is that it is necessary for those who are burnt in the sun: it helps to gently remove charred skin particles. In addition, sugar scrub can help you get rid of uneven tanning or age spots that appear on your face and body. Sugar peeling is the most necessary procedure in the fight against hairs grown after epilation. This is a very useful tool that should be in the makeup bag of every woman.

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Any cosmetics has limitations in use, and sugar scrub is no exception. Beauticians do not recommend using this tool for pregnant women, since some of its components can cause an allergic reaction and have a negative effect on an unborn baby. And this applies both to homemade sugar scrubs, and to purchased similar products.

Another contraindication is the presence of damaged skin areas. So, it is strictly forbidden to apply the scrub to the burned places, as well as to areas of the body where there are open wounds, scratches and cuts. By applying sugar scrub to the body even in the most sterile way, you will run the risk of introducing the infection into the wound. In addition, peeling can slow healing processes.

Sugar scrub should not be used in places of large concentration of venous vessels, the so-called nets, the skin in this place is very thin and sensitive. Very allergic people are also better off not using sugar scrubs, as they can cause irritation. You must first test this tool for the presence of an allergen.

Terms of use

Each woman makes her own skin peeling, but there are several rules that will make this process more enjoyable and useful. Before applying this sugar product, it is necessary to steam the skin of the body so that all pores open. It is best to smear such a scrub on wet, previously cleansed skin, so you should take a bath before starting this procedure. The best effect can be achieved by peeling with a sugar scrub after visiting a bath or sauna.

As for the procedure for applying this cosmetic product, you need to do this by gently moving your hands in a circle. All movements should resemble a massage technique. It is best to first peel the legs, and then it will be possible to clean other parts of the body with a sugar scrub. After applying this product to the skin, it is necessary to leave it on the body for about five minutes. And after that you can wash off the sugar scrub.

Cosmetologists recommend rinsing the body with cold water after washing off this product, such a contrast shower will help activate cellular metabolism, it will make the skin more radiant and fresh. At the end of the peeling and water procedures, it is necessary to evenly distribute a moisturizer or body milk on it. Together, these procedures will provide your body with proper care.

How to do

Making sugar scrub yourself is quite simple. To do this, mix sugar pieces with small particles with olive oil or other skin-nourishing oil. If you do not have such oils at home, you can add granulated sugar in a regular shower gel or in a moisturizing body cream and rub the resulting product. To obtain a thicker and more viscous consistency, you can add a spoonful of natural honey to this mixture. Such a sugar scrub is best applied to a wet body so as not to scratch it.

Some cosmetologists recommend adding cocoa to sugar scrub, as this substance has antioxidant properties. Some also advise adding a little salt to its composition when making sugar peeling products, because its particles are smaller. Such a scrub will penetrate into all problem areas of the skin and contribute to its complex cleansing. A scrub consisting of the same proportions of salt and sugar added to olive oil helps you cope with stretch marks.

Adding honey to such a scrub will help rejuvenate the skin. After applying the peeling agent from honey and sugar, the body will become more fresh and toned. Experts recommend adding sour cream to such a scrub if you are the owner of oily skin.

Reviews about popular manufacturers

There are many modern manufacturers of sugar body scrubs. Among them are brands such as Fresh Juice, Garnier, Sharmel, Bathhouse Agafia, Natura siberica, Compliment and many others. Women note the high effectiveness of these funds. Many people like scrubs with extract of mango, lemongrass, cloudberries.

Producer Natura siberica produces scrubs called Ripe Grapes, Cleansing Mandarin and other natural products, which, as consumers write, have a very pleasant smell and do not cause skin irritation.

In addition, customers note the cooling effect of the Compliment ice scrub, which is very pleasant to use. Consumers especially enjoy scrubs such as Arctic Sugar Cranberries and Watermelon Sugar Sorbet. They have a soft structure that does not scratch the body and gently cleanse it.

Girls who have problematic skin and pimples choose the Garnier scrub because it helps fight acne and visibly narrows pores.

See how to make a sugar body scrub with your own hands in the next video.

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