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How to use a face scrub

There are several basic rules for facial skin care in order to preserve its beauty and youth longer: proper cleaning, toning, nutrition and hydration. Let us dwell in more detail on the first procedure. There is a daily facial cleansing, and there is a scrub or peeling. Scrub or peeling is a rather sharp intervention in the structure of the epidermis in order to clean pores and smooth the relief. And, if for one type of skin it is good, another type can cause irreparable harm or injure it. We will figure out how to do this correctly.


The composition of any scrub includes a base and an abrasive. The oil or water base may be softer, or it may be quite aggressive: it all depends on the type of skin you choose. For sensitive skin, there are cleansing foams, gentle light mousses or gels. For coarser and oily skin with enlarged pores, there are products based on fruit acids or clay. As a hard abrasive, crushed bones of fruits, nuts, berries, coffee, cereals or artificial balls-components are used. They penetrate deep into the pores and cause increased blood circulation at the moment of friction.

The flow of blood to the face helps his breathing, tightens the skin, contributing to its rejuvenation and renewal. Small but hard particles polish the skin, removing small imperfections, black dots and wrinkles, perfecting it and giving a satin shine. There are care products that help get rid of even age spots.

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We try not to harm

There are several rules that you must follow when using these magic tools. Definitely you can not do scrubbing in the following cases:

  • when there is inflammation, acne or acne;
  • after a sunbed and intensive sunbathing;
  • tendency to allergic reactions;
  • for too dry and thin skin with a tendency to rosacea, irritation and redness.

We take into account the type of skin

The type of epidermis also matters when choosing a scrub. The most unpretentious is the normal type, usually it requires only prevention, and, accordingly, any type of cleansing is suitable with a frequency of 1 time per week.

Oily skin has an unhealthy shine, acne and enlarged pores. Therefore, the purpose of scrubbing is to make it more matte, lighten, improve blood circulation and narrow pores. Frequency - twice a week. The filler can be applied to be larger and stiffer.

Dry epidermis is thin, lifeless, prone to early wrinkles and irritations. This type needs hydration and nutrients. Therefore, gentle cleansing is required: it is better to use means of a thicker gel or creamy consistency with small abrasive particles and a small content in their composition, but with caring oils or milk serum that rejuvenates the skin and accelerates cell renewal. And often using a scrub is not recommended.

Use correctly

  • First, cleanse your face from dirt and cosmetics.
  • It’s better to warm your face so that your pores expand.
  • These two points can be combined if you apply a scrub during water bathing procedures.
  • Gently apply the composition with rotational movements along the massage lines, exfoliating for several minutes.
  • After a light massage, it is recommended to leave the product on the face and hold for five minutes for further exposure to beneficial substances.
  • Only after this, rinse well with warm water and rinse with cool.
  • After scrub, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream on the face that is suitable for this type of epidermis.
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Home remedies

When choosing scrubs, you should choose products that do not contain preservatives and with the most natural ingredients. With a tendency to allergies, it is better to make a remedy with your own hands. As components for home scrubs, you can use products that are usually used as caring masks: ground oatmeal, rice, walnuts, cinnamon, lemon, honey, coffee grounds, sugar, salt, cosmetic clay, semolina, strawberries, cream, kefir , yogurt, vegetable and essential oils, herbal decoctions.

For dry sensitive skin

These milk-based products can not only cleanse the skin of impurities, but are also a prophylactic for inflammation especially for the thin epidermis. Add warm cream to corn flour, massage and leave on the face in the form of a mask. You can also take hercules flakes, grind one half - finer, the other - a little larger, dilute with olive oil and let the mixture swell for 15 minutes.

For a fat face

We use a mixture of clay and crushed eggshells, or you can also take rice with oatmeal, chop and mix with kefir. A very simple recipe that is especially suitable for men: take fresh coffee grounds, which remained after brewing ground coffee, mix with milk until sour cream and rub the face with the mixture. And if you do not have time to make the mixture, you can take the usual salt and massage her face in combination with any cream or gel.

For normal epidermis

In this case, sugar or salt scrubs, for example, mixed with cream or sour cream, are suitable. The product from grated potatoes mixed with egg yolk, nuts and milk to a viscous consistency, not only cleanses the skin, but also freshens and tone. And if you add to the funds also ovars of herbs such as chamomile and calendula, you get not only a scrub, but a medical mask against acne. You can mix strawberries with powdered milk - you will also get a very simple but effective mixture.

For combination skin

It is necessary to combine honey, oatmeal, egg yolk with half a teaspoon of soda. A mixture of egg yolk with walnuts and butter or oatmeal mixed with cottage cheese will help with peeling the skin. And if you prepare a mixture of dry chamomile and green tea leaves with yogurt and a drop of any essential oil, then this tool will turn your personal care into a spa aroma therapy.

You can make a face scrub with your own hands, see the recipe below.

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