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Pure line brand body scrubs

Chistaya Liniya is a domestic company with an impressive history, which produces cosmetics based on the principles of herbal medicine. The manufacturer declares that he protects and cares for the beauty and health of every woman, making her life happier every day.

Particularly popular was the body scrub "Clean Line", which is used by a huge number of women.


The advantage of this cosmetics is due to its composition. The cosmetic product contains essential oils of several products that have a beneficial effect on the skin:

  • essential oils of orange are able to give the skin softness and elasticity;
  • Lavender oil cleanses, refreshes and cools the skin. The tool is able to eliminate redness, swelling and peeling;
  • cedar oil effectively copes with the fight against cellulite, restoring firmness and elasticity;
  • wormwood oil relieves the inflammatory process;
  • sage helps to exfoliate and cleanse the skin;
  • anise oil is able to return youthful skin and elasticity to female skin;
  • Thuja oil has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • peppermint oil maintains the skin's water balance;
  • ylang oil smoothes the skin, is responsible for eliminating irritation after exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • a mission to increase tone and refresh the skin is assigned to basil oil;
  • thanks to the juniper edema is eliminated. Also, this component has a bactericidal effect, eliminates the inflammatory process and heals wounds.

The composition itself contains a lot of positive qualities. The low price contributes to the fact that the scrub is popular among the female population of different social strata.

The manufacturer on the packaging indicates that the product has been proven effective, the skin becomes 96% smoother, firmer and more elastic. An important value is that the scrub has a massage effect.


Body scrub "Clean Line" guarantees excellent cleansing, smoothing, smoothing and firmness of the skin. The tool helps to renew the skin and improves blood circulation. Apricot kernels are used as an abrasive, along with a decoction of herbs with healing properties. The scrub goes on sale in a tube with a volume of 200 ml.

The product itself is a creamy gray-brown emulsion with numerous dark brown abrasives. Small components are not polished; they have a sharp shape and different sizes. The smell is unobtrusive, "gives away herbs." Neutral aroma does not cause disgust, which positively affects the application.

The manufacturer recommends using the product 1-2 times a week.

In addition to a scrub with a massage effect, in the line of "Clean Line" there is a series of "Fitobanya", which is also popular. A pleasant coniferous smell, excellent exfoliation of dead skin particles and an attractive price contribute to the fact that almost every woman in the collection has cosmetics of this brand.

Customer reviews

Many buyers leave positive reviews about the clean line scrubs. In addition to an affordable price, women note the excellent effectiveness of the product, a pleasant texture and a pleasant smell. The scrub copes with the functions assigned to it and cleanses the skin.

Such qualities as the removal of irritation, puffiness, were also appreciated. Even on sensitive skin, this product can have a beneficial effect without causing redness. Thanks to the massage effect, you can get relaxation and pleasant sensations.

About the body scrub "Fitobanya", buyers respond with admiration, noting a pleasant smell, excellent texture and ease of application to the skin. Many women are satisfied with the aromas that inexpensive cosmetics from the Chistaya Liniya company have.

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